Popular Recreations in Beijing

Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo is located at North Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng District. Founded in 1906 during the late Qing Dynasty, the Beijing Zoo China travel deals is the first of its kind to be opened in China and has the largest animal collections in the country. Covering a total area of some 86 hectares, including a water area of 86,000 hectares, it is home to about 450 species of animals, totaling more than 5,000, and 500-odd species of marine fish, totaling more than 10,000. There are mainly the Panda House, Antelope House, Elephant Kraal, Bear Hill, Rhinoceros House, Orang House, Song Bird House and Amphibian and Reptile House in the zoo. It also has African zebras, Australian Kangaroos, and musk oxen. Rare animals special to China include giant panda, golden monkey, white-lipped deer, Siberian tiger and red-crowned crane and so on. The Beijing Zoo is not only a venue for science popularization and scientific experiment but also a good place for recreation. Over 6 million domestic and foreign tourists visit the zoo every year.

Beijing Happy Valley

The Beijing Happy Valley China best tours is located at the southeast corner of Sifang Bridge at the East Fourth Ring Road in Chaoyang District. Covering an area of 560,000 square meters, it is the largest, most internationalized and modern theme park built with more investment than any others in China. The Beijing Happy Valley features “fashionable, dynamic, joyful, dreamy”, and integrates the marine, terrestrial and aerial recreations both in the daytime and at night. It is an important symbol of experiencing tourism in Beijing. The Valley elaborately establishes 50-odd special sights, over 10 performances items, 30-plus recreational facilities and 20-odd games and auxiliary commercial facilities, creating a mysterious world.

Taipingyang Underwater World

Under the CCTV Tower, the Taipingyang Underwater World is a comprehensive modern center popular China travel package, mainly displaying the living marine resources and integrating popular science education, appreciation and entertainment. Here you can appreciate various beautiful and mysterious marine living creatures, and the beautiful scenery at the bottom of the sea. The aquarium contains more than 4,000 cubic meters of water and raises several hundred species of marine organisms, ranging from large sharks to colorful coral fishes. Over 20,000 marine fishes of more than 300 species live and swim comfortably in the aquarium. An 80-meter long automatic walkway will carry you along the tunnel and at the same time offers the best view of the aquarium. The rich-colored coral reef and swimming shoal around make you feel you are at the bottom of the sea.

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Strolling Along the Cultural Streets in Nanjing

Nanjing Water Street (Bailuzhou Park Water Street)

Nanjing Water Street, also called Bailuzhou Park Water Street or Bailuzhou Water Street, is close to Bailuzhou Park (near the Confucius Temple China tour deals). It’s a strip of restaurants and bars with the city wall on one side and the park on the other, with canals running through it.

Nanjing Water Street (Bailuzhou Park Water Street)

You can sit outside and watch an impressive live-show of song, dance and acrobatics, called “Anchoring on Qinhuai at Night”, which is performed on and across the water. It is arranged according to the poetic allusions and legends from the Six Dynasties period in Qinhuai and will give you an insight into the history and culture of Qinhuai. Based on the beautiful scenery of Bailuzhou Park, the show presents you with the beautiful scenes of moon and lights as it fully takes advantage of the stage on the water.

Nanjing 1912 Culture and Leisure Block

Nanjing is the place where the Republic of China was established and 1912 is the year when the monarchy collapsed. Nanjing 1912, a block of Culture and Leisure surrounding the Presidential Palace to the west, integrates culture, catering, entertainment, recreation and sightseeing as a whole. It consists of more than 20 buildings around its four squares, featuring the Republic of China’s style and combining Chinese architectural styles and modern fashion commercial elements. Nanjing 1912, a charming life landmark, is a place where profound historical sediments and the fashionable life style bring out the best in each other.

Nanjing Chenguang 1865 Creative Industry Park

Chenguang 1865 Creative Industry Park China best tours is a place where literature and art merge. It covers an area of 210,000 square meters and a building area of 110,000 square meters. So far, there are 60 distinctive buildings of different periods, from the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China to the New China. The whole district and the surrounding areas are abundant in human and historical landscapes. With its rich humanistic connotations and historical atmosphere, the district has become a new entrepreneurial base for fashion enterprises.

Nanjing Chenguang 1865 Creative Industry Park

The 1865 Fashion & Life Area lies in the northeast of the district, and it is characterized by its shady trees and beautiful scenery. There are over 10 buildings in this area which offer excellent accommodation facilities with full property management, as well as brand name restaurants, bars and special boutiques with a rich cultural and fashionable atmosphere. This area is a perfect place for viewing the Qinhuai River and the city walls of the Ming Dynasty.

Shuimu Qinhuai Block in Nanjing

Shuimu Qinhuai is a key fashion and leisure block in Nanjing with integrated functions of leisure, entertainment and catering. It focuses on getting close to nature. There are tall trees, numerous flowers and lush vegetation near the beautiful Qinhuai River. The rate of vegetation reaches 65%. Looking up from a boat on the Qinhuai River Yangtze River tour, you will find shops hidden in the trees just like a string of musical notes. The whole street is like a natural oxygen bar which gives you a great sense of harmony.

Librairie Avant-Garde Bookstore

Librairie Avant-Garde Bookstore in Nanjing is considered to be the city’s name card and one of the cultural landmarks of Nanjing. Librairie Avant-Garde creates a club bookstore management model, with the theme of “learning, culture salon, coffee, art gallery, movie, music, originality and life”. The slogan of the bookstore is “all kinds of fine books can be found in the Librairie Avant-Garde”.

Till now, it has seven bookstores, including the main bookstore beneath Wutaishan Stadium as well as other five branches in Nanjing and one branch in Wuxi City of Jiangsu Province. Among them, the main bookstore is the most famous, which is dubbed “China’s most beautiful bookshop” by CNN, and also claimed to be the country’s largest single-floor bookstore – 4,000 square meters. When entering the bookstore, you will be welcomed by a replica of Rodin’s “The Thinker” sculpture instead of a shelf for best-selling books. All the books are all arranged as beautifully as artwork, and the cashier counter is built from thousands of old books. Meanwhile, there are all kinds of creative products in the bookstore, which is full of a strong cultural atmosphere.

