Proper protection of historical sites in Yangtze River area

Historical sites China tour deals are cherished because of their long-time cultural accumulations. But how to avoid losing their inside information during the process of moving these inscriptions? Li Hongsong, deputy director of Ancient Building and Historic Site Protection Center, expressed his own ideas. Cultural relics should not be protected by setting up monuments, but by prolonging their life in a scientific way, he said. The aim of protecting the Qutang Gorge stone inscriptions is not only to restore them but also to truly record the history in them. The new stone inscriptions, as one way of protection, should be integrated with the surrounding environment. He insists that higher requirements should be set for the site selection and restoration project.

According to Li, of the 13 pieces of stone inscription works, four will be cut out and relocated, four will be replicated and the other five will be carved artificially. The tablet carrying "Ode to the Resurgence of the Song Dynasty" will be cut out in whole piece and migrated to the newly built Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing China Educational tours.

Archaeologists, together with geologists and related engineers, investigated the gorges area several times, mapping, sampling, analyzing and calculating, for working out a plan to protect the cultural relics in the area. At last they chose a site 500 meters downstream from the original one for the replicas. It is a precipitous valley, composed of steep cliffs and gentle slopes. The cliffs rise as high as 200 meters, while the top of the slopes is also at an elevation of 180 meters. It, to a large degree, preserves the natural scenes and human landscapes of the original site. The conditions for replicating inscriptions are also great.

The migration of stone inscriptions puts forward harsher requirement for cultural relic protection. The most advanced way of cutting is employed, which causes little trembling in work and has little harm on the relics. Also, three-dimensional technology is used to project the original characters onto the new cliff wall. In the following step, experts will depict each piece of the works carefully. After repeated revision, craftsmen will carve them with chisels. When the whole work is completed, a new chalk wall measuring 190 meters long will appear on the cliffs on the Yangtze River Yangtze River tour again.

Li said that protection of stone inscriptions will be carried out in four ways: material collecting, protection on the original site, moving to other places or making replicas at the new sites, and displaying. Most inscriptions will be protected in the first two ways and few will be moved to other places, such as the carvings on the Chalk Wall and Niuweishi cliff paintings.

Water is a primary factor in the Three Gorges culture. The life, transportation and economy of the ancient people here are all closely related to water. For instance, the cliff painting at Niuweishi depicts the fishing life of ancient people. As fishermen often quarreled with each other over the ownership of fishing docks, they sometimes set up tablets beside their docks to mark the building process and ownership. With the development of water transport, commercial shipping became an important living way for the Three Gorges ancestors. As this area was rich in well salt, many people lived on the shipping of salt. A tablet in Fuling records such an event. The inscriptions also depict the dangerousness of the place. Many of them record events such as road and ship building, navigation route harnessing and compulsory ferry, notice of danger or praying for peace. Other inscriptions reflect the history and politics of the Three Gorges area China Photographing Tours. The "Ode to the Resurgence of the Song Dynasty" is one such example. The stone in Liugang showed military establishment of the Qing Dynasty in Yunyang County.

What should also be mentioned is the art value of these inscriptions: the poems of famous literary figures, rich styles of calligraphy and exquisite sculptures always remain an attraction to visitors.
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