Learn the history of Dongba Culture

The Naxi people are a Tibet tour Tibetan-Burmese people. People say that perhaps the Naxi settlers around Lijiang were driven south to the area by the Mongol tribesmen who conquered China. The Mongols founded the Yuan Dynasty in the year 1271. The Naxi towns were astride the Chama trade route, so they had contact with people who passed through including the Tibetans, the Hans, and the Bais who lived in the Dali area. Baisha Town about 6 kilometers to the south of the theme park was one of the major old towns.

There are now about 200,000 Naxi people living in Lijiang County last minute China travel deals. They live in other places too. About 300,000 people still speak the Naxi language in China. In the 1960s and 1970s, the government tried to eradicate their religion, traditions and writing system. Thousands of documents were destroyed. By the late 1990s, only some old people could read and write their language.

In 1997, UNESCO put three districts in Lijiang Holidays in China on their World Heritage List. Baisha Town just to the south of the Dongba Village area is one of the special districts. UNESCO explained that the three ancient towns of the Naxi are important to preserve because they are in a dramatic landscape where the cultures of the different peoples blended to “produce an urban landscape of outstanding quality” over many centuries. The towns were a key commercial and strategic site.

After 1997, the city of Lijiang became a major tourist attraction in China drawing millions of visitors annually. People came to see the Naxi people and the old districts. For foreign tourists and foreigners living in China, the county of Lijiang became popular as a hiking area with spectacular natural scenery and accommodations available at a variety of hostels, hotels, and inns. Tiger Leaping Gorge became known as one of China's best hiking places.

The J.W.V. company built the Yushui Village theme park in 2001. In 2006, it was designated as a State-4A scenic attraction. Now there are about 10 students learning the language, and musicians play Naxi music there.

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Spruce Meadow Cableway of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Walking through the Spruce Plank Roadway, a beautiful and large pastureland came into your eyes at the end of the primitive forests affordable China travel packages, and you are suddenly enlightened. This is the Spruce Meadow with an area of 1000 square meters. It’s a natural grazing land in high mountains, and the second snow mountain meadow you come across. Green is everywhere, spreading its way till to the edge of the forests. Spruce forests are densely around the four sides of the meadow, looking like a skirt edged with green.

Scenery and legends of Spruce Meadow:

First, view the beautiful sights. The colorful and three dimensional sceneries display its beauty layer by layer from the place close to you to far away. The first layer is the meadow under your feet, which is both flat and undulated. In the summer time, green grasses are everywhere, bright mountain flowers are in full bloom. Everything turns into yellow in fall while into white in winter. The color changes in every season make you enjoy fully the beauty of the nature.

The second layer is the forest Holidays in China around the meadow, which has formed a natural protective screen between the snow mountain and the meadow. In your vision, it looks like a herdsman who keeps watching the meadow silently with its dignified posture.The third layer is the snow mountain, which towers into the clouds, thrilling and blowing out fog. The huge body of the mountain overlooks the meadow from the sky, just like a stern father and a compassionate mother who embraces the meadow.Second, explore the mystery.

The Spruce Meadow is a pure land in the mind of the Naxi people. People can go to the “Third Kingdom of the Jade Dragon”—an ideal state in the legendary of Naxi via this meadow. According to the Dongba scripture, in the “Third Kingdom of the Jade Dragon”, “there were more silks and satins than you can wear, more fresh fruits than youcan eat, more wines and milk than you can drink, more gold and silver than you can spend. Here red spotted tigers take the place of saddle horses; white deer serve as farm cattle; foxes with big ears are used as hunting dogs; and golden pheasants with colorful tails herald the break of the day.”

In the past, the beautiful and miracle “the Third Kingdom of the Jade Dragon” attracted many Naxi young men and young women. They came to the meadow and killed themselves for love if their marriage met with obstruction from the society. They thought that the Spruce Meadow was an ideal place to go to “the Third Kingdom of the Jade Dragon”. If they died here, they would extricate themselves from the worries and go up to the ideal love state. So the Spruce Meadow Shopping in China is not only a place of romance, but a place full of sad feelings. If you walk along the edge of the meadow and the forest, you will feel sacred and tribute.