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Enjoy the beautiful view in Xixi National Wetland Park

The lung of Hangzhou, Xixi National Wetland Park last minute China travel deals is located on Tianmushan Road in Liuxia Town of Hangzhou, 5 kilometers from the West Lake and 8 kilometers from Hangzhou’s city center. The gorgeous and peaceful park covers an area of 10.08 square kilometers, of which 70% is covered by water and 3.46 square kilometers are open to the public. There are also 6 rivers crossing one another, among which a number of fish ponds are scattered, creating delightfully unique landscapes in the wetlands.

The picturesque Xixi National Wetland Park is rich in ecological resources and deep in cultural connotations, infusing urban wetlands with agricultural wetlands perfectly as one. There have been established 3 ecological conservation areas in order to protect the fragile ecosystem, namely Feijiatang Ecological Conservation Area, Lobster-Dragon Bay Ecological Conservation Area, and Zhaotianmuyang Ecological Conservation Area. The park is famous for its 13 mesmerizing scenic spots including Zhoujia Village, Yanshui Fishing Village, Bo’an Thatched Cottage, Xixi Water Pavilions, Plum & Bamboo Manor, Deep- Pond Bay, Xixi Plum Villa, Xixi Thatched Cottage, Autumn Snow Nunnery, Xixi Silkworm & Silk Story, Xixi Families, and Wetland Vegetation Appreciation Area.

1. Lobster-Dragon Bay Ecological Conservation Area

The largest of the three conservation areas in the park, the Lobster-Dragon Bay Ecological Conservation Area best tours of China hosts numerous aquatic vegetations and animals. It is also a paradise for birds, and many bird-watching pavilions are set up for visitors that allow for the spectacle of thousands of birds flying around and around.

2. Wetland Vegetation Appreciation Area

The Wetland Vegetation Appreciation Area is located between Yanshui Fishing Village and Deep-Pond Port . Here live different kinds of aquatic vegetations, such as flag-leaves, water oats, duckweeds, and wild celeries.

3. Zhoujia Village

Crossing Xixi Bridge, visitors walk into Zhoujia Village which functions as the entrance to the park and the Huanglong Passenger Concentrating and Distributing Center. A number of teahouses are available in Zhoujia for visitors to have a relaxing rest on their vacation. Also at the entrance of the park stands the Wetland Popular Science Exhibit Hall.

4. Yanshui Fishing Village

Fishing activities and traditions are displayed in the Yanshui Fishing Village, and it is also an ideal place for visitors to unwind. Various restaurants and eateries in the village offer authentic and tasty seafood dishes that showcase the town’s main work.

5. Autumn Snow Nunnery

The nunnery was built in the Song Dynasty and renovated in the later Ming Dynasty by the Shen brothers. To this day, many local nuns live here.

6. Xixi Silkworm & Silk Story Scenic Spot

The Xixi Silkworm & Silk Story Scenic Spot Silk Road tour vividly teach the 12 ancient silk-producing processes including picking mulberry leaves, rearing the silkworms, cooking cocoons, and reeling off raw silk from cocoons. All of these steps recreate the heavy labor of ancient women living in Xixi.

7. Deep-Pond Bay

The annual dragon boat competition held during the immensely iconic Dragon-Boat Festival throughout China is hosted locally in Deep-Pond Bay every year. During this time, the park bustles with life and energy. Otherwise, there are even some dragon boats are available for visitors to row freely in the bay.

8. Xixi Water Pavilions

The Xixi Water Pavilions have functioned as the meeting point for litterateurs since ancient times. It is composed of 2 buildings in total, with the Book-Preserving Pavilion in the east and the Blue Stream Study in the west.

Address: Tianmushan Road, Liuxia Town, Hangzhou
Opening hours: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm every day
Bus routes: direct sightseeing bus No. 5 from the Huanglong Passenger Concentrating and Distributing Center to the scenic spot; or bus No. U13, 310, Y13, Y15, 526, and 13 from the city center

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Travel Diary - Wenchang Pavilion in Yangzhou

Wenchang Pavilion, located in the east of Guiyang China tour deals, was first built in the 24th year in the reign of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1596), covering 1,200 square meters. It is ranked as one of the key provincial class historic relics.

Wenchang Pavilion, 20 meters high, with its gate facing the west. It indicates a notable construction style in the Ming Dynasty with windows and doors decorated by delicate carvings, colorful drawings, eaves raised gently and everything in a grey tone.

Wenchang Pavilion has a unique design and wonderful structure which is the only example of this style existing in China. It consists of a three-storied and a pointed-up tower China best tours with three eaves and nine angles, 4 arrises for the ground storey, 9 arrises for the first and second storey, 9 angles on the roof. The 4 points of the eaves come from the equal division of the circumference into 4 quarters, the 9 points of the first and second storey, which are of similar form, come from the equal division of the front arc into 3 parts and of the other 3 arcs into 2 parts respectively.

The building of the pavilion deals with the number nine which suggests the supreme power in China: 9 ridges and 9 points of the eaves of the first and the second storey respectively, 54 pillars, 81 beams , all are multiples of 9.

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Travel Experience - Rocky Wonders,Shaoxing

Shaoxing last minute China travel deals has sightseeing wonders of rocks. The Hou Peak presents a natural view of a solitary cliff, strange-looking rocks, caves, and a deep pond. In the spring, visitors hike to enjoy peach blossoms and wonderful rocky formations. The Sheep Peak integrates the peak, rocks, streams and the temple. The Buddhist sits in a place surrounded by water, the rocks are immersed in the water and the water is inside the Mountain. The City God Peak and Golden Eagle Peak have inscriptions of various dynasties on rocks done. These stone inscriptions are the best in Zhejiang Province best tours of China.

