Roam around Shanghai Xintiandi

Another November has gone. And it is high time for us to plan the winter destination. Are you looking for a travel resort that will save your wallet from certain destruction? Then you should spend your holiday in last minute China travel deals Shanghai Xin Tian Di.

Shanghai Xin Tian Di is situated in the center of the busy Shanghai City, which boasts for not only the historical Shikumen Housing, but also the remarkable modern architectures. Covering an area of about 30000 square meters, Shanghai Xin Tian Di resembles Clarke Quay in Singapore and Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong, welcoming flows of tourists from all around the world everyday. In fact it is a charming pedestrian street in Shanghai that combined with oriental and western, classical and fashionable buildings. And many people regard it as a dreaming paradise for traveling, dining and shopping. If you want to get to know more about Shanghai, you definitely should pay a visit to Shanghai Xin Tian Di.

Yesterday meets tomorrow in Shanghai today
There goes a famous saying among best tours of China Shanghai local people “Yesterday meets tomorrow in Shanghai today”. Without doubts, Shanghai Xin Tian Di is widely recognized as an ideal place to record the ups and downs of Shanghai history and sense the amazing life style of 21 century. When you enter Shanghai Xin Tian Di, you will be quickly attracted by the unique Shikumen housing. Shikumen housing, consisted with Chinese and western style, is commonly seem in Shanghai Xin Tian Di. The history of it can be traced back to about mid-1800. At that time, Shikumen Housing was home to the local Shanghai People. However, with the booming of Shanghai city, people are no longer live in Shikumen Housing now. Then Shikumen developed into a popular travel resort that is known all over the world. Nowadays, the old Shikumen housing is closely associated with the brand-new commercial concert, making Shanghai Xin Tian Di a charming place filled with life.

Shanghai Xin Tian Di can be divided into two parts, the South Block and the North Block. With an area of 25000 square meters, the South Block is typically famous for the special modern architectures. Award-wining restaurants, luxurious shopping malls, attractive cinemas as well as healthy fitness centers are all available here. No one can help visiting this wonderful place when he or she once to here. And what about the North Block? Surely time-honored Shikumen Housing prevails here. Most of them may look classical on the outer appearance, but fashionable inside with convenient facilities, such as elevators. Interestingly, many well-known stars run their own restaurants and shops in Shanghai Xin Tian Di popular China tour package, which provide their fans with great opportunities to communicate with each other. Wow! Everything in Shanghai Xin Tian Di may refer to the past, today and future of Shanghai city. Why not come and experience it by yourself?

Travel Tips: 1. convenient transportation is offered in Shanghai, including subway, buses, city sightseeing buses and taxies. 2. Shanghai Xin Tian Di is crowd with tourists during peak travel seasons.

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Enjoy Delicious Beijing Snacks

Speaking of food in Beijing China vacation deals, many people can only remember Beijing roast duck, indeed, it is famous, however, having a long history, Beijing snacks win universal praise for their wide varieties, superior materials and careful preparation too. Beijing snacks mainly include three types: Han Nationality snacks, Hui Nationality snacks and imperial court snacks. Beijing is the ancient capital of four dynasties.

Beijing Travel Guide

It absorb the snack essence of previous dynasties and combine the food characteristics of various nationalities perfectly.

Beijing Snacks have more than one hundred species, and formed cooking skills of steaming, instant boiling, frying, roasting.Beijing snacks mainly include three types: Han Nationality snacks, Hui Nationality snacks and imperial court snacks. Beijing is the ancient capital of four dynasties. It absorb the snack essence of previous dynasties and combine the food characteristics of various nationalities perfectly.

Beijing Snacks popular China tours have more than one hundred species, and formed cooking skills of steaming, instant boiling, frying, roasting. Top ten Beijing snacks are: Mung Bean Milk, Wheaten Cake Boiled in Meat Broth, Stewed Pork Liver, Fried Beef Tripe, Steamed Rice Cake with Sweet Stuffing (Ai wo wo), Rolling Donkey, Fried Wheaten Pancake with Fillings, Stir Fried Starch Knots, Flled Sausage, Sweet Ears.

Stewed Pork Liver has a long history dating back to the Song Dynasty (960 AD - 1279 AD). It is basically made of pork liver and intestines, with a blend of garlic, bamboo shoot, celery, carrot, and potato starch solution. It is called fried liver, but it is really just like a thick soup. It is a good choice to eat for breakfast with the steamed stuffed buns.

