Tips for Disabled Travelers

China is becoming more convenient for disabled travelers. Specially-designed & equipped facilities in the public areas of transport, airport and hotel are now more accessible, especially after the Olympics. Don’t worry about getting around because you are disabled physically, with the necessary assistant tools, proper planning, reasonable arrangements and good preparation, traveling can still be a unique and rewarding experience China tour deals. Some useful tips to enjoy such a journey follow for your reference.

1. Get plenty of information and finalize your destinations. Choose a suitable destination, taking into account its natural environment, barrier-free facilities, and level of health care available.

2. Know your own abilities. Make a thorough physical examination and discuss the trip with your doctor. Take with you your doctor’s name and telephone number so he/her can be contacted in any emergency.

3. Inform your China tour guide of your disability, health conditions and requested special cares, so that they can make proper suggestions and arrangements for you.

4. Contact your airline, cruise and hotel in advance and disclose your requirements. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with airline, cruise and hotel emergency procedures, and that you can access to them.

5. Choose an appropriate itinerary and plan well ahead. Select the longer itinerary with plenty of time to enjoy & relax. Many cities offer not only well improved access, but also a discounted price for the disabled traveler at many scenic spots.

6. Before you leave, have maintenance check done on any equipment you will take with you, and make sure that everything is in good condition.

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The largest Chinese Ancient Main Gate

Most people generally recommend Shanhua Temple China tour deals as the first travel stop in Datong, because it is the largest main gate in ancient time, with three Dianding verandas (hip roofs).

Shanhua Temple was first founded during the Kaiyuan period of the Tang Dynasty (713-741) under the patronage of emperor Xuanzong, at which time it was known as the Kaiyuan Temple. In 1445, it was rebuilt and was renamed as Shanhua Temple.

The Shanhua Temple consists of three main halls (The Daxiongbao Hall, the Sansheng Hall and the Main Gate China best tours) arranged on a north-south axis and two pavilions located to the east and west of the Sansheng Hall. There are also two smaller halls on each side of the Daxiongbao Hall.

The Main Gate is a large hall that was built during the Jin dynasty in the 12th century, and is the entrance building of the temple. The hall contains statues of the four heavenly kings, with two on the east side, and two on the west side. It is five bays long, and two bays wide.

The first thing you see after into the main gate is the Sansheng Hall, which was also built in the Jin Dynasty. The hall got its name for the statues of the three sages of the Avatamsaka Sutra.

The Daxiongbao Hall is the northernmost and largest hall, and dates from the 11th century. It is the platform in the hall, with the Ming Bell and Drum Tower on both left and right side, seven bays wide, and five bays long. There are thirty-four statues existing in the temple and painted murals in the hall.

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Best Destinations for China Tour in 2014

If you are a person that likes to prepare everything well in advance, I think it is time for you to make your plan for your 2014 tour somewhere. And summer time is the best time to go travel in most areas in China; you can tailor-make your tour there in advance now. If you have no idea how to plan for your last minute China travel deals, here, this article will be great for you as topic about the best destinations to travel to China will be discussed today, and you can join us now if you get something to say.

For the travel destinations in China for the year of 2014, the Lijiang, Dali, Kunming Kunming tour, Guilin, Yangshuo, and Yangtze River will be the great choices where you can view a plenty of captivating sceneries there.
Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake

You can make a trip there with about ten days to enjoy yourself at that time. For your itinerary, just see here: arrive in Lijiang at your first day and visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the Baisha Mural in Baisha village at second day and visit the Lijiang Ancient Town and Black Dragon Pool at day 3 before driving to Dali to see the Dali Ancient Town and Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple and take the Erhai Cruise at fourth day, then fly to Kunming at 5th day to enjoy the charm of Stone Forest and Sani Ethinic Minority Village at that day and visit the ?Birds and Flowers Market and Grand View Tower in Kunming at day 6 before your flight to Guilin later that day; upon your arrival in Guilin, you will visit the Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Fubo Hill at day 7 and take the Li River Cruise of 4 hours and stroll on West Street at day 8; then you will fly to Chongqing to start your amazing Yangtze River tour including the charm of Fengdu, Qutang Gorge, Three Little Gorges, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, Three Gorges Dam in Yichang. After that, you will depart from Yichang to finish your enjoyable China tour!