Third, appreciate the folk songs and dances. Around the Spruce Meadow, you will find some girls, dressed in bright colored costumes, sing and dance on the meadow or in the forest, adding much more beauty to the scenery. It’s better for you that you could distinguish their costumes. The girl dressed with an embroidered cape of stars and moon is Naxi. The one who wears a pan-shaped hat with colorful strings hanging down is Yi girl. You can borrow their costumes and put them on, take a picture of yourself with these costumes on. You can also join the them, dance a folk dances hand in hand with these girls. Don’t forget to express your thanks when you leave.

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Travel Guide - Nuohei Stony Village of Shilin County,Kunming

Stepping into the Nuohei Village of Shilin County where the world famous Stone Forest affordable China tours is, you will be greeted by an authentic stony world. Most parts of the residences and utensils in the Sani ethnic village are marvelously made of natural lime stones, including roofs (tiles), walls, tobacco kilns, stables, grinding mills, gates, and roads. Some of the stony houses inside the village are at least 100 years old, leaving a wonder to explorers. The best way for exploring the village is to stroll along the major road in the village, with local stony residences scattering here and there.

Nuohei Village lies in the Karst geographic area of Shilin County China shopping. The locals have kept a tradition to make use of what is available near where they live. After lime stones are exploited, they will process them into slabs according to the natural veins for further use--paving roads or constructing houses. In the ancient times, forefathers of the Nuohei villagers chose flat areas in the stony mountains to chisel stones and construct. It is said that the stones dug out when people made building foundations were galore enough for constructing an entire house.

Like folk residences elsewhere, the houses in Nuohei are constructed with woods and mainly stones. Most families have a principle house (three rooms) and a side house (two wing rooms); and around each family, you can see vigorous aged trees and bamboo groves.

Due to its artistic value, Nuohei is the haunt of many art school students for outdoors painting.

As the village gets more and known to the outside world, many villagers have opened restaurants in the village China Holidays, such as Cengshi Villa, Sitongyuan, Yulanyuan, Luosonghang, Lijiayuan and Family Wang's Compound etc. You will be treated with household dishes of the Sani people.

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Travel Guide - Jinkeng Yao Villages

Jinkeng terrace fields, around 25 miles (40 km) away from Longsheng, is a Yao minority inhabited area with several Yao villages affordable China travel packages. The area comprises Dazhai village, as well as 5 smaller hamlets, including TianTou village higher up the mountain.

For Jinkeng rice terraces, the 66-square-km network irrigation project was began by the ethnic Zhuang in the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368), and finished by the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). Travelers would be rewarded feats of farm engineering going all the way up a string of 2400 feet (800 m) mountains. The first village lying at the foot of the mountain is Dazhai Village. Further uphill, there are two-story cabins of Yao people nestling against the magnificent man-made wonder. The layout of the village mimics the symmetry of rice terraces, appearing like the houses are stacked on top of one another. Wander around the village, travelers may feel the local lifestyle and unique culture of this Yao minority China travel service. Climbing up the hill, travelers would arrive at Tiantouzhai Village, which present a panoramic view of the whole area of Jinkeng Rice Terraces.

For beautiful contour-map-like Jinkeng terraces, there are 3 main scenic spots of - No. 1 Scenic Spot (West Hill Shaoyue Public China Holidays), No. 2 Scenic spot (Thousand-layer Ladder to the Sky), and No. 3 Scenic spot (Golden Buddha Summit).

The best time to visit the villages in Jinkeng terraced rice area is in May and June, when the amazing green rice terraces are filled with water; in September and October, it offers a different color of the striking rice terraces.