Beijing Street Snacks

As for Ai wo wo, because of its smooth and delicate taste, Ai Wo Wo become a favorite snack of emperor and aristocracies. As this food spread into the folk, ordinary people are not dare to use the word “Royal” so they begin use the name “Ai Wo Wo”. Rolling Donkey is another must-try snack in Beijing. It Chinese name Lv Da Gun, which means a ducky rolling in dust, is a vivid metaphor. Put the finished bean-flour cake in soybean flour and roll them, which looks like a real ducky is rolling in a wild place. Lv Da Gun is well known for its sweet and glutinous taste and loved by general public all around China and you can find Lv Da Gun in a lot of Cities in China in addition to Beijing.

Forbidden City

Fried Sugar Cake top 10 China tour packages is a snack suitable for people of all ages. It got the name of Sugar Ear because it’s shape looks like a human’s ear. It is a Islamic snack and the raw materials of Fried Sugar Cake is sugar,soda and flour. Fried Sugar Cake is featured with brown golden color, soft and lubricant texture, sweet and delicious flavor.

Great Wall Tours

Beijing snacks combine the snacks of many ethnic groups such as Han, Hui, Mongol and Manchu, as well as Ming and Qing palace snacks. Tourists can enjoy delicious food while having a taste of the hawking culture along snack streets in Beijing.

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Fall Camp Muslim Holy Site - Hongshuiquan Mosque

In a tributary of the Yellow River Yangtze River tour source, the southern mountain area and the midstream of Huangshui River, standing a grand and magnificent temple, it is the well-known Hongshuiquan Mosque. The Mosque is located in the eastern Qinghai Ping'an County, over 30 kilometers southwest of the Hongshuiquan village. It is said that it was built in the Ming Dynasty, was originally small scale, but had been expansion after 5 times. The whole temple covers an area of 4500 square meters, consisting of screen wall, gate, the Azan House, the prayer hall and the school, etc. it is famous for its superb craftsmanship and architectural art.

On the architectural style, Hongshuiquan mosque integrates the Han, Hui, Tibetan and other ethnic architectural style and features, but also used a large number of auspicious patterns, such as chrysanthemums, bamboo, plum blossom, orchid, The Eight Auspicious Symbols, the dark Eight Immortals, poetry and painting, etc. Han, Hui, Tibetan and other ethnic cultural elements appear in the same mosque, which is rare in China mosque, but also show as a symbol of national unity and the crystallization of national wisdom last minute China travel deals.

Hongshuiquan mosque’s brick art is very exquisite, rare boutique. The beautiful patterns carved on the blue brick mill are the wisdom and skills outcomes accumulated of Chinese Muslims over the years.

There are hundreds of different patterns on the screen wall in front of the mosque, which are also the pattern the folk love to use to make moon cake best tours of China and refreshments.

There is a small village with about several households on the hillside, where living conditions are extremely difficult, the villagers eat pit water, is completely dependent on the weather.

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Travel Guide - The Sacred Tai Mountain

As the leader of the 'Five Sacred Mountains', Mt. Tai is located in the center of Shandong Province last minute China travel deals. Its main peak, Jade Emperor Summit, which is within Tai'an City, is about 1532.7 meters (5,029 feet) high. Taishan Mountain is a perfect combination of natural scenery and cultural relics and is well worth visiting.

Mount Tai has been a place of worship for at least 3,000 years and served as one of the most important ceremonial centers of China during large portions of this period. According to historical records, Mount Tai became a sacred place haunted by emperors to offer sacrifices and meditate in the Zhou Dynasty before 1,000 BC. A total of 72 emperors were recorded as visiting it. Men of letters also came to acquire inspiration, to compose poems, write essays, paint and take pictures. Hence, a great many cultural relics were left on the mountain. The stone carvings on Mount Taishanmuseum abounding with cultural relics and artworks. Heavenly Queen Pool, Red Gate Palace, Mid-Heaven Gate, Azure Cloud Temple are powerful examples. Stone carvings include the Buddhist Diamond Sutra in Jing Shi Valley best tours of China, the Scripture of Mt. Tai and the Mo Ya Tablet.