Keyan is the centerpiece of the Keyan Scenic Zone, a provincial level tourist attraction. Keyan has now become a landscape garden featuring the rocky wonder together with the ancient Yue culture. The park combines the features of nature, religion and landscaping art. Inside the park are sections such as Buddha statues, the Mirror Water Bay, Historical Personages of the ancient Yue, and the Yuanshan Garden popular China travel package.

The rocky wonders in Shaoxing are all artificially made as a result of quarrying over hundreds of years. What’s left by stone cutters are steep cliffs and solitary rock pillars. Many leftover rocks have Buddhas carved. The most famed of these quarry sites are the East Lake, Keyan, the Hou Peak and the Sheep Peak. They present a great variety of shapes.

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Explore Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Situated on the northwest of the West Lake the garden China tour deals is divided into 8 sections. like the Ornamental Section. the Landscape Section and the Plum Section at Lingfeng. to name just a few Over 3. 400 kind, of plants are growing there. offering blooming flowers all year round. The Plum Section at Lingfeng has Long been one of the best places to view and admire plum blossoms. More than 5, 000 plum trees of 45 species vegetate in the 150-mu garden.

Covering an area of about 230 hectares (approx. 568 acres), the Hangzhou Botanical Garden can be found at the foot of Jade Spring Hill in the northwest end of West Lake. It was originally built in 1965, and is not only a park in which to feast your eyes on beautiful plants, but also a research base where fields such as the cultivation of plants and protection of environment are studied.

The garden has wonderful scenery and an excellent environment. It is beautiful, with decorative architecture including pavilions and kiosks. Verdant trees, colorful and lovely flowers, and extremely fresh air seem to bring people into a world full of the pleasure of natural beauty China best tours.

The garden is divided into two main sections: the research section and the pleasure gardens. The research section is where the cultivation of plants and protection of the environment are being studied. The pleasure gardens are divided into gardens including the Botany Classification Garden, Botany Appreciation Garden, Bamboo Garden, Garden of Economic Plants, Plant Resources Museum, and the Medicinal Garden. In the Botany Appreciation Garden, the 'Lingfeng Tanmei' in the Botanical Garden popular China travel package is an excellent scene that really catches tourists' eyes: Over 5,000 plum trees are standing upright. When winter comes, the majestic and charming picture of plum trees stretching up, towards the cold wind and snowflakes falling onto plum blossoms is an amazing sight.

Each garden has unique features. The Bamboo Garden is special and interesting: A kind of bamboo named Damaozhu grows very fast - reaching 1 meter (approx. 3 feet) in height during one night and growing as tall as a three-stories building during one month. Some bamboos are small like grass, and some have spots on stems. In the Garden of Economic Plants, plants are visible which can be used to produce fiber, medicine, flavors, or special kinds of industrial materials. They provide tourists not only with the wonderful scenery of flourishing trees but also an ideal place for summering.

Some entertainment facilities in the botanic garden offer tourists a chance to relax to their hearts content. No matter what season it is, the garden will give tourists endless pleasure. The beautiful Yulan trees in spring, the leisure hours spent viewing the lotus or on the hammock forest in summer, the fragrance of sweet-scented-osmanthus in autumn, the pines and bamboos which are still green and vigorous in winter add great pleasure to any visit here.

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Travel Guide - The Confucius Forest (Kong Lin),Qufu

Confucius Forest China tour deals is the largest and oldest family cemetery. Confucius and his descendants rest amid trees, pavilions and statues. As a result of textual research, Confucius Forest has lasted for more than 2,40 years. According to historical records, Confucius was buried here after his death. At first, the graveyard was 1 qing (6.6667 hectares) but had reached more than 3,000 mu (200 hectares) in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), since it received fields from the emperor of every dynasty. Confucius Forest has a bounding wall of 7km in length with more than 10,000 graves in it. The graves spread all over the ground in Confucius Forest, and the stone tablets stand in great numbers. There are also several other famous historic sites China best tours.

The tomb of Confucius is in the northwest of the graveyard for the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-256BC). A monument established in the eighth year of the Zhengtong reign in the Ming Dynasty (1644-1911) stands in front of the tomb, to the east of which is the tomb of Kong Li, Confucius's son, and to the south is the tomb of Kong Ji, Confucius's grandson. This layout of graveyard was called carrying the son and holding the grandson in ancient times. Nearby, there is Zigong's (a student of Confucius) house for guarding the tomb. It is recorded in Shi Ji (The Records of the Great Historian) that after the death of Confucius, his disciples all built houses to guard the tomb, and mourned for three years. Zigong mourned for another three years due to his deep mourning for Confucius. In the Ming Dynasty, the three houses were rebuilt, and a monument was set to commemorate it. There is a Chinese pistache in front of the Kai Pavilion, which is said to be planted by Zigong popular China travel package.

Furthermore, the tomb of a famous litterateur Kong Shangren in the Qing Dynasty, the tomb of Emperor Qianlong's daughter Yu Shi, and so on are all the famous historic sites in Confucius Forest. In Confucius Forest, the old trees reach the sky, with dense branches and leaves keeping out the sunlight around the year. According to statistics, there are dozens of kinds of rare old trees, such as Chinese pistache, cypress, Chinese juniper, and oak, amounting to more than 20,000 trees.

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Travel Diary - Zhaoling Tomb

The layout of Zhaoling Tomb can be divided into three parts from south to north by three buildings: the Horse Dismounting Tablet China vacation deals, the Red Gate and the Square City. The first two parts are used for worship and festivities, while the third part is the burial place of the Emperor.