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Ruili City, Border Trade Street and Jiegao Border Trade Port

Ruili city is situated on the Ruili River Yangtze River tour in the southwestern part of Dehong Prefectures. "Ruili" means "auspicious" and "beautiful". It is the biggest land port in our country with an area of 174.6 square kilometers. It borders on Burma in the southeast, southwest and northwest, with fields of both countries interlocking each other. There are 54 boundary tablets and 28 passageways to Burma along the 114-kilometer boundary line. The whole area is characterized by "One Basin, Two Countries and Three Towns". Beautiful scenery, rich ethnic cultures, prosperous border trade streets, China-Burma Street, peaceful and mysterious border areas and exotic cultures form spectacular pictures. Ruili is an important passageway connecting China and the Southeast Asian countries. It is also a national port town open to other countries and leads to Mujie, a national port of Burma. It is a convenient and economical international passageway.

Ruili Border Trade Street is located at the northwestern end of the town China tour deals. It came into use on May 1, 1989. The street covers an area of 32,000 square meters, and there are 6 gardens in the center of the street.

"Jiegao" is a Dai word, meaning "the old town". It is said that Sinan King of Luchuan built his capital here in the late Yuan Dynasty or the early Ming Dynasty. Thus the town got such a name. During the Anti-Japanese War, Jiegao was a very prosperous town. American planes frequently came here, carrying military supplies. It lies 4 kilometers away from Ruili, and is the only part of Ruili Town on the southeastern bank of the Ruili River, known as "shatoujiao" or "Tianyahaijiao" in the southwest of China.

In 1987 Jiegao became an important port where bilateral trade could be done What & Where to buy in China. In 1991, "Jiegao Border Trade Economic Zone" was set up. China and Burma have built China-Burma Street, which is now filled with stores and shops. Since 1992 the imports and exports from Jiegao have accounted for 50% to 60% of the total imports and exports of the border trade of the province, and over 30% of the imports and exports of the border trade from the inland ports throughout the country. Jiegao Bridge across the Ruili River links Ruili with Jiegao. The bridge is now the longest road bridge in Yunnan and on the boundary line in the Southwest of China. In a word, the booming Jiegao has become a newly- developing business town and border resort with typical ethnic features and modern facilities.

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Travel Guide - Clothes and Ornaments of the Dai People

The traditional Dai clothes are mostly made of home-spun cloth by Dai women. The cloth has beautiful patterns. Men's wear is similar to that of the Han people. There upper clothes are a short shirt with buttons down the front, no collar, or shirts with short sleeves and buttons on the right. The trousers China travel deals are long and wide. The Dai men like to wrap their heads with white or blue cloth.

The Dai women's clothes China shopping have a variety of styles. In the Xishuangbanna area, women often wear white, sky-blue or pink tight underwear with Jewel-collared short skirt outside, with buttons on the front or on the right. The shirt has long and slim sleeves which wrap on the arms tightly. It is thin and narrow at the waist, exposing part of skin at the lower back. The lower clothes are usually a tight skirt, which is long and can even reaches the feet. This kind of clothes well reveal the beautiful figure of the Dai women.

Many Dai women wear a silk girdle around their waists. It is said to be very precious, because it is passed down by mothers from generation to generation. The girdle is actually a love token. If a girl gives the silver girdle to a young man, it means she has fallen in love with him China Holidays.

The Dai women are particular about their hair style. They wind their long hair into a bun on the top of the head, and fix it with only a beautiful crescent-moon-shaped comb.

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Where is Dry Sea?

Dry Sea is a large natural pasture locates in the eastern foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, about 25 kilometers away from Old Town of Lijiang What & Where to buy in China.

Dry Sea is the closest and the best place for looking up the complete picture of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Here you can see the thirteen peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain arranged in order from north to south, magnificent, majestic and impressive.

Dry Sea protected area affordable China tours is not only a national forest park scenic spots, but also an important eco-tourism and cultural tourism area. The landscape a type of Dry Sea is Alpine natural scenery type, good ecological systems and natural environment make it become a natural habitat place for wildlife.

Annual spring and summer, the flowers bloom together and compose huge Garden, where the whole meadow is full of vitality. Currently, Dry Sea built snowflakes Resort Holidays in China and large cableway straight up to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain glacier, visitors can take the cable car up to the snowfields to watch beautiful snowscape and wonderful serac clusters, or enjoy skiing.