Mount Tai lies in the zone of oriental deciduous forest; about 80% of its area is covered with vegetation. The flora is known to comprise almost 1,000 species. Some of the trees in the area are very old and have cultural significance, such as the Han Dynasty Cypresses, which were planted by the Emperor Wu Di, the Tang Chinese Scholartree (about 1,300 years old), the Welcoming-Guest Pine (500 years old) and the Fifth-Rank Pine, which was named originally by the Emperor Qin Shi Huang, but was replanted about 250 years ago. The tallest peak is the Jade Emperor Peak, which is commonly reported as 1,545 metres (5,069 ft) tall, but is described by the PRC government as 1,532.7 metres (5,029 ft). Just as its name implies, Tianzhu Peak popular China travel package was named because it is shaped like a candle, with a pine tree standing on top like a flame.

This route is the most rugged one and is suitable for the adventurous. You will enjoy General Peak, Eight Immortals Cave, Big Tianzhu Peak and Small Tianzhu Peak, etc. It is also a better way to appreciate the pine trees in Hou Shi Wu (a spot where most of the old pine trees are growing). Besides the Jade Emperor Peak, other distinctive rock formations are the Heaven Candle Peak, the Fan Cliff, and the Rear Rock Basin.Mount Tai is a tilted fault-block mountain with height increasing from the north to the south. It is the oldest example of a paleo-metamorphic formation from the Cambrian Period in eastern China. Known as the Taishan Complex, this formation contains magnetized, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock as well as intrusions of other origins during the Archean Era. The uplift of the region started in the Proterozoic Era; by the end of the Proterozoic, it had become part of the continent.

The main attraction of Tai Shan, aside from an exhausting climb and the views along the way, is seeing a magnificent sunrise from the summit. Most visitors make this a priority on their itinerary. So, let’s meet there!

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Travel to Lu'an & Shou County of Anhui

Lu'an, a name that cannot be heard from many people, seems a little different from tourism or beautiful sceneries, however, it has another famous name called Western Anhui last minute China travel deals, filled with plenty of classical and elegant sense, making people look forward to this beautiful and mysterious land which hasn't been founded; it belongs to the center of economy, political and cultural center near Dabie Mountain.

Talking about Dabie Mountain, it is the war historic site that has no link with natural scene and smoke of gunpowder no longer exist, however, the real Dabie Mountain expresses its unique charming with its own beauty. People who travel to Dabie Mountain will go to the main peak Baimajian, where is full of splendid trees and grasses, forming a natural oxygen bar that once you are tired with climbing, you can become vivid after several deep breath. It would be a healthy journey for you after staying in the big city for a long time, admiring the roadside natural sceneries.

Autumn Dabie Mountain best tours of China has a different beauty, trees have already said goodbye to the monotonous green color and changed into the colorful clothes, including the green, dim yellow, vivid golden and deep red, which is as if an oil painting with deep ink but still keeps the beauty of nature.,walking along the stone alley toward the main peak of Baimajian, yellow leaves that lying on the street shape into a golden carpet, giving out the rustle when stepping on them. When it is sunset, the entire forest becomes red, withered and yellow thatch is flying along the wind, giving you another sense of beauty.

Shou County – The Ancient County

Shou County, a name that gives people an ancient sense, carries a deep historical lingering charm, and it is true that it was the capital of Chu State in the Warring States Time, the hometown of Chu culture and therefore it was called as Chu Capital, at the same time, it is the place that Battle of Fei River Yangtze River tour taken place, you can even date back to many things until now.

There in Shou County, you can find many historical walls built since Song Dynasty, there are four gates in the wall, south, north, west and east, and the most marvelous thing is that there are barbicans in North and South Gates, which were meant to protect outer forces from breaking into, a stone turtle head stands along the East Gate.

There is no ticket shot, people inside the ancient wall live happily as they like, giving us a sense of freely, and non-desirable. Wondering along the ancient wall, a historical feeling filled your brain by touching those stones that emerged from great vicissitudes, no words can be used as a description toward it.

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Huanglongxi, Millennium Ancient Sichuan Flavor Town

Although the reputation of Huanglongxi Ancient Town is not so far and wide as Lijiang last minute China travel deals and Fenghuang, but it is also has unique style of the thousand years of ancient Sichuan. Huanglongxi Ancient Town is only 40 kilometers from Chengdu, some away from the hubbub and can be felt a lengthy time here. Clear Jinjiang water joins the beautiful Lu River here, so there is the reputation of Huanglongxi Millennium Water Terminal reputation. Went into the town, quartzite pavement, wooden beams green tiles pavilion, bridges, banyan, shops, rickshaw pullers, etc, constitutes a Sichuan folk style picture.