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Guyan - An Inspiring and Artistic Painting Town

If you are tired of the noise and busyness of cities, you can enjoy the quietness and slowness in Guyan Painting Town China tour deals. There is no modern harassment, thus time seem to become slow in this town. As the famous Chinese poet described in his poem "mistake":

Your heart is like a small lonely town

Just like the street of blue stones at eventide

No chirping of crikets, the spring curtain of March is not lifted

Your heart is a small window closely shut

My clattering hoofbeats are a beautiful mistake

I am not arrival, but a passenger

You can enjoy the scene described in the above poem. But in fact, many old towns are full of visitors during China holidays or weekends. So if you are a photographer, you can hardly take photos of the original town because your photos are packed with visitors.

Guyuan, located in Dagangtou District, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, is a special ancient town full of artistic inspiration. Walking along the street, you can witness a line of painting studios on the both sides of street. When you enter a studio, you can slowly enjoy the paintings without the interruption of staffs to promote their paintings. The scenery around the town is also very charming, reed marshes, quiet lake and fishery boat, which makes time in the town goes slowly.

With history of 1500 years, Tongjiyan is one of great five ancient irrigation project last minute China travel deals and it still has irrigating effect till now. Tongjiyan has been being well maintained since its completion and has been used for over 600 years.

The best-preserved and earliest arched dam, the group of a-thousand-year-old camphors and the ancient buildings and natural beauty of Qujiang River become the best place for painting, artistic creation and photographing. The age of these camphors are over 800 to 1000 years averagely.

During Ming and Qing dynasties, over 20 persons made achievement in government and they began to build big residence in their hometown, Yu Ye Liu Fang, a ancient residence in Qing Dynasty, takes an area of about 880 square meters and are well preserved. Nan Shan Ying Xiu, built in early Qing Dynasty, is another famous one in the village. According to legend story, the owner of this house was very smart and could write poem at five, play chess and Guzheng (an ancient Chinese musical instrument).

So if you have a chance to visit Zhejiang China best tours, you can consider this town.

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Tips for Women and Senior Travelers

I. Women Travelers

China is a safe city for traveling last minute China travel deals. The crime rate is quite low here, and the police tend to impose harsher punishment against crimes committed to foreigners, so it is generally unlikely to suffer serious harassment when traveling here. As a woman traveler, sometimes you may encounter some uncomfortable situations, but by taking certain precautions you can make your traveling expedition safe and enjoyable.

1. Dress more conservatively. Do not wear over-revealing clothes or expensive jewelry; it may encourage more unwanted attention.
2. Avoid waling alone at night
3. Make copies of your tour confirmation letter with contacts no. So you can contact your travel advisor in advance.
4. Keep your valuables in a secure place and pay more attention
5. There will be many vendors follow you and try to sell you something when you get out of the scenic spots. If you have no interest, just ignore them and keep going.
6. Never trust a stranger blindly. Do not leave your luggage to a stranger, also do not drink anything offered by a stranger.

II. Senior Travelers

Tips to arrange tour best tours of China for senior travelers
1. Arrange relaxed place for senior traveler. Not arrange the itinerary too tight, leave more time for visiting and enjoy.
2. Send you the detailed itinerary with much information and let you know the itinerary better.
3. Considerate of your needs and arrange a more flexible tour
4. arrange well-located accommodation and let you have a peaceful environment

Choice of tour
It is better for you to arrange the tour in Beijing, Xian Silk Road tour, Shanghai and so on. The high altitude and mountainous areas like in Tibet, Yunnan is not recommended. The Silk Road is also not recommended as the remote location with bad weather condition.

Choice of attractions
Senior travelers are very fond of Chinese traditional architecture and culture. So it is recommended that you can visit the historical cities, such as Xian with Terra-Cotta Warriors, Beijing with Forbidden City and so on.

The best transportation way for you is to take flight. If you want to enjoy the train in China, it is suggested that you can choose the bullet train or high speed train.