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Spend your winter vacation at Snowy land of Changbaishan

Baishan, blackwater, Changbai Mountain is the geographical indication of the northeast in China last minute China travel deals, it is also one of the top ten famous mountains in China, but it seems to be in the memory of the distance, this is both a geographical and cultural.

Snowy Land of Changbaishan

It is off season in winter in Changbai Mountain Public China Holidays, after the heavy snow, the thick snow is formed a wall on both sides of the road, the sky is clear and blue, driving on the heavy snow road, it is rising white mountain in the end of the road - Changbaishan Mountain.

The western slope of Changbai Mountain-Skiing you can experience on this slope, choosing the snowmobile to the peak of Mountain or cable car.

The western slope of Changbai Mountain-has rare vertical natural landscape zone in China and even the world, Tianchi is covered with snow in winter, the water has frozen, but underneath the ice was still have a steady stream of water flowing down the mountain. Tianchi water never stopped throughout the year, and the water level has never been lower. Until now, It is still a mystery where is the source of Changbai Mountain Tianchi, and it is more unpredictable that the power from the under the Tianchi. The Tianchi water run into canyon from u-shaped valley of he western slope, and it is the changbai mountain hot spring Shopping in China under the Tianchi. Hot spring water temperature up to 80 degrees, you can clearly see the water mist in the ice and snow. Tianchi water and hot spring is not the same source, but gathers in one place. You may not see this peculiar phenomenon in other parts of the world. Although Hakone (Japan) great valley is also geothermal, but it is on the top of the bare rocky, however, Changbaishan Hot spring have waterfall in the distance and near the beautiful YueHuaLin, also the river flows through here, it is a very attractive place.

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Explore the beauty of Yunnan Nationalities Village

Lying on the northeastern shore of Dianchi Lake, in the southwest of Kunming, 20 minutes drive from city centre, Yunnan Nationalities Village affordable China tours is the epitome of Yunnan national culture. It displays the colorful cultures of 25 ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province through shows and performances as well as architectural practices.

With an area of about 133.4 hectares, Yunnan Minorities Park is vast, including 25 minority villages, each of which illustrates its own culture through architectures, costumes, religions, and lifestyles. There are 56 nationalities in China and 52 of them live in Yunnan. Among them 26 each has a population of more than 5,000. Each nationality has its particularities in terms of language, religion, and in the ways of conducting themselves in relation to others. 25 ethnic minorities, each of them has a village built on the premises, and there also be a square symbolizing unity among various ethnic groups Shopping in China, a theatre for the performance of ethnic songs and dances, a folklore museum of ethnic waxworks.

You can explore the park, village by village, until you get a good understanding of the minority groups of Yunnan. Minority groups of Dai, Bai, Yi, Hani, Naxi, Tibetan, Miao, Zhuang, Wa, Jinuo, Dulong, Lisu, Pumi, Nu, De’ang, Jingpo, Mongolian, Lahu, Yao, Hui, Buyi and Shui etc, living in different parts of Yunnan, present a promising visit as you may find yourself unable to travel around the entire rugged province to experience ethnic cultures.

Activities such as a welcoming ceremony with performing White Elephants, the Dinosaur Island theme park area, a concert area for ethnic singing and dancing performances, as well as an Asian Elephant show are held in the Plaza of Ethnic Unity Public China Holidays, so you can schedule accordingly as you explore the park. Don’t forget to join in the activities, as some of the minority villages invite visitors to do so! Yunnan Minorities Park is not only an ideal place to spend your vacation, but also a good place to experience the beauty and variety of Yunnan Province.

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How to get the Xiling Snow Mountain from Chengdu

1. Wave for a taxi, climb in, and go to 59 Linjiang Lu. This is where the bustling Xinnanmen Bus Station sits. It's pronounced Xin Nan Men Qi Che Zhan in Chinese and every driver knows this place well. It is located near the center of the city China vacation deals , just a little bit to the south, and should be under 20 RMB from most points and hotels within Third Ring Road in Chengdu. The contact number for the station is 85433609. Buses leave typically each hour and sometimes twice an hour; it all depends on the time of year and demand. Just know you won't be waiting too long once you get to the station.