The reason why the Huanglongxi Ancient Town best tours of China is favor for visitors is that there is heavy heritage which settle down in 1700, no hustle and bustle of big cities, as well as Winding stone paths trails, the riverside the cornices Qiaojiao the wooden houses on stilts, the shops on the street teahouse, the temple shrouded of smoke, demonstrating a Sichuan township folk customs picture, giving a rustic but novel experience.

Huanglongxi, lively and also quiet, if you are tired, want to find a quiet place, just go in depth to ancient town alley! If bored, want to find a vibrant land then go to town that people weaving Commercial Street popular China tour package, looking for fun!

If you are tired, walk along the Huanglongxi. Walk through the ancient street, drink a cup of tea, daze in the ancient pier, can make you feel good.

People will never see hurry walking ones in Huanglongxi Ancient Town. In the sound of evening bell of the ancient town temple, I said goodbye to the leisurely ancient town.

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A Warm Getaway This Winter to Hong Kong's Repulse Bay

We finally reach the last month of a year and most cities in China begin to suffer through the chilling days of snowy winter. If you are looking for an ideal resort with pleasant temperature and shining sunshine, then Repulse Bay is a perfect place for you to enjoy a warm getaway. Hurry up, dear friends! Let is begin our winter China trip.

The Repulse Bay, renowned as a magnificent bay in Hong Kong, is situated in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. With prosperous dining industry and attractive entertainment, the Repulse Bay has always filled with relaxed and carefree atmosphere, welcoming a lot of visitors from worldwide all year around. As a matter of fact, the history of Repulse Bay can be traced back to about 1840, when the First Opium War happened. At that time, the Repulse Bay was a base used by pirates, which made foreign merchants worry about the safety of goods trading with China. Later the British Fleet repulsed the pirates and this bay gained the name “The Repulse Bay”. And during World War 2, Repulse Bay Hong Kong tourist attractions is regarded as a strategic place with great significance. Since the Repulse Bay Hotel was built, Repulse Bay gradually developed into a hot travelling resort.

Compared to the extremely cold winter in northern cities, weather in Repulse Bay is always agreeable. The beach is golden and smooth; the sky and sea are cozy and blue. Choose a sunny weekend and lay on the vast beach, you can not only feel the fresh air, but also see the lovely blue seawater lapping the seashore. This carefree macca is so charming and make all the people yearn to have a visit.

Aquatic activities are rather popular in Repulse Bay since the sea water temperature is between 16 degree and 26 degree around the year. Have you ever image swimming in a 100% safe place with shark prevention facilities and responsible lifeguards? Then Repulse Bay is your perfect natural swimming pool! Clean and safe swimming conditions are available for all kinds of persons no matter you are good at swimming or never swim before. Besides swimming, other activities also prevail here, such as BBQ, sightseeing in lighthouse and sunset-watching last minute China travel deals. For those who like BBQ, barbecue racks are offered under the shape; and for the romantic young couples, watching sunset together seems awesome. Additionally, Repulse Bay is dotted with award-winning restaurants, luxurious hotels, large supermarkets and yummy cafes. If time is not so pressing, you can spend the whole weekend in Repulse Bay, tasting the delicious HK local food, having a cup of coffee, enjoying the wonderful scenery and shopping in the supermarkets. What an exciting trip!

Travel tips: 1. the admission of Repulse Bay is free for everyone. 2. You can either take a bus or the subway to Repulse Bay. If you decide to go to Repulse Bay by bus, bus No.6, 6A, 6X and 260 can take you there. As for the subway, please get off at Central Station. (Go out of the station to the Exchange Plaza through the Exit A)

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Shuimo Township an "unbelievable" model for post-disaster reconstruction

I couldn't believe that this place was really one of the worst-hit areas in the quake, she said after visiting Shuimo Township in Wenchuan County in the Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Aba in Sichuan last minute China travel deals.

Yingxiu Township of Wenchuan, about 10 km from Shuimo, was the epicenter of the magnitude-8.0 quake that left more than 80,000 people dead or missing.

Golen was among about 600 delegates from 60 countries and regions who participated in the month-long Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival, which kicked off earlier this month in Shuimo Township in observance of the third anniversary of the catastrophe, which falls on May 12.

Among the delegates were representatives from the World Tourism Organization (WTO), World Travel and Tourism Council and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). They visited some of the worst-hit regions to learn about reconstruction and tourism recovery after the quake.