What to carry
1. Customers should buy insurance, and carry the insurance policy and company's phone number.
2. Carry relevant medical records and medication.
3. Carry family members' contact details.
4. When out doing free time activities carry your hotel's business card.
5. Don't carry too much money (about 2,000 yuan is usually enough). You can always change money at your hotel or nearest Bank of China, and ask for your guide's help if need be.

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Great Buddha at Leshan - Largest Maitreya Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in Sichuan Province last minute China travel deals . It's located on the Westside of Xiluan Peak ( Phoenix Perched Peak ) of Mount Lingyun , just east of Leshan City . Overlooking the confluence of the Minjiang, Qingyi and Dadu rivers, the Buddha is carved into the cliffs of Mt. Lingyun . A local saying describes the Buddha like this; "The mountain unveils a Buddha, while the Buddha fades into the mountain."

The huge figure takes the shape of a Maitreya Buddha, a disciple of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. The figure occupies the entire hillside. Its head reaches the top of the cliffs, his hands rest on his knees and his face has a serene expression as it gazes at Leshan city across the river which rushes past its feet.

Looking solemn and stately, the Buddha is 71 meters high. His shoulders are 28 meters wide, head 14.7 metes long and 10 meters broad, with a total of 1021 chignons of hair clustered on it. Each is as big as a round table. Its drooping ear is 6.2 meters long, its eye 3.3 meters wide. Its middle finger is 8.3 meters long, and each of its bare feet are 11 meters long and 8.5 meters wide, large enough for more than 100 people to sit on.

As a colossal statue the Buddha is so awe-inspiring that every pious Buddhist feels compelled to fall to his knees and to pray for blessings and safety in life.

The Leshan Giant Buddha is taller by 18 meters than the standing Buddha in Afghanistan , which were badly damaged by in 2001 and is believed to be the world's largest and tallest sculpture of a Buddha carved in rock. In 1996, it was added to the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List China best tours .

According to records, the carving of this massive statue began in 713AD, during the Tang dynasty, and took 90 years to complete, finally being finished in 803AD.

The Leshan Buddha has suffered from hundreds of years of erosion by atmospheric moisture and water running off from the mountain. Water retained on the stomach of the Buddha has weakened the structure and, as a result, foliage and fungi have sprung up from the upper part of the body. Acid rain, has turned the Buddha's nose black and speckled his face such that it looks like there are tears at the corner of the Buddha's eyes. Despite Leshan Buddhathese minor areas of damage, the statue is surprisingly intact - thanks to its ancient, internal and hidden water drainage system. Several drainage passages are hidden in the Buddha's chignons, collar, chest, and holes in the back of its ears and chest. These holes and caves prevent the Buddha from serious erosion and weathering. According to historical records, the past dynasties all did something to maintain the Leshan Buddha. In modern times, the Buddha has experienced six periods of large-scale maintenance. Up until now, it has been well preserved for over 1, 200 years.

If you want to take a close look at this huge statue, you can step onto the breathtaking plank road alongside the cliff. On the right side of the Buddha is a precipitous passageway of 250 steps, which zigzags through 9 turns. This is the famous Nine Turn Plank walkway. As you descend it, you may feel dizzy, as if you're perched on a perilous abyss. At the top of the cliff, level with the head of the Buddha is a veranda where tourists can relax, where you can see some details of the Buddha's head. Alongside the paths of the cliffs are two notable statues, engraved in the Tang Dynasty. Tourists can see a host of rock sculptures suggestive of fairy figures pavilions and pagodas, carved in meticulous detail and design which illustrate the sophistication and skill of the building and carving techniques of Tang Dynasty China guide.

Once you've descended the precipitous plank passageway you can walk to the feet of Buddha. As you stand at the instep of the Buddha and look up at the majestic figure its impossible not to feel in awe at the unparalleled skill of the ancient sculptors. Visitors can also board a tourist ferry to get a panoramic view of the Buddha from the river for quite a different experience.

Visit Giant Buddha by a walk
It's worth looking at the Grand Buddha from several angles. While the easiest way to see him is to walk along the riverfront on Binjiang Road, you need to get closer to him to really appreciate his magnitude. You can go to the top, opposite the head, and then descend a short stairway to the feet for a Lilliputian perspective. The total walking takes about 2 hours, so if you will drive to Mount Emei after visiting Leshan, no time for this 2-hour walking, recommend you to take the boat ride only.