The first part is between the Horse Dismounting Tablet and the Red Gate. On the Horse Dismounting Tablet, 'please dismount from the horse here' is carved in the three languages of Manchu, Han and Mongolia, to tell people that the frontage is the mausoleum of the Emperor and they should dismount to show respect to Huang Taiji. After the Horse Dismounting Tablet is the Divine Bridge which is built over a moat. The moat and Longyeshan (Longye Moutain) at the back of the tomb make up the so-call Feng Shui Bao Di (a valuable land with a good geomantic omen). Visitors can then see the Cloud Pillar (ornamental column) after walking over the bridge. The cloud pillar is a special kind of construction of ancient China. It is built in front of the mausoleum or palace to show that the emperor is not obstinate and is willing to listen to others' advice. To the north of the Cloud Pillar top 10 China tours is the Stone Tablet. It is a standard construction of Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties commemorating the departed saint.

The second part is between the Red Gate and the Square City. Passing the Stone Tablet, visitors can see the Red Gate, which has three gateways. During a festivity, the emperor walked through the left one and the ministers used the right one. The middle gateway led to the Divine Road which was prepared for the spirit of Huang Taiji and his queen. Only those who carried sacrifices could pass through the middle gate at that time. On both sides of the Divine Road is another pair of Cloud Pillars. Following them, there are six pairs of stone animals showing the strict distinction between the different statuses in feudal society. Walking along the road, we can see a stele of 50,000 kilograms (50 tons) built in a pavilion. These were built by order of Emperor Kangxi (a great emperor in Qing Dynasty) and the epigraph on the stele was also written by him.

The last part of Zhaoling Tomb is the main structure of the mausoleum popular China tour package which was built on the flat with a floor area of 160,000 square meters (39.5 acres). It consists of the Square City, the Crescent City, the Ming Pavilion and the Treasure Top. The most palatial place in this area is the Longen Hall in Square City. Its floor is covered with gold ore, which shines in the sunlight. It is the so-called Jin Shi Pu Di (ground paved with gold). On the top of the north gate of Square City is the Ming Pavilion which is the tallest building in the park. In the Ming Pavilion, there is a white marble stele 6 meters (19.7 feet) high. In the middle of the stele is written the character Zhaoling in the three languages of Manchu, Han and Mongolia. However after being struck many times by lightning, its surface has degraded. Behind the Ming Pavilion, is Crescent City - named because of its shape. Following Crescent City, visitors can see Treasure Top. The essential part of the tomb - the Underground Palace, which is the tomb of the Emperor and his queen, is located under Treasure Top. Longyeshan which is a man made hill is at the back of the Treasure Top.

Another characteristic of Zhaoling Tomb is its ancient pines, which stretch for miles. There are more than 2,000 pines, most of which are over 300 years old. The green pines form magnificent scenery around the palatial palace. Amongst them, the Phoenix Pine, the Spouse Pine and the Tortoise Pine stand out.

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A bite of Kunshan

Kunshan, situated in the east of Suzhou, is famous for its delicate food. Below is a list of Kunshan’s delicious food.

Aozao noodle

A bite of Kunshan

The most well-known Aozao noodles are abalone noodles sauced with chili oil and braised duck noodles covered with white soup.

Wansan pork shank

A bite of Kunshan

Zhouzhuang’s Wansan pork shank is a dish served to honored guests. It has been passed down for hundreds of years. It tastes soft, but it is not greasy. It is also aromatic.

The water town of Kunshan last minute China travel deals in the Yangtze River Delta region has abundant fresh lake ingredients, such as fish, river shrimp, water-shield and lotus roots. Through delicate preparation, these ingredients are transformed into delicious dishes with a water town flavor.

Sanweiyuan meatballs

Sanweiyuan meatballs are made with gluten and filled with chicken, shrimp meat and pork leg meat. The meatballs are boiled in chicken soup. Since the meatballs taste like a combination of small steamed buns, wontons and steamed dumplings filled with minced meat and gravy, they were named Sanweiyuan (which literally means “meatball with three flavors”).

Ancient towns with delicacies


A bite of Kunshan

Shenting Restaurant best tours of China, Laozhaotou Restaurant, Baojinzhai snack store, Fu’an bridge sesame seed cake store are distinguished restaurants and shops in Zhouzhuang. Shenting Restaurant is famous for its Wansan family feast. Laozhaotou Restaurant is famous for its green dumplings and breakfast. Baojinzhai offers snacks, and Fu’an bridge sesame seed cake store features crispy sesame seed cakes.


Jinxi’s special snacks include shortcakes and green dumplings. Some of the snacks are made on the spot and sold fresh.


Qiandeng ancient town popular China travel package is also known for green dumplings, sole-shaped shortcakes and smoked green beans.

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Travel Experience - Climbing Wuzhi Mountain

The Wuzhishan is located at the center of Hainan Island China travel deals, with the title of the highest mountain in Hainan Island makes it one of the symbol of Hainan and also one of the famous mountains in China. The peaks are waving like saw-tooth and the shape is like five fingers, this is how the Wuzhi Mountain (Five Fingers Mountain in Chinese) got its name.

The mountains range from southwest to northeast, from thin to thick. The first peak Yizhishan Mountain (1st Finger Mountain) is like a huge pyramid with elevation of 1,300 meters high and the top of the peak is piercing into the sky obliquely.

The Erzhishan Mountain (2nd Finger Mountain) is the highest peak of the Wuzhishan Mountain with elevation of 1,876 meters high. Between the Yizhishan Mountain and Erzhishan Mountain there is a "Sky Bridge" built with a natural huge stone. Since it is surrounded with cloud and mist all the year, it is called the Fairy Bridge with a lot of mythology stories.

The Sanzhi Peak (3rd Finger top 10 China tour packages) was the highest peak originally. Since it was cut by a portion by thunder several years ago, so it became a bit lower than before.

Then are the Fourth Peak and the Fifth Peak. Although these five peaks' tops are standing separately, their mountain bodies are joined together.

Looking at the Wuzhi Mountain popular China tour package from distance, with green forest and loud around, these five green mountains are piercing into the sky like fingers, the scenery is beautiful and changeable.