2. Go to the counter and ask for a ticket, either one-way or round-trip, to Xi Ling Xue Shan. You will save a few RMB by booking round-trip, but note you can connect from Xiling Snow Mountain to other tourist sites around Sichuan China Sichuan Tours. A one-way ticket is 32 RMB, but can vary slightly depending upon demand.

3. Go through the security check, grab your baggage and find the correct gate for buses heading to China Holidays Xiling Snow Mountain.

4. Check to see when the next bus is leaving, buy any snacks and drinks if desired, and line up and wait for boarding to be announced. Be sure to keep an eye on your belongings and your fellow travel members, especially if you have children.

5. You can also find bus to Xingling Snow Mountain in Jinsha Bus Station, where is located in 50 Middle Qingjiang Lu. There is only one bus head to the mountain every day from March to November, while in winter (December, January and February) there are two buses head to the mountain every day.

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Must-see for Guilin travel - Li River

The beautiful Li River is the connecting waterway between Guilin City Guilin travel and Yangshuo County, which originates on the Maoer Mountain northeast of Guilin.The crystal clear Li River is sandwiched between sheer cliffs dotted with few cascades. A cruise down the river is one of the highlights of a holiday in China. From Guilin to Yangshuo, it winds its way through 83 km (52 miles) of beautiful countryside, with some extraordinary peaks, bamboo groves lining along the riverbank, leisurely water buffalo and picturesque villages. Sometimes the visitor can see a fishing boat slip by with two or more fishing cormorants on board. The local farmers feed the birds for fish catching. They tie a string around the bird's neck just right enough so that that it cannot swallow the fish it may catch.

The Li River was an exceptional place to observe the native farmers as they go about their daily routines. There was much people activity all along the river. Farmers tilling land, duck herders watching over their flocks, people washing laundry in the river, fishermen and much more. Another special treat was seeing so many water buffalos. The World Bank-financed project to protect the ecosystem that exists on both sides of the Li River in Guilin, one of the China's most popular tourist attractions, has made significant progress since earlier 2000.

Passing Scenery and Things to Do

There's something interesting to see from your Li River Guilin tour cruise boat along the banks of almost every bend of the river. You view graceful bamboo groves, farmers tending rice paddies, unique kart hills, lumbering water buffalos pulling carts or cooling off in the river, and fishermen gliding on the Li River on narrow bamboo rafts. Some use tethered cormorants to catch fish.


The Li River vista is particularly mystical when flowing mists weave themselves around the peaks. The vapor hides then exposes the peaks in moments of surprise.

◎Li River Cruise

All the cruise ships are operated by local government. The cruise starts from Zhujiang Dock. It is about 40 minutes drive from Guilin city center, and then 4 to 5 hours cruise will take you to a beautiful and sedate ancient town - Yangshuo.

◎Bamboo rafting

All the bamboo rafts are operated by the local farmers from some of the villages along the river Yangtze River tour. Rafting on the Li River usually from Yangdi to Xingping, or from Yangdi to the Nine Horses Mural Hill, or from Xingping to Yangdi. Bamboo rafting on the Li River is not recommended as it is dangerous and illegal.

◎Hiking along the Li River

The most popular Li River hiking route is from Yangdi to Xingping. The 22 km route covers the essence of Li River. It crosses the Li River three times and passes six nature villages. The entire trip takes five to six hours by foot. Hikers come across many scenic spots, such as Langshi Scenery, Nine Horse Mural Hill and Yellow Cloth Shoal. The road along Li River consists mostly of rice field trails and footpaths. Hikers do not need to climb mountains, and will not get lost since there is only one way.

Main Attractions of the Li River

The attractions throughout the Li river journey are too many to put into words, with every turn and step bringing with it a spellbinding tale of enchanting beauty with it. While some of the places are famed for their unique appeal and aura, some are revered for their artistic charm or for the mystical stories associated with them for centuries.