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The Featured Building - Wind and Rain Bridges

In Guizhou, there are many unique beautiful bridges that was built by Dong ethnic people, and it was considered to be the landmark of Guizhou last minute China travel deals. These bridges got a beautiful name as Wind and Rain Bridge, which are not only function as passage that connecting two separate land areas, but also provide locals with excellent place to meet, relax, socialize, exchange ideas, and even amuse.

Zhaoxing Flower Bridges

Zhaoxing with five bridges. In fact, the bridge is more of a building across the river and covered with pavilions. As the exquisite sculptures cover the roofs, making them look like flowers, the bridges are also known as "flower bridges". On a rainy day , sitting in the bridge pavillions and chat with friends is one of the most pleasurable experiences.

Sanjiang Chengyang Bridge

Chengyang Bridge is also named as Yongji Bridge or Panlong Bridge top China tours. It is one of the artistic precious buildings of Chinese wood architecture. Built in 1916, it was the best one among the wind and rain bridge in Dong stockade villages. At present, Chengyang Bridge is the largest wind and rain bridge in China which showing the Dong people's wisdom.

With magnificant looking , like a brilliant rainbow, the bridge is made from wood and stone, and with 64.4 meters long, 3.4 meters wide and 10.6 meters high. On both side of the bridge, long stools were set up which convenience for people to rest. From the stools one could see the Linxi River windingly flow, on both sides of the river it was full of tea forest and green woods on the sloping hills. This charming bridge attracts flocks of visitors every day.

Heli Renhe Bridage

Renhe Bridage was Construted in 1883. It is painted with beautifu pictures of history and scenery. The entire bridge is made of wood with all mortise and tenon joints, without any iron nails. Wood, stone arches, stone slabs and bamboo are all used in erecting bridges. This kind of "wind and rain" bridge is best-known for its unique architectural style.

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Silk Road Travel - Sunday Bazaar Kashgar & Xinjiang Autonomous Museum

1. Sunday Bazaar Kashgar

Sunday Bazaar Kashgar

The Sunday Bazaar is an incredibly popular market all over the Xinjiang Province Silk Road tours and extend all over China since ancient times. Over the years it has grown larger in scale, and has attracted a wider range of merchants as well as buyers and tourists from Xinjiang as well as neighboring countries such as Pakistan and Kirghizstan.

Bazaar as in Uygur language means farming trading market. The Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar is by far the biggest, busiest and most popular market in Xinjiang.

Every week an estimated over 50,000 people are pouring into Kashgar's Sunday Bazaar from all around on bicycles, tractors, trucks and even donkey-drawn carts. Almost anything can be traded here from livestock such as sheep, goats, horses and camels, to clothes, fruit and vegetables. It is a fantastic place to be in if you are looking for varieties and especially bargains, as you can bargain for up to 60-70% off the labeled price! The bazaar opens early in the morning and lasts for a long day till early evening with fast-foods and drinks readily available.

2. Xinjiang Autonomous Museum

The Museum of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region boasts a collection of 32,000 pieces, among which 288 pieces are considered first class. The collection includes silk, feather, and cotton fabrics; and features many brocade, damask and thin silk, gauze, printed and dyed cloth. Also in the collection is famed needlework from the Han and Tang Dynasties China guide and some ancient haircloth such as blanket, felt, silk ribbon, some bamboo books and other books in different languages. There are also woodcarvings, clay figures, figure paintings in paper and thin silk, flower paintings, bronze ware, clothes and craftwork of different ethic groups as well as some fossils and ancient corpses.

The Museum has two basic displays: the Display of Xinjiang Historical Relics and the Display of Xinjiang Folklore. It has held a number of exhibitions at home and abroad, including the Primitive Society of China, Sinkiang Mummies, Xijiang from the Han to Tang Dynasties (206BC-907AD), Sinkiang Excavations, and Paintings Collected by the Museum, etc.

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To buy souvenirs after travel - Foshan Woodprints

Foshan is especially rich in tradition and culture affordable China tours, and its traditional woodprint has been flourishing for centuries. Woodprint is a famous folkway new year picture in south area of China.