When you climb up along the mountain roads, you will find the cloud and mist is gushing to you from up to down gradually. This is one of the features of the Wuzhi Mountain. If you climb to the top of the Wuzhishan Mountain, the cloud and mist is much thicker as if you were in the space. Looking down, you can see the green waves are all under your eyes and water is connected with the sky. These are all too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

The main rivers and streams in Hainan Island originate from the Wuzhi Mountain. The scenery of mountains and rivers forms the beautiful landscape. On the mountain there is spacious original forest. The falling leaves are as thick as 50 centimeters. A kind of unique fragrance is full of air, so some biologists and botanists say that the Wuzhi Mountain is the green treasure hidden many trees for hundreds of years.

Meanwhile the Wuzhishan Mountain is also the kingdom of precious animals and birds, there are various animals such as reptiles, birds and animals. When visitors travel the Wuzhi Mountain, you will see animals come out to look for food or play with each other now and then.

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Xinjiang Photography Expedition Trip

The sandy regions, snow covered mountains and colorful Uighur costumes of China’s wild west, make Xinjiang China tour deals a paradise for photography. WildChina and leading British photographer, Sean Gallagher, have worked together to design a unique and unprecedented photography boot camp along the ancient Silk Road. Intended for people who are passionate about photography and travel and looking to hone their skills in one of China’s most diverse and fascinating regions, this trip will cover shooting techniques including landscape, portrait, and time-lapse photography. Sean will lead us through the old town of Kashgar and century old bazaars where you’ll see the area’s unique Uighur culture and geographical diversity using your photographer’s eye.

Located in China’s northwest, Xinjiang Silk Road tour is a majestic land of ancient mosques and deserts that stretch into the horizon. Our journey begins in Kashgar and ventures further out toward the Pakistani border. We will take trips to Karakul Lake, the Taklamakan desert, and the incredible flaming mountains of China’s classic novel, “Journey to the West.” Where yaks graze on the grassy plains and camel traders negotiate deals at the local market, Xinjiang feels preserved in time and has more in common with central Asian countries than central China. We have the chance to bring a part of Xinjiang back with us as we explore the geography and cultural heritage of the Uighur people, through the lens.

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Travel to China - Make Your Journey Memorable!

China welcomes its tourists to have an awesome feel of its good mountains, sparkling beaches, glimmering rivers and lakes. No one particular can ever get bored in his China travel, as China presents you its greatest of every little thing.

One can see the topmost locations in China such as Xian Xian tours, Beijing, Luoyang, and Shanghai. From Hangzhou to Yangzhou, you can schedule journeys and begin visiting each place and be entertained by this kind of attractive websites. Each and every area in China is a tourist attraction, so 1 can never ever really feel that he is not viewing anything unique every day.

China incorporates a blend of ancient and modern way of living. Individuals in China are really devoted to their culture and are really pure by heart. 1 can in no way truly feel lonely or apart from the crowd as he would get several Chinese good friends who can take all the effort just to make you truly feel cozy in their setting.

Most travelers can keep in the greatest hotels of China that offer you scrumptious and sumptuous Chinese and American breakfast. Pre- booking a hotel in China and right check-in with the voucher is possible. The greatest china hotels that offer relaxation feasible and make their guests feel like household are URBN Hotel, Shanghai New-Westlake China vacation deals, Skyfortune Boutique, and Ruijin Hotel.

The tourist attractions incorporate awesome seashores, museums, temples, water parks, parks, gardens, lakes and a lot much more. 1 can make a list of spots he wants to take a look at and take pleasure in each and every location accordingly. Following are some of the scorching and greatest locations in China:-

The Bund is positioned in downtown Shanghai along the Huangpu River. The Bund is the most properly recognized and thrilling tourist attraction in Shanghai. Evenings at the Bund are really amazing, with neon lights beaming anywhere.

White Dagoba is a temple you shouldn't miss when going to China. It is built by craftsman known as the Anniga of Nepal. It is the most significant temple in China exactly where thousands of tourists commit lengthy hours.

The West Lake is the most well-liked lake in China. The surroundings close to the lake is particularly romantic exactly where singles and most in particular couples can shell out his total day looking at the view.

Well, China is the ticket for all these factors! It is the best tourist destination China best tours that one particular can go to in the entire world as it is well known for really a good deal of factors.

From museums, mammoth palaces, holy temples, historical buildings, and strolls on the street of Silk Street. China has almost everything to make your trip fulfilling and breathtaking. Regardless of whether it is your honeymoon or a trip for the entire family members, China can fascinate you with its wealthy culture and exclusive life style.

China welcomes its travelers to have an amazing really feel of its great mountains, sparkling seashores, glimmering rivers and lakes. No a single can ever get bored in his China travel, as China presents you its greatest of anything.

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Magnificent Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall

It is well known that the Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in China. It's recorded that the world famous Huangguoshu Waterfall China tour deals is thought to be as the largest waterfall in Asia. Geographically, it situated on Baishui River, about 15 km southwest of the county seat of Zhenning. It is also referred to as Yellow Fruit Tree Grand Waterfall. As one region of great nature reserves and scenic attraction at state level, it situated along the border of the County of Zhenning and the County of Guanling in southwestern Guizhou Province.

There're approximately 18 falls at nine different levels available revolving mainly around the Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall, and each of them is a drop of more than ten metres. And most of them are the waterpools developed by the cascading waters. Near the Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall is range upon range of steep mountains and cascading mountain streams. Viewed from a distance, the waterfall stands in the midst of beautiful landscapes. There are plenty of picturesque rocks and caves nearby. It looks from afar like a traditional and stunning landscape painting
China best tours.

In the last few years, several more waterfalls along with caves and picturesque rocks of scenic value have been discovered in the vicinity of the Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall, add a touch of sorcery to the scenic spot. Apart from that, the Aquatic Stone Forest, nearly ten kilometres from Huangguoshu Waterfall, is one newly-developed tourist spot on a small river. Deep in southern Guizhou Province, on the mighty Xiuniu Pool,there's a falling wall of water so awesome and powerful that you can see its mist from five kilometers away. The glimmering mist of the water from cliffs 700 meters highsplashed by sun and streaked by rainbow.