In the first section, which is from Guilin to Ox Gorge, you can enjoy the following scenery: Elephant Trunk Hill, Rooster Fighting Hill, Pagoda Hill, Forest of Odd Shaped Peaks, Daxu Ancient Town, and Ox Gorge.

In the second section, which is from Ox Gorge (near the Bamboo River Dock and the Millstone Dock) to Water Dropping Village, the most charming scenery of the cruise awaiting you include: Wangfu Rock (Yearning-for-Husband's-Return Rock), Guanyan (Crown Cave), Banbian Du (Half-Side Ferry), Yangdi Village, Nine Horses Mural Hill, Yellow Cloth Shoal, Yucun (Fishing Village),Xingping Town, Shutong Hill, and Yangshuo Town.

Travel Tips

1) If you hike along the river, don't forget to wear good walking shoes. The best hiking time of the River is spring, in this time you can see large field of rape flowers in full blossom. Prepare enough water and food. Prepare small changes if you want to buy water or other snack. Restaurants (operated by local famers) can be found along the way or in Xingping.

2) Bring an umbrella or a rain coat in rainy seasons, and a hat in sunny days. Sun scream should be prepared to protect your skin.

3) Lunch is included in your cruise fee you need not take food during the cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo.

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Find the most beautiful village: Laodabao Village in Pu'er

Please go south after walking out of Lancang county, Pu'er city, Yunnan province China vacation deals. When you walk through the green luxuriant and old-growth forest amid fog all the way, you breathe the fresh air even in midsummer. When the fog becomes thicker, and you will see more Pu'er tea gardens. When you find more bamboos on the way and on the mountain, you are closer to Lahu people's village. When you hear guitar from a faraway village, you are arriving at Laodabao village.

Due to moist climate, you can see pole and hurdle buildings here. Wooden piling, bamboo bridging, and tile hanging can keep the rain and heat off. When you walk into Laodabao, you see numerous Lahu people's cultural sites: bamboo weaving, cloth weaving, farm tool production, top, and Lusheng (a reed-pipe wind instrument representing Lahu people China travel service).

According to the epics passed down from mouth to mouth among Lahu people, the ancestors of Lahu people were born in calabash. Thus, you can find the calabash patterns in buildings, garments, and instruments.

The ancestors of Lahu people were ancient Qiang, who originally lived in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Tibet tour and then moved to regions including Yunnan and Burma. Laodabao Village has a history of more than 100 years. All villagers in Laodabao are Lahu people. Over 80 percent of villagers can play guitar. Besides, villagers in Laodabao village, who have not received any professional training, are skilled in Lusheng Dance, Bai Dance, and unaccompanied harmonic song.

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Gubei Water Town sits at foot of the Great Wall

Gubei Water Town is located at Gubeikou in Beijing's suburban Miyun district, at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall China travel deals. With a history of more than a thousand years, the water town, which covers an area of nine square kilometers, has been revitalized with new attractions.

Gubei Water Town Scenic Area China travel service is divided into 2 sections: Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall. Simatai Great Wall was closed for renovation since June 2010. These 2 sections reopen to receive visitors on January, 2014.

In the town center, an ancient stage comes to life with regular performances with traditional features. There are 2 hotels and 4 guesthouses for those who want to stay and experience the town's night views. The water town, built on the site of five sub-villages of Simatai village, consists of six areas including Minguo Street and the water street area.

The water street area is one of the town's highlights and vividly brings to life the water towns of Jiangnan by reproducing winding rivers China Holidays, waterfront houses, arched stone bridges, cobblestone and stone slab paths, old buildings and folk culture.

As part of the Scenic Area, the Simatai Great Wall has reopened to the public after more than three years' closure. This section of the Great Wall is one of the best-protected parts which keep the original features of the Ming dynasty' Great Wall.