In Shuimo Township, visitors can see exquisite tile-roofed wooden buildings featuring a typical style of the local Qiang people as well as stores selling all kinds of Qiang-style handicrafts arrayed along winding stone alleys in the small town.

An official with the organization commission of the tourism festival told Xinhua that after their best tours of China in Shuimo, many delegates saw the town' s achievement in post-quake reconstruction as "unbelievable" and said that it "could hardly be achieved in other countries."

"They were deeply impressed when they saw the pictures of the old and new Shuimo," said the official.

The reconstruction plan of Shuimo Township received the "Global Best Implementation of Post-Disaster Reconstruction" award in the Sixth Global Forum on Human Settlements held at the United Nations headquarters earlier this month.

The plan highlighted ecologically-friendly and low-carbon concepts, as well as reconstruction projects that were well-integrated with people's lives, Dr. Noel Brown, a former United Nations Environment Program official, said at the awards ceremony.

The 2008 quake killed 92 people and seriously damaged buildings and much of the public infrastructure in Shuimo, which had earlier been home to 63 companies that were known for high pollution and excessive energy consumption.

Two years after the quake, all 63 of the companies had been shut down. Shuimo has become an environmentally-friendly tourist attraction showcasing authentic Qiang culture.

The reconstruction was conducted under a plan formulated by the urban design center of the Beijing-based Peking University with the aid of Foshan City in the southern province of Guangdong popular China travel package.

Soon after the disaster, the central government ordered 18 provinces and municipalities to pair up with 18 quake-hit counties and cities in Sichuan to provide reconstruction assistance.

"As of now, a total of 27,564 post-quake reconstruction projects, out of the planned 29,692 projects, have been completed," said Sichuan Vice Governor Wei Hong on April 18, adding that 787.1 billion yuan (about 120 billion U.S. dollars), or 91 percent of the total budget of 865.8 billion yuan, has been spent.

With an investment of 130 million yuan, workers from Foshan built Shuimo into a Qiang-style tourism town that includes 170 residential buildings and accommodates over 300 families.

"I was a farmer before the quake, but now I am a boss," said Yu Pingliang, who runs a two-story teahouse that also provides lodging in the town. "During the Spring Festival holiday this year, I earned more than 10,000 yuan."

Before the 2008 quake, the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents in Wenchuan County was 9,450 yuan and 2,790 yuan. In 2010, those numbers climbed to 12,780 yuan and 3,330 yuan respectively, according to county government data.

"After my on-location investigation in Wenchuan and Beichuan, I saw sweeping changes in infrastructure and tourism development of the quake-hit regions," said Zoltan Somogyi, executive director of the WTO, adding that although it was his first visit to these places, he saw videos and pictures showing the ravaged counties.

Sichuan's successful experience in post-disaster reconstruction should certainly be shared with the world, he said.

Sichuan's people set a model for us, as they actively rebuilt their hometowns and turned over a new leaf, said John Marian Koldowski, deputy CEO of PATA.

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Travel Guide - Yao Mountain

Located on the outskirts of Guilin a href="" title="China tour deals">China tour deals, Yao Mountain got its name from a Yao emperor temple, which was built, in the Tana dynasty in the top of the mountain. It boasts because of the natural beauty and the highest mountain in Guilin. There are different views in different season. Spring the mountain is full of colorful azaleas, summers has pine and bamboo to view. The mountain is covers with the red maple leaves and chrysanthemum flowers in autumn, and snow flakes covers all over the mountain in winter.

It received its name from a Yao emperor temple, which was built the top of the mountain in the Tang dynasty. Each season offers a different view. In spring azalea flowers are everywhere, in summer the bamboo compete with each other for greenness and in autumn the red maples with falling leaves make the hill appear as though it's afire. The winter's snow on mountains is as transparent as pure crystal.

The Hill has several places of interest including Yao Temple China best tours, White Deer Temple , Jade Breast Pond and Tianci Field. Jingjiang King Tomb's covering over 100 square meters are the most famous attractions in the area.

Completed in 1996, a 1,416.18 meter long cable car connects the top and the foot and offers bird's-eye views of wonderful peaks and surrounds. The Yao Mountain1,000m sloping track has 18 curves, which enables tourists to travel through mysterious forest.

The cable car was imported from Doppelmatry Cable Car Co. Austria. It is equipped with an alarm system, a TV monitor protection system. The cable is 1416.18m long from the bottom to the top. You will have a panoramic view about the whole city popular China travel package.