The origion of the woodprint can be traced back in the Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, about 500 years ago. Woodprint New Year Picture is one of the most popular new year pictures in China. As it is produced in Foshan, Guangdong, so it is called Foshan Woodprint New Year Picture. There are three types, such as original picture, woodprint and hand printing, its contents includ door-god pictures, new year pictures, god figure pictures.

The most popular one is the door-god pictures, with contents of “Yu Lei”,

“Qin Shubao & Wei Chigong”, “Fortune & Longevity”, “Five Children Getting Government Degrees”, “Official Promotion”, “Tianji Sending Son”, “Hehe Immortals”, “Money Boy” and various god images and historic figures, etc. The pictures express the hopes and ideals of the locals top 10 China tours.

Foshan Woodprint New Year pictures are over printed with colors of red, orange, yellow and green. The gold and silver patterns are decorated on the helmets and robe belts, making the god images even more splendid. The Foshan New Year pictures have bold lines, simple, vigorous, with full structure, decorative with unique local styles. This kind of New Year Picture is well-known for its elegant design and fine craftsmanship.

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Learn to Make the Traditional Course of Beijing: Su Zao Rou

People in Beijing may all know something about the traditional course of China vacation deals Beijing: Su Zao Rou. And its taste attracts many people. Exactly how to make such a delicious dish? Here let’s have a try.

Su Zao Rou (meat in broth) is unique to Beijing. It is neither homemade nor prepared for banquets. However, locals cherish a great fondness for this dish. The words “Su Zao” do not mean that the dish is cooked in the Suzhou style, but it is a common assumption. The recipe was from the court of the Qing Dynasty. Cooked with several traditional Chinese medicines and spices, the dish is appetizing and has many benefits for the spleen. Braising and simmering are very important in the cooking process best tours of China . What the words “Su Zao” actually mean is that this dish is both soft and crisp. Main ingredients of Su Zao Rou are pork and pig offal. The secret of delicious Su Zao Rou lies in the stock and Su Zao broth. Famous braised pork with soy sauce depends on the proper preparation and preservation of stock. For example, Tianfu Restaurant is expert at stock, thus its famous braised pork shoulder with soy sauce is highly spoken of. Boiling the meat in the stock is the first procedure. The second and also the last procedure is making it soft and crisp. When preparing the Su Zao broth, add a proportional amount of soy sauce and salt into water. Grind the traditional Chinese medicines into powder, seal them in a small well-sewed cloth bag, and put the bag in the boiling soup. When the scent of medicines and seasoning is clear and fragrant, the Su Zao broth is ready and it can be used for simmering meat. Remaining Su Zao broth is preserved, increased and recycled just like stock. Slice the meat and put it in a bowl (or pot or jar as appropriate), sprinkle the meat with the stock, and no other seasoning is necessary (spicy food lovers may add some spicy sesame oil). It is then ready to eat. It can be eaten together with wine or sesame pancakes popular China travel package. The broth is thick and fresh, and the meat is soft and crisp. Su Zao Rou is a unique and tasty dish suitable for people all ages.

According to the above instructions, do you succeed in make your own Su Zao Rou?

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Mysterious and Attractive Old Town-Lijiang

The Old Town of Lijiang, located on the upper reach of Jinsha Jiang River Yangtze River tour, is the home of Naxi nationality. Rising 2,400 meters above the sea level, Lijiang is the central city of Naxi autonomous county and one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China. It has a history of 800 years. The Town is well-known to the world for “each of the households is build by the stream and surrounded by willow trees”.

Lijiang by the mountain and river was different from any residence cities which had high, thick walls and wide streets in ancient China. Its rustic charm and beauty reveal the natural harmony. Following the contour of land, the residences are built by wood and stone. People also pick up some excellent architectural forms from Tibet, Bai and Han nationalities.