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The must-sees for Yangtze River Xiling Travel

Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge Yangtze River tour starts at the western tip of Xiangxi Stream in Zigui and extends to the Nanjin pass in the east, about 47 miles. In the middle is Miaonankuangu, where the Three Gorges Dam is built on Zhongbao Island. At the western section we find the Military Book and Treasury Sword Gorge, and the Ox Liver and Horse Lung Gorge. In the east are Light Shadow Gorge and the Yellow Ox Gorge. Xiling Gorge is known for its strategic importance, and as a place of dangerous shoals. The landforms on the western shore of the gorge are varied. There are many rocks, caves, and streams.

Military Book and Treasury Sword Gorge

The gorge is situated on the northern shore of the Xiangxi River mouth. There is a huge rock shaped like a pile of books on a cliff over 328 feet above the river. It is called Military Book Rock. On the lower end of the cliff is a huge stone like a sword pointing downward into the water. Legend says that Zhuge Liang kept the military book and sword here. So this section is known as the Military Book and Treasury Sword Gorge.

Kongling Gorge

East of the Ox Liver and Horse Lung Gorge there are the Kongling Gorge or Kongleng Gorge affordable China tours. The shoal or beach here was known as the Guimen or Ghost City Pass in the old days. The three shoals in the Three Gorges are the Xie Shoal, Qing Shoal and Kongling Shoal. Kongling Shoal has large and small rocks everywhere. Boats would often founder after hitting them. After reconstruction work the shoal is no longer a danger to visitors.

The Yellow Ox Rock Ecological Scenic Spot

Between the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba Lock is the Yellow Ox Rock Ecological Scenic Spot, which is 53 square miles in area. It is rich in scenic and cultural resources. Visitors can view the magnificent dam, a beautiful and secluded zone of gorges, steep cliffs and precipices and ancient limestone caves. There are five sub-divisions to the scenic spots including, Xiling 100-li Art Gallery, the Yellow Ox Ecological Tourist Zone, Stone Tablets Tourist Zone and Chexi Stream Tourist Zone.

The Yellow Ox Gorge

It is on the southern shore, east of Xiling Gorge. There is a huge rock shaped like a yellow ox on the southern bank. The river runs a very intricate course, the flow is rapid and there are many rocks. Boatmen have to take extra precautions when they travel through this section.

Light Shadow Gorge

It is also known as Mingyue (Bright Moon) Gorge. They form the east section of the Xiling Gorge Holidays in China. The passage is very narrow, with steep cliffs.

Yellow Ox Rock Tourist Zone

Yellow Ox Rock Tourist Zone is located on the southern shore, 0.6 mile from the Three Gorges Dam. Sights in the zone include Yellow Ox Rock, Huangling Temple, Xuanyuan Cave, and the site of an ancient mulberry plantation. The highest point is Yellow Ox Rock. Visitors who climb the rock will get an overall view of the great dam, gorge and lake.

Xiling 100-li Art Gallery

Xiling 100-li Art Gallery is between Three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba Lock It is made up of three sections: the Yellow Ox Gorge, Light Shadow Gorge (Mingyue Gorge), and the Yellow Cat Gorge (Yichang Gorge), commonly known as the three new gorges. They are flanked by cliffs on both sides, covered with green vegetation, and are full of cloud and fog. Visitors find the place rather mysterious, as if they were traveling across paintings. The art gallery is considered the most picturesque landscape in the whole of the 120 miles long Three Gorges.

Stone Tablets Tourist Zone

It is located at the Light Shadow Gorge, 10.5 miles from Yichang. There are rapids, grotesque rocks, unusual caves, a sweet water fountain, a secluded valley, as well as sites of Chinese resistance in the war against Japanese aggression. Other sights include Mingyue Bay, Shilingpai, and Light Shadow Cave. Many poems composed by literary figures of different dynasties can be seen here. A historical battle took place in Shipai in April, 1945 and was regarded as a Chinese Stalingrad. The tour includes aspects of the war of resistance for those interested in history.