The toboggan slide, which is stimulating and interesting, was imported from WIGAND Toboggan Co. Germany. It is 100m long with 18 turns sliding down from the top. You will have a beautiful view of rocks, flowers and brooks on each side when you down the mountain with the slide.

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Travel Tips for Ancient Kaifeng City

If time reverse back to 1,000 years, Kaifeng, the ancient city along Yellow River Yangtze River tour, is the most prosperous, rich and beautiful capital with the largest population in the whole world when Northern Song Dynasty. Now history is history, Kaifeng has become an international tourism city of great culture and history. Even those glories of the past are as ephemeral as smoke and cloud, today Kaifeng is still a ancient city with pristine, dignified and charming atmosphere.

Kaifeng is located in Henan Province, close to Zhengzhou city which is the capital of Henan province. Kaifeng is one of the Eight Ancient Capitals in China. When travel to Kaifeng, there are a lot to see and enjoy, scenic sites, folk culture and local flavors, all these would give you a great time.

What to see at Kaifeng city?

Millennium City Park

Millennium City Park last minute China travel deals is a theme park that archaizes the masterpiece painting of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival which describes a general view of folk customs and habits of Song Dynasty. Whne travel to Millennium City Park, you can experience people’s life at ancient Song Dynasty. Dress Song costumes, enjoying ancient buildings of gate building, Rainbow Bridge, street view, riverways, wine shops, tea house and so on, at the same time watching folk performances that are famous at Song Dynasty... That’s the casual and pleasant life at that famous painting, but you are experiencing now.


Longting is actually a palace built above a huge black brick base which is as high as 13 meters. Here you can learn valuable cultural relics, overlook the beautiful overview scenery of Kaifeng city. There are two lakes , Lake Pan and Lake Yang, standing opposite to each other alongside the avenue in front of Longting, which adds more attractions to Longting.

Daxiangguo Temple

This is a famous Buddhist temple, located in the downtown of Kaifeng best tours of China. It was a royal temple for Northern Song Dynasty. Daxiangguo Temple is a complex of several halls. Its elaborate layout, delicate wooden carving arts, magnificent architecture and solemn atmosphere has attracted a lot of people.

What to eat at Kaifeng?

First of all, at Kaifeng you can taste native Yu cuisine. Youyixin Restaurant , locating at downtown, is a good recommendation where you can enjoy authentic and delicious Yu cuisine. Also there are many special and unique local flavor snacks at Kaifeng city. The most famous one is soup dumplings. Then almond tea, mutton steamed bun, eight-treasure rice pudding and so on. You really should tray these special flavors when you come to Kaifeng.


Hotels for accommodations focus in Gulou area at the downtown. This place is very convenient to many scenic sites and for enjoy local food. By the way, Kaifeng Hotel is recommended for its special archaizing garden-styled hotel.

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Off-road Vehicle Driving in East Route of Badain Jaran Desert

Badain Jaran Desert is the 4th largest desert in the world and the 3rd largest desert in China, with an area of 47,000 square kilometers, and 35,000 square kilometers laid in Alxa Youqi. Badain Jaran Desert is famous for its "peculiar peaks, sound sands, numerous lakes, holy springs and ancient temples". The height of Badain Jaran Desert China vacation deals is between 1100m and 1600m, and the relative altitude of the sand hills ranges from 200m to 500m. The sand hills account for 61% of the entire desert area. At the hinterland of the desert, big sand dunes placed at regular intervals by the wind power, the dunes look like huge ocean waves impressing the tourists strongly.

Badain Jaran Desert is the 4th largest desert in the world and the 3rd largest desert in China, with an area of 47,000 square kilometers, and 35,000 square kilometers laid in Alxa Youqi. Badain Jaran Desert is famous for its "peculiar peaks, sound sands, numerous lakes, holy springs and ancient temples". The height of Badain Jaran Desert is between 1100m and 1600m, and the relative altitude of the sand hills ranges from 200m to 500m. The sand hills account for 61% of the entire desert area. At the hinterland of the desert, big sand dunes placed at regular intervals by the wind power, the dunes look like huge ocean waves impressing the tourists strongly China best tours.

What to pack?

60L backpack, windbreaker, quick drying clothes, quick-drying pants, T-shirts, cotton pants, sweater underwear, hiking shoes or desert boots, slippers or sandals, gaiters, coolmax socks 3 pairs, magic scarves, hats, sunglasses, goggles, cameras, 2-4 camera batteries, knife, toilet paper , towel, soap, toothbrush, water bottle, life-saving whistle, headlamp, flashlight, mobile phone (2 batteries), watches, cash, bank cards, food bags, chopsticks, spoon, cup, mp3, digital partner, cellophane tape, rubber rope, lipstick, personal medicines.