In the summer time, the waterfall splashes itself down into innumerable small sprays, which turn into a rainbow with a cascade of color in the glittering sunshine. The pretty rainbow, against the white splashes, rushes down the mountain cliff in spectacular and stirring way. When you stand near and gaze straight up into the waterfall, you feel the water suddenly pouring down from cliffs popular China travel package, while the foam it sends up into the air glistens in a riot of colors and shines golden in the sunlight.

The fact remains that the Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall varied considerably by season, reaching the lowest amount of water in the winter, but the contrary is the case in the summer and autumn. There is one box-shaped karst landform canyon in front of the Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall. And near the karst canyon are some pools with different kinds of features. On either side of the canyon lie lots of species of hygrophilous plants thrive with fiery flowers and weed. You would have a good look at various constructions that you see buildings among the bamboo forests.

As the fog vanished, the first sight of this magnificent landscape totally captivates you with rainbows curling up and water smoke. The beautiful panorama of the Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall constitutes beautiful scenery beyond words.

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Magnificent scenery of Puzhehei, Yunnan

Known as Yunnan's Guilin China tour deals, Puzhehei is a charming place with not only spectacular mountain scenery but also beautiful karst, lakes and unique cultures of ethnic minorities.Puzhehei is a place gathering several ethnic groups like Zhuang, Miao, Yi and Bai people.

Located in the southeast of Yunnan Province,11 km from Qiubei County, Puzhehei tourist region cover an area of 85 square kilometers,around with isolated peaks and lakes.It is a national scenic spots approvalled by the National Tourism Administration in 2009.

There are over 300 green isolated peaks scattered within the scenic area China best tours , more than ten thousand acres wild lotus, endless peach orchard and and the world's largest karst wetlands.It is considered as the rare thing in the world, China's unique karst landscape pastoral scenery.

54 lakes in Puzhehei have formed a 21 kilometres long water tourism line,tourists can enjoy more than 300 green isolated peaks,5,000 acres of lotus lake,83 caves along this line.You can also not miss the Dragon Festival of Zhuang nationality,the Torch Festival of Yi people,Caihuashan of Miao nationality.

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Religion and folkways in Tibet

The indigenous religion is called Bonpo before the 7th century, whose belivers believe in the being in everything of the holy spirit. The high ministers of that religion presided over almost everything on the earth, so they were the most powerful men even than the kings. Buddhism was introduced into Tibet last minute China travel deals since the 7th century, after centuries of ups and downs it flurished throughout Tibet from the 10th century on, and came into being various sects till Chongkapa’s religious reform in 15th century. Gelug Sect ,founded by Chongkapa, became he most influential in Tibet since then.

Tibetan Buddhism is characterized with its overall involving into political , economic and everyday life in Tibet. It was influenced by Buddhism from Nepal, India , China mainland and Bonpo ministers.

Two famous Buddhists are especially memorable in Tibetan Buddhism, one is the Indian Lotus-born Shamanist who established the first temple best tours of China–Samye in Tibet and organized the translation of holy scriptures; the other is Chongkapa whose religious reform made Gelu Sect’s influence possible.

Tibetan people , different from others , bear no family names, their names always have certain meanings, such as Buddhism, the moon, the sun, the flowers, Friday, liberation , red flag and so on so forth. Their costumes are traditionally made from woolen materials and sheephides decorated with diamonds and headdressings with only the obvious difference between men and women in styles and patterns. Their main food and drink are barley cake, corn, potato, mutten, beef,butter tea and barley wine.

Because of its nation-wide belief in Buddhism,marriage in the life of Tibetan people is saturated in religious atmosphere. The engaged parties first of all,must invite a living Buddha to decide whether their marriage is suitable or not according to holy scriptures. When decided appropriate, the two parties must sign engagement certificate on a given good day and present hada and other valuables to each other. The day before wedding day, the family of the bridegroom must send dowry to the bride, then , wedding will last for three happy days popular China tours . Dowry must contain three very important things:a small golden Buddha Statue, a set of holy scriptures and a small Buddhist pagoda.

There are several kinds of funerals in Tibet according to the dead’s social and economic status.

Heaven funeral is the commonest in Tibet. As Tibetan people believe their ancestors came from heaven, they must join their ancestors after death. The dead must be worshipped and prayed for several days with the help of Buddhist monks before it is carried away to the heaven funeral altar. The family must not escort because the body would be dismembered and left to be swallowed up by vultures. Fire funeral is respectfully for the dead living Buddhas and the nobles, and pagoda funeral is specially for Panchen Lamas and Dalai Lamas, the pagoda would be decorated with gold and precious stones after burial

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Hip Beijing: a neighbourhood guide

Once the great grey heart of China’s communist regime, Beijing China travel deals now boasts colourful districts that mix historic buildings with contemporary art and design. Here are three places to plug into this hip new side of the Chinese capital.

798 Art District

The harsh industrial landscape of this East-German-built military factory area has been transformed into Beijing’s artiest district. Giant red dinosaurs stare down onto the main street while pop-up design displays showcase the latest Beijing look. 798 Art District (named after one of the factories) is packed with galleries, studios, workshops and trendy shops and cafes.

Simply wander the streets, and take your pick of the galleries. Most open by 11am and don’t close before 5pm (many open longer). They range from the prestigious UCCA (ucca.org.cn) with some serious international art to Enjoy Art Museum (2 Jiuxianqiao Lu) with a wall full of contemporary prints (at very reasonable prices) and Woman in Love showcasing some excellent female artists.