Zhongbao Island

Zhongbao Island in Sandouping (Miaonankuangu) is based on a granite formation. This sturdy structure is the reason why the island has been chosen for the base of the Three Gorges Dam. The project, now entering its Second Phase, will be completed in 2009. The island has a history that is full of mystery. It has never been submerged during floods. At one time floods submerged Huangling Temple, which stands much higher, but Zhongbao Island stayed intact.

Nanjin Pass

This is the western exit of Xiling Gorge, and the eastern gate of the Three Gorges. Steep cliffs stand on both shores and the waterway is narrow. The pass has strategic importance and control of it has been bitterly contested. There is a saying that who controls the pass controls the passage to Shu and has Jinmen under their thumb. The rapid flow of the Yangtze ends at Nanjin Pass and after leaving it, the river widens to meander to the vast Jianghan Plain.

Lu You Fountain

Situated on the northern bank of Nanjin Pass is a small pool. Water flows into the pool from a fountain in the cliffs. Lu You, a poet and patriot of the Southern Song Dynasty visited the place. He boiled tea with the water from the fountain and enjoyed the taste so much that he wrote in praise of it.

Drum Beating Platform

There is a huge stone platform on the northern bank of Nanjin Pass Trips to China, several dozens feet above the surface of the river. Legend says this is the place where Zhang Fei beat a drum and trained soldiers for battle. It is called Zhang Fei's drum beating platform. The People's Government of Yichang City erected a statue of Zhang Fei on the spot in 1984. The statue weighs 100 tons. Zhang Fei raises a sword with his left hand and grips a drumstick with his right, very much the hero.

Chexi Stream Scenic Zone

Chexi Stream is in Tucheng Township, Yichang 11 miles from the city center and there are seven areas, regarded as retreats from the stresses and strains of modern life. The main attraction is a place of perfect bliss. There are geological and ecological tours and three tours to enjoy popular local songs and dances, exhibitions of farm produce and an ancient workshop. The zone combines exploration, scientific investigation, summer leisure activities and local customs and folkways. It is a sort of back to nature trip.

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Stone Gate Pass in Yangbi County, Dali, Yunnan

Stone Gate Pass is a part of Cangshan National Geological Park and one of the 16 well-known attractions in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province last minute China travel deals.

Located at Jinniutun village, Yangbi Yi Autonomous County, Stone Gate Pass (or Shimenguan) consists of two cliffs, with one protruding and the other concave. It is also well-known for snow-capped mountain and canyons, ice erosion geographic features, alpine plants and flowers, as well as the mysterious and primitive Yi customs.
Besides, Yan Bridge, Dangbi River Yangtze River tour, and Quan Bridge River are attractive.
How to get to Yangbi Stone Gate Pass
Take buses, trains or plane to Dali City.
Yangbi Yi Autonomous County is 29 kilometers away from the seat of the city, 30 kilometers away from the local train station and 35 kilometers away from airport.


Travelers may begin trips from the left side of the valley in Jinniutun Village Shopping in China. There is a pond in front of the Stone Gate Pass.

Entering the pass, tourists will see waterfalls down towards the gate pass and pour into the pond. There are rare plants in the valley, including orchids and azaleas.

Along the way, there is a temple which is almost embeded in the mountain.

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Way to Tibet –Train Riding on the Highest Railway II

Minutes later, you would find you yourself were incredibly flying along the high ridge of this mountain affordable China tours. At this time, you were far away from the secular noisy world, only the sleeping mountains and wild animals accompanied you.

Kunlun Mountain is about 160km away from Golmud city, but the average altitude climbs rapidly from 2800m to 4000m. Thus when you enter the region, you can even see the Summer Snow. Actually, within the mountain area, there’s no a clear line to separate the seasons.

When you reached the eastern Kunlun area, you would find there were several pipe-like things standing on the both sides of the railwaybed, which been called “Hot Pins”. It’s reported that the hot pin was a hi-tech product invented by Nanjing University of Technology, which could leading-out the heat beneath and keep the temperature of the soil in steady frozen level.

Through the window, you could also see the iron fence, further, there would be several stone fronts to