People in Lijiang last minute China travel deals attach importance to education and respect cultural persons, therefore, many people are good at painting, calligraphy and versifying. Besides ethnic folk dance and local theater, Naxi ancient music is the most famous in many colorful festival activities. The “Dongjing Music of Naxi” bearing the melody and rhythm derived from Taoist music is known as “the Living Fossil of Music”. The band of Naxi ancient music was once invited to play in many European countries and had gained a warmly approving reaction and great praise from audiences. Because the band was comprised of the old people from the folk who were over 70 years old, it is also called “Naxi Old Men Band”.

The famous murals of Qing dynasties in Lijiang distributed in the Town China best tours and 15 monasteries demonstrate the blending of different religions. A hundreds of Buddhas from Taoist, Tibetan and Han-Chinese Buddhism were painted on Baisha Mural in Baisha village which has been listed for nation-level protection of historic relics.

A kind of hieroglyphics called Tomba script still exists in Lijiang area. Tomba script which is used to record religious scriptures of Dongba is the only picture writing which is still used in the world. What’s more interesting is that the Dongba scriptures have preserved dance steps with the ancient hieroglyph Dongba characters.

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Strongly Fortified Stone Houses in Guizhou Province

Most of the dwelling houses of the Bouyei Ethnic Minority are stone houses of stilt style or half-side building style. Zhenning Autonomous County and Anshun City of Guizhou Province affordable China tours inhabited by Bouyei ethnic group are abundant in high-quality building stones. The local Bouyei people tailor measures to suit local conditions and make use of local stones to build their houses with distinctive ethnic characteristics.

The walls of the stone house are built up with stone stripes or blocks to a height of 5 or 6 meters featuring weather-tight stone roofs to protect from wind and rain. Except for the purlines and rafters, all are made of stones, even including domestic tables, benches, kitchen stoves and earthen bowls. Everything looks unadorned and impregnable.

In West Guizhou Province, starting from Guiyang Cityall the way to Pingba County, Anshun City, Puding County top China tours, Zhenning Autonomous County and Guanling Autonomous County, there is a kind of stone house out of the common whose foundations, walls and roofs are all made of stones except for several beam columns.

Lime mortar is generally used as adhesive for foundations and walls of the stone houses, while adhesives made of sticky rice or water extracted from the Chinese goosebeery roots are for taller buildings, which is a kind of special architectural technique with a long history in Guizhou Province.

The stone houses place great emphasis on decoration which is of great variety. All symbols and patterns have certain symbolic meanings and are not designed simply for the sake of decoration and beauty but with profound cultural connotations.

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Ancient Town Travel: Wanshou Village

Wanshou Village – A Brief Introduction

Wanshou Village, also called Wanshou Mountain, is located 20 kilometers east of Shizhu County of Chonqing Yangtze River tour, on an altitude of 1,490 meters. Wanshou Village is one of the most representative tourist attractions of Shizhu County. It is famous for the historical event of Qin Liangyu-a female senior general of Ming Dynasty building the village here to defend against enemies. With different flowers blooming successively in the four seasons and steep and lofty peaks, sceneries in Wanshou Village scenic area are uniquely beautiful.

Wanshou Village - A Historical Heroine

Wanshou Village is the only well-documented station for the female heroine Qin Liangyu's troop. Up to now, there are still well-preserved barracks, flag stages, drill ground, village gates and so on in Wanshou Village China vacation deals.

Qin Liangyu is the only heroine recorded in the books of official history. She was good at horse archery and was also expert in writing poems. She volunteered to fight against the enemies and made substantial contributions to Ming royal court. The stories about Qin Liangyu have been passed down from generation to generation. Many visitors come here to appreciating the majestic momentum of the ancient battle field.

Wanshou Village – Attractions

Wanshou Village is divided into three parts: the front village, the inner village and the back village. Three gates blockade the village firmly, making Wanshou Village easily defensible. There are altogether two gates in the front village. A couplet is engraved in the first stone gate. Beside the second gate display two old mount fortresses top China tours.

The inner village in located on top of the mountain, capacious and flat, with the remains of drill ground and so on. It is the former site of Qin Liangyu's troop camp. A well in the shape of rectangle also remains in the inner village with sweet and clear water, never dries up. The well was once used for the soldier's drinking.

In the Xianren Cave outside the gate of the back village, several statues of Sakyamuni, Kwan-yin, and King of Medicine are treasure up.