1. The most favorable season top China tours for trekking through Badain Jaran Desert is from May to October, excluding July and August.

2. The temperature in desert fluctuates dramatically from day to night. Long sleeved shirt is highly recommended.

3. The altitude of Badain Jaran desert is between 1100m and 1600m. UV radiation intensifies at this altitude, sunscreen lotion and sunglasses (with strap) would be very necessary. And hat: preferably that cover the ears.

4. The desert has a dry climate all the year round; To drink water often during the trip.

5. Medicines for cold, diarrhea, car sickness and skin sensibility etc. should be prepared beforehand in case of emergency.

6. Good walking shoes are essential for trekking in desert. Hiking shoes and desert boots would be preferable.

7. Small backpack to carry your camera and water, plastic bag to keep your camera or photographic equipment from sand and dust.

8. Insect repellent.

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rseas Chinese Town roaming mind through food splurge holidays

Please annual leave, to China vacation deals Guangxi Beihai walk, relax relax from the Ferry Terminal to the basic 1 Station Road, Overseas Chinese Town, around, went over not too far away.

Overseas Vietnamese refugees before the town is said to be inhabited by fleeing to the North Sea, so the local retains a lot of Vietnamese snacks. Turned into sugar in the online survey street and asked the local residents basically unknown. Detailed investigation, online means The syrup street town actually refers to the Overseas Overseas Road. because of this road there is a lot of dessert and dessert shop named.

Snacks more famous in Vietnam should be preferred volume powder, powder volume after Vietnam's Zhongshan Road in Nanning a href="" title="best tours of China">best tours of China also tried once, but the taste of overseas Chinese town to do is simply bad days to do our taste in overseas Chinese town on the volume powder is a fungus and minced meat stuffing, Q and powder is also very smooth, far more delicious Zhongshan road. well as the more famous is the local fried snails, and a variety of shellfish locals referred to as spiral tube . took the post Shuizhu Shu stir and usually plus locals like to eat Suansun (do not know the actual name of this ingredient because tastes sour, called Suan, and this ingredient has shares are strong flavor, beginning we thought it was not very fresh snails, and then I could smell this Suansun caused, in fact, local seafood is very fresh, exhilarating.

Overseas Chinese Town in time to pick the food stalls, but also met a group of local students riding to foraging. Seen that the provision is a lot of local street food place, and that the local cuisine naturally can procure here slightly, but basically the whole street food stalls and Yedian feeling, but the personal feeling to experience local culture and cuisine under, if you have time, or you can go shopping in the local herbal tea and colleagues I have tried it, and I had too many differences in cognitive herbal tea too, simply to taste and Chinese medicine a taste, you can choose a variety of functions. uncomfortable throat just a few days, they picked a Huatanzhike, we should say the effect is still very good. estimated locals drink herbal tea popular China tour package, the requirements for efficacy greater than the requirements of taste ah. According to local people, overseas Chinese town there store bun worth a try, but unfortunately it did not place the stomach.

Overseas Chinese Town on the locals, the feeling is still very plain, not too many commercial move, and very warm.

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The Most Beautiful Culture Card of Guangzhou

Chen Clan Academy is also called Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family China vacation deals, and it was a place both for offering up sacrifices to ancestors and for study. Now it serves as Guangdong Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts to show the most characteristic Guangdong architecture. Located at Zhongshan 7th Road, the Chen Clan Academy is a symmetric complex which consists of 19 buildings with nine halls and six courtyards. It was added in the list of “Cultural Relics of National Importance under the Protection of the State” in 1988 best tours of China.

Facing south, the complex forms around a north-south axis. A large collection of southern China art pieces, for example, wood carvings and pottery, can be found in the structure. The Chen Clan Academy complex exemplifies traditional Chinese architecture and decoration style, and has influenced cultural and architectural developments worldwide. The buildings in the Chen Clan Academy are fully decorated with wood carving, stone carving, brick carving, pottery, plaster and iron engraving. The content of these decoration are mostly flowers, birds, Cantonese fruits and scenes in traditional dramas.

The Chen clan academy has a large collection of wood carvings, which can be seen everywhere in the halls at the corners of the beams, walls, and doors.