Several of the galleries have their own cafes and there are plenty of independent eateries, mostly small, intimate and stylish – perfect places to chill out for a bit. If you are into ceramics, try Teapose, or on a nice day sit outside at C. Café (798 Zhonger Jie). In the evenings, At Café (4 Jiuxianqiao Lu), with its pizza oven, designer interior (with chopped-through brick wall) and outside tables perfectly placed for people watching, really is where it’s at.

If you fancy staying the night here, there is just one hotel, the achingly hip boutique Grace Hotel (even the soap is organic goji berry).


Not so long ago Beijing top 10 China tours was a maze of narrow alleys flanked by traditional Chinese courtyard housing. These hutongs were the residential heart of the city. In the last couple of decades China’s modernisation has swept most of the tiny, intimate, car-unfriendly hutongs away, replacing them with high-rise concrete and glass. In Gulou however, the hutongs have survived to transform into one of the coolest areas of Beijing.

The main road, Gulou Dongdajie (not a hutong) starts off with shops full of electronics and electric guitars. It slowly morphs into something more like London's Camden Lock – an area of vintage clothes and trinkets, offbeat boutiques and cafes. To either side are hutongs – some hung with red paper lanterns – bustling with bicycles, rickshaws and motorcycles, residents lounging about and a meandering crowd of shoppers and browsers.

Small independent shops sell everything from leather to lighters, cashmere to candy floss, calligraphic bookmarks to novelty socks, pandas (on everything) to a pig in Red Army uniform. There is a bar crawl’s worth of quirky little drinking holes. Start off with a cocktail at cosy little Mai Bar (40 Beiluoguxiang) or a whisky at wood-panelled Amilal (48 Shoubi Hutong, behind 66 Gulou Dongdajie). And if you need a snack (and have a stomach for not-perfectly-hygienic Chinese eateries) drop into Wang Pangzi’s Donkey Burgers (80 Gulou West Street). As the Chinese saying goes, 'in heaven there is dragon meat, on earth donkey meat'.

One of Beijing’s few hutong courtyard hotels is in Gulou, the very popular 10-room designer Orchid Hotel (www.theorchidbeijing.com).


In the heart of the capital near Tiananmen Square popular China tour package, Dashilan is tipped to be the next designer area of Beijing. The creatives of the capital are trying to save its historic hutong buildings – including some gems of Chinese Art Deco - by filling them with contemporary art, fashion and design.

The area was the centre of Beijing’s Imperial-era commerce from at least the Ming dynasty, serving the neighbouring Imperial City (The Forbidden City) where commerce was not allowed. Dashilan’s brands adorned the heads of court officials and the feet of royalty. It became the capital’s red light district too and its West End/Broadway. It was home to Beijing’s first cinema (1905) which is still functioning (Da Guan Lou Cinema, Dashilan Street). Inside there is a small exhibition about the origins of Chinese cinema and a lively cafe.

Dashilan lies just west of Qianmen - the broad street that runs south from Tiananmen Square. Historic Qianmen was bulldozed before the Olympics and rebuilt as a neater modern copy of itself. Now home to Starbucks, Uniqlo et al, it has focused the historically-minded on protecting the neighbouring area.

Drop into the little corner wine shop (Men Kuang Hutong), open since 1900, to taste traditional ergotou (strong rice wine) or relax at the cafe at 37 Dashilan West Street (there is no English name), a jumble of wooden tables, dressers, clocks, bird-cages and photos of old Beijing (for sale). A Spoonful of Sugar (59 Tie Shu Xie Jie) has just opened as an ‘upcycling’ art workshop (creating new from old) and gallery-shop.

The same team is opening a cafe, ReUp, about 30m along the road in October 2013. The autumn will also see the arrival of several fashion boutiques and the new Ubi Gallery. Ubi is already in Dashilan but will be moving into an historic brothel building currently under restoration.

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History about Qingming Festival

As with just about everything in China, there is a fascinating story behind the history of this festival China vacation deals. Thousands of years ago, a prince named Chong’er (重耳 – lit. “double ears”) of the Jin had fled the kingdom and was on the move for 19 years. One particularly hot day, Chong’er found himself tormented by hunger. Luckily for him, one of his loyal followes, Jie Zhitui (介之推) prepared some delicious meat soup for him. Thankful for the sustenance, Chong’er was always curious as to where his friend obtained meat, seeing as how they were in exile and were constantly moving around. To his surprise, Jie had cut off a piece of his own thigh to make the soup; that’s how dedicated he was to serving his Prince. One day, promised Chong’er, he would reward his friend for his selfless deed.

Eventually, Chong’er ascended to the throne as Duke of Jin. At this time, Jie resigned and went to live in the forest with his mother. After returning many favors to people who had helped him in his struggles best tours of China, the Prince decided it was time to repay Jie. He extended invites to Jie and even went out in the forest in search of him, but to no avail. In a desperate attempt to get Jie out of the forest, the Duke ordered a fire in order to force him out. Unfortunately, this plan didn’t work out so well – Jie and his mother both ended up dying in the fire. Feeling guilty, Chong’er named a mountain after his deceased friend, and he ordered that a period of three days every year be used to remember Jie. During this time, fire was banned (for obvious reasons), and all food was eaten cold. Hence the name, the Cold Food Festival (寒食节 – hán shí jié). The county where Jie died in Shanxi Province is still called Jiexiu (介休), meaning “the place where Jie rests forever.” This practice of remembering the deceased eventually evolved into the Qing Ming Festival.

Although this festival was suppressed by the Communist Party of Mao Zedong back in 1949, it was reinstated as a public China holiday in 2008.

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Learn something about Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing)

Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing last minute China travel deals ), which can be used to self-defense and improve the corporeity and prevent and cure the illness, is a kind of traditional Chinese boxing with gentle and slow actions. It has a long history with various schools and wide popularity.

Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing) originated from the late Ming Dynasty of China (about 400 years ago). Chen Wangting, a villager of Chenjiagou village, created a new kind of Chinese boxing based on the integration of the ancestral boxing, the essence of the excellent folk boxing types and the Chinese medicine meridians, so it is called “Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing)”. The theory of Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing) evolved from the classical works of the Chinese traditional philosophy best tours of China, leechcraft, Wushu, such as the Book of Changes, Huang Di Nei Jing and so on, and absorbed the proper contents of the Daoism, Confucianism, Sakyamunism and so on during its long time development, so Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing) is called as “the Quintessence of the Chinese Culture”. Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing) is a kind of martial art to make people strong and healthy; it is not used to attack people. The actions of the Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing) are gentle, slow, coherent and flexible, and it can dredge the main and collateral channels, regulate Qi and blood, nourish the viscera and strengthen muscle and bones. Nowadays, Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing) has become one kind of sports especially for old people.

Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing) is also popular among the foreign countries. There are Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing) activities in Europe, America, Southeast Asian, Japan, and etc. Many countries have established societies such as Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing) Association to carry on communication activities with China. As a unique Chinese sport, Taiji Quan (Shadow Boxing) has aroused interest and love of many foreign friends.

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Cenotaph for the Friendship Between China and USSR

The Cenotaph for the Friendship Between China and the USSR is located at the center of the square in front of the Lushun Museum in Lushun Port of Dalian City last minute China travel deals. The construction began on February 23, 1955, and was completed on February 14, 1957. Zhou Enlai wrote the epigraph of its foundation.

The cenotaph was built of white marbles, marbles and granites. It is 22.2 meters high. It has a square base with each side of 22 meters long, and the base is surrounded by white marble balustrades. There are side steps in the middle and on the four sides of the two platforms. The seat of the cenotaph is in the center of the second platform, and is square and decorated with bas-reliefs:The Blast Furnace of the Anshan Steel Factoryin the east,the Farm of Friendship Between China and the USSRin the west,Tian'anmen and the Kremlin Palacein the south, andthe Victory Tower of Lushun Portin best tours of China the north. On the seat stands the tower body of 12 meters tall. The section of the tower is dodecagonal. The statues of the characters that symbolize the friendship between China and the USSR surround the bottom of the tower. The top of the tower is carved with lotus petals, where the friendship badge is embedded.

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Where is Bozhou?

Bordering Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui and Henan provinces, Bozhou lies in the northwest of Anhui Province last minute China travel deals and the center of the Huanghuai Plain. It has under its jurisdiction three counties, namely Woyang, Mengcheng and Lixin, and one district, Qiaocheng.

Being one of the birthplaces of the Chinese people, Bozhou has a history of more than 3,700 years according to written records. Even as early in the Shang Dynasty (17th- 11thcentury BC), Bozhou was a relatively advanced city in economy and culture, and one of the civilized cities in the world at that time.

The long history, splendid ancient culture and the so many famous people left Bozhou plenty of valuable ancient relics. Bozhou best tours of China has 18 key cultural relics sites under state and provincial level protection, 36 under municipal protection and 150 ordinary ones. Among them, the famous ones are the Huaxi Building with marvelous carvings and colorful paintings, the Yuchi Temple relics reputed as the first primitive village of china, the Underground Pass way for Army Deployment in the Period of Cao Cao, which was claimed as the oldest and most intact underground Great Wall; the Huazu Buddhist Convent, which has 8 scenic spots as the sound of the hut, the fragrance of the medicine garden, the cry for longevity by the five animals and the convent has the name inscribed by Guo Moruo; the tombs of the Cao family with fine architecture, the Tianjing Palace and the Zhuangzi Ancestral Hall with grand buildings, the tombs of the hat and clothes of the respectable King of Chengtang in the Shang Dynasty, the Baiyi Law School, the old temples of the Muslims, the 72 old streets and 36 old roads with characteristics of the Ming and Qing dynasties. A lot of famous persons were born in Bozhou, such as Laozi -- the founder of the Taoism, Zhuangzi -- the sage, Cao Cao -- the King of the Wei Kingdom, and Huatuo -- the highly skilled doctor. In 1995, the General Secretary of CPC, Jiang Zemin inscribed Bozhou as Hometown of Huatuo, Village of Medicine, far spreading the fame of the capital of medicine popular China travel package.

Bozhou is also famous for its wine. Represented by the Gujing imperial wine, the wine of Bozhou weighs to some extent in the wine industry of China.

As the gold triangle of ox, Bozhou has created a new situation featuring ox husbandry in a large scale, professional development and corporate management. Bozhou is a major producer of paulownia and poplar; woods are exported to Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

Bozhou was approved by the State Council as a city directly under the jurisdiction of the provincial government in June 2000. It is a cultural and historical city at the state level and an excellent tourist city of China.

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Experience Minority Culture in Huangluo Yao village

Huangluo Yao village is the only one of Yao ethnic group among all the thirteen villages in Longji last minute China travel deals, where lives Red Yao people. You will find that all the women in the village enjoy wearing red clothes. But the extremely important characteristic of the village is that it's known as the Long-hair Village. According to local tradition, women cut their hair only once in their lives ― at about 16 to 18 years old when they are considered ready for adulthood and marriage. The cut hair is kept like a headpiece, and twisted into part of their regular hairdo. They hold a Guinness Record for the length of their hair!

You will see the long-haired ladies washing their 4-foot long hair along the riverbanks. Their jet black and beautiful long hair give people deeply impression. Is it the secret of how they protect their long hair? It is said that they wash their hair every two to three days with "rice water" (water used to rinse rice) in the nearby river. If you want to verify the effect of this kind of "shampoo", why not to have a try for your China best tours?

Yao people are good at singing and dancing, they like sing folksongs to spread their centuries-old splendid history and reflect their happy life popular China travel package. Red Yao is a open mind ethnic group, they are wise in looking for love and express their love. You can appreciate the wonderful songs and dances performed by those Red Yao girls with their long hair.

Being well-known as "the First Village of Long Hair under Heaven". The amazing landscapes with long hair girls will fest your eye!

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