There are two huge stones respectively in the southern and northern sides of Wanshou Village, staring at each other. Stone in the north is about 100 meters high with ancient pines overhanging in the air. The shape of it is like a man, so it is called "Male Stone Pillar". While stone in the south is about 70 meters high, leaning against the mountain and facing the river. It seems like a young lady and is named "Female Stone Pillar". Local people believe that there must be a fascinating love story between the two stone pillars. The two stone pillars are the symbol of Shizhu County.

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View the beautiful Three-Color Lakes

A Brief Introduction to Three - Color Lakes

Three-colors Lakes is located in the Bianba County of Qamdo prefecture in Tibet last minute China travel deals, 50 kilometers away from the town. Three-color Lakes is a group of three lakes-the White Lake, the Black Lake and the Yellow Lake on the elevation of 4,200 kilometers. The lakes are surrounded by snow-mountains, forests, springs and waterfalls, all of which form a harmonious and beautiful landscape.

Legend about Three - Color Lakes

There is a beautiful legend about Three-color Lakes. According to the legend, the three lakes-White Lake, Black Lake and Yellow Lake, were originally three brave and valiant soldiers of King Gesar. Water in the three lakes never was inexhaustible just as the three senior generals of King Gesar would never die.

Cause of Formation of Three - Color Lakes

As for the cause of formation of the Three-color Lakes best tours of China, there is no final conclusion but three viewpoints. The first viewpoint goes that the lakes are of various depths, so they take on different colors. The second standpoint is that the mineral substances of the rocks in the lakes are diverse, which leads to the variety of the lakes' colors. While the last idea is that the difference of the water plants on the bottom of the lake gives rise to the diversity of the lakes' colors.

Attractions of Three - Color Lakes

The Three-color Lakes are embraced by green trees with waterfalls flowing into the lakes. Interestingly, these waterfalls are crystal clear before fall into the lakes. As soon as they fall into the lakes, the colors change immediately. There is a stream connecting the Black Lake and the White Lake. What is astonishing is that water in the Black Lake turns white the moment it flows into the White Lake popular China tour package. Many schools of big fish can be found in the Three-color Lakes, for the local people on the lakeshore never eat fish due to their religious faith.

In Tibetan, the White Lake is called Tsogar with white and grey water in it and lush green trees reflected on the surface of the lake. The Black Lake is called Tsonar in Tibetan. It is the largest lake among the three lakes. The Black Lake looks like ink pond from afar, with mountains surrounding it and unfathomable depth. The Yellow Lake is called Tsosi in Tibetan and is the smallest lake among the three lakes. In the sunshine, the water takes on a golden look with mists and clouds pervading above the lake. The Yellow Lake and the earth are of the same color.

Sceneries of the Three-color Lakes are different in different seasons. If you arrange your Tibet tour in April or May, you will have the chance of enjoying the azaleas on the lakeshores and wild ducks and black swans flying above the lakes. If you are lucky enough, you can also come across the national-level rare and endangered wild animals such as flocks of argali sheep and so on.

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To see peony in Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone

Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone - Brief Introduction

Diangjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone is located in Taipin town, Diangjiang County of Chongqing Yangtze River tour and it is 100 kilometers away from the main city zone of Chongqing. The Hurong speedway and Yuwu Road go through the land from north to south. Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism zone is 9 kilometers from Dianjiang County and it has an urban area of 30 square kilometers. Recently, the peony garden has passed the inspection and evaluation of the national tourism administration and became one of the demonstration centers of agritourism. It is also the only national tourist site of Dianjiang, with acreage under peony of 2.5000 mus, being the first of our country. Each March, the peony would be in full bloom, with a florescence of half a month.

Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone - Dianjiang Peony Festival

Dianjiang Peony Festival China vacation deals is held every March for the enjoyment of the sight of peony. On every occasion, many stars are invited, by now, Song zuying, Pan Weibo, SHE, and Sun Yanzi have been there for the art performance. Since the festival, the number of tourists going there has been increased greatly, from 6.8000 to 60.7000, with an average annual increase of 39.5 percent. By now, the festival has been held for 12 times. After the cultivation and development of years, Dianjiang Peony Festival has been a national important tourist festival. At the same time, apart from the New Year, it is the most grand and magnificent festival for the Dianjian People.

Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone - Tips

As for the attraction, there are three garden districts: Taipin Lake Peony competitive garden, Bailing Mountain Peony competitive garden and Kaizhifeng Peony Competitive garden top China tours. The first florescence is Mar, 25 to 30, and the full florescence is Mar, 31 to Apr, 10.At the Peony Ecotourism Zone, it is one person one ticket, and the entrance ticket is 20 Yuan. There are narrators for you.

Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone - Transportation

If you are self-drive, you may go through the Yuyi Highway (Chongqingrenhe - Changshou County - Dianjiang County), with a mileage of 126 kilometers and road toll of 80 Yuan. If you go the Yuwu Road, you may go to Taipin from the northern station of Dianjiang, with a mileage of 8 kilometers and to and from road toll of 6 Yuan. You also may take a bus at the northern station of Chongqing, of course, there is bus to Dianjiang at Chaotianmen, Caiyuanba and chenjiapin. When you get to Dianjiang, you may take the bus from Dianjiang to Taipin at the southern station.

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Three Visitors Cave’s Scenery and Folk Custom

Three Visitors Cave – Brief Introduction

A fascinating piece of Chinese cultural history site, Three Visitors Cave, situated 7 kilometers northwest away from Yichang City Yangtze River tour, Hubei province, which back against Xiling Gorge of Yangtze River and face the Xialao Stream. It is a giant cave on the north cliff of the Xiling Mountain, which has marvelous vision, picturesque landscape of waters and mountains around. On May 25th 2006, Three Visitors Cave was included in sixth National Cultural Relic Protection Units.

Three Visitors Cave – Scenery


Many inscriptions outside Three Visitors Cave are precious cultural relics which have rich historical value and appreciation value of calligraphy. Since written some pomes or engraved on the wall by lots of famous poets (Bai juyi, Yuanzhen, Bai Xingjian, Ou yangxiu, Suxun, Sushi, Suche, Huang tingjian, Luyou, etc) besides the officials who had worked in Yiling during Tang and Song dynasties, the Three Visitors Cave has been a famous tourist spot in China. The inscriptions range from regular script, clerical script, seal character, running script, cursive hand, covering all the forms of Chinese characters. Totally almost 60 kinds of inscriptions has been found and protected by nation.

Luyou Spring

Down along Three Visitors Cave to Xialao Stram China vacation deals, you'll find the Luyou Spring in the mountainside. According to local history, it was named after Lu You's visiting, a great poet during Southern Song Dynasty. He found that there was a pool of spring water on Xialao Stream and had a cup of tea with a little spring water which made him feel unforgettable. Later then, he inscribed a poem on the cave wall.

Zhangfei Beating Drum Stage

It is a little stage on a cylindrical stone mountain on the top of Xiling Gorge. The name of Zhangfei Beating Drum Stage was from a story of an ancient war. Zhangfei, an official during the Three Kingdoms, trained thousands of soldiers here which impressed magnificent memory to people. This is the most popular landscape for out tours.

Zhixi Pavilion

It was a convenient pavilion for boatmen and businessmen. Zhixi Pavilion top China tours was built since Song Dynasty at the bank of the Yangtze River. It became one of three attractions of Song Dynasty due to the poem which written by Ou yangxiu, a great poet in Northern Song Dynasty. Travelers can gain majesty scenery of the mighty Yangtze River surge among high mountains.
Ba and Chu Dynasties' Palace

Ancient music and dance, especially during Ba and Chu dynasties, is full of the palace. Tours can immerse in ancient art and mysterious culture deeply.
All Chinese' Seal Carved Stone Park

All Chinese' Seal Carved Stone Park consists of Seal Carved and Moyan Carved. By the Yichang Cultural Bureau' approval, Seal Carved was moved to Three Visitors Cave.

Three Visitors Cave – Folk Customs

Crying Marriage

Not only the bride but also the whole families cry together for Tujia nationality girls when get married. And there is a corresponding significance during every period of crying with a long process.

Dance for Death

It's a very special ceremony for the death people. Tujia nationality popular China tour package expresses their sadness with songs and dances all day.
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