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Exploring The Beautiful Yili in Xinjiang

Yili is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Xinjiang (Silk Road tour) due to its abundant scenery. If you visit during the right season you will be able to experience Yili in all its glory when the flowers are in full blossom and the grasslands are green is one of the most unforgettable memories you can have.

Best Time to Visit Yili

The best time to visit Yili is between June and October as this is the season when all is in full bloom. Apart from admiring the beautiful scenery tourists can taste the ripe fruits. June is also the season to see the Lavender fields that are filled with the scent of love.

What to Wear

Temperatures in Xinjiang have a big variation between night and day. From July to September the average temperature is approximately 23 degrees, the lowest is 16 degrees and the highest is about 30 degrees. Once October approaches temperatures plummet to below zero and it’s not until April and May that the temperatures rise above zero. So it’s best to bring warm clothing for your visit to Yili so you’re not caught out by the weather.


Travelling in Yili China vacation deals is not extortionately expensive, accommodation and food is relatively cheap. You will find that most of your money will be spent on transportation. If you plan on staying and touring in Yili for 2-3 days about 1000-1500RMB should cover your expenses during your stay.

Attraction Highlights

Lavender Park

Each year when June approaches, Yili is covered with a sea of purple Lavender making the atmosphere all so romantic. Lavender originates from Provence in France and over hundreds of years has spread across the world. The meaning behind the fragrant purple blossom is “Waiting for Love” making the park the perfect place for romantic lovers. However, the Lavender bloom only lasts one week, once the flowers wither they are cut. Once the season is over the only way you can capture the essence of Lavenders is through essence oils. Visiting the Lavender park is a must as Xinjiang has the reputation as "Home to China's Lavender" China best tours.

Tips: One of the best places to see Lavender is the Princess Lavender Museum in Yili where there are also lots of Lavender souvenirs!

Nalati Grassland

The Nalati Grassland popular China travel package is listed as one of the top four largest grasslands in the world. The green pastures are beautiful and is filled with valleys, pure streams and thick forests. Between June and September the grasslands are alive with wild flowers and animals and you can witness nature in the purest form. Legend has it that the legendary Genghis Khan led his army from Tianshan to Yili, his army stricken with hunger and cold and unwilling to cross the snowy mountains seen the green meadows and headed to the green paradise. Arriving to this wonderland the army apparently happily shouted “Nalati” which means sunshine and hence this is how the grassland gained its name.

Tips: Peak Season - Entrance Fee 75RMB/Person, Off-peak Season – 60RMB/Person
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Fenghuang's Hunan Cuisine

One would own one reason to go to Fenghuang last minute China travel deals, some are meaning to the searching of towns in the fiction, some are striving for a happiness, some just want to leave the distressed behind. As for me, i only come here for food.

I used to go to many places to taste the food, but not as much as my friend, who would abandon the beautiful sceneries for the food. As i am in Chengdu, it is easier and more convenient to go to Fenghuang by train, just spend a night in the train, i can arrive my destination the next morning. My collagemate lives in Chongqing, therefore, she comes there earlier than me.

Hunan Travel Guide

There are many delicious food in Fenghuang, no matter it is the particular Hunan restaurant or stalls along the roadside, you can smell its delicious flavor far away. If you decided to go to Fenghuang, apart from the luggages, you should also prepare a large stomach well. It is true that the farther away from the river bank, the cheaper the dishes become.

However, with the food guide best tours of China available this time, i don’t have to search for delicious food by following the tips on the internet, we choose the restaurants that local people mostly visit, though it is not poetry as in the ancient town, food there are more tasty. Dawancai here has some fineness pig, in this case, vegetables become more delicious. The rice wine that my friend got from the local people is totally different from the one which sold on the market, and it is the most delicious rice wine that i ever took.

Fenghuang Ancient Town

Close to the Hong bridge, there is a busy market, stew duck there is delicious, the more spicy the food is, the more food you want to taste. The most frequency place that we came is the Fenghuang Rd where is full of noddles, boiled fish with pickled cabbage and Chili, beef offal, and so on, the whole street is almost filled with staffs of bears and barbecue.

We also went to Baisha popular China tours, though it is not the traveling spot, i fancy the streets there which are green and serene. It was rainy at that time, it was not dusty walking on the green stones, waterfall at the end of the road was fierce and it wet out my trousers.

Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

I came there for food, and i came back with satisfaction given by the food, i think it is worthy to taste the delicious food there as i believe once you set off for travel to China, you can get what you want.
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