Travel Guide - Jiawu Sea Warfare Museum

Location of Jiawu Sea Warfare Museum

Located in Liugong Island, Jiawu Sea Warfare Museum last minute China travel deals is a large memorial hall that records the solemn and tragic history of Jiawu Sea Warfare. The museum first began opening to the public in 1985. There are totally 9 display rooms, integrating multifarious art forms such as painting, sculpture, films and videos added with modern technologies such as music, light, electricity and intense visual languages, making this period of history more vivid and authentic. Till now, the museum has already received more than millions of visitors from all over the world. Through different artistic mediums, providing an unforgettable lesson of the defeat of Beiyang Navy and the unity of the Weihai people.

Features of Jiawu Sea Warfare Museum

Since the opening of the Museum on March 21st, 1985, it has been turned into a museum to commemorate the national heroes sacrificing their lives in the Sino-Japanese War. In Liugong Island lies Jiawu War Memorial Hall, there are 28 unique memorial sites displaying such relics as Beiyang Fleet Command, Dragon Temple China travel service, Residence of the Commander, Dingruchang, Navy Academy, Iron Dock and various Old Fort, etc. All the 28 relics of Beiyang navy of Qing Dynasty are ranked State-level cultural relics, now, it is under good protection. At present, most of them are opened to visitors, such as Beiyang Fleet Command, Dragon Temple, Residence of the Commander, Dingruchang, Weapon Museum, Old Fort, etc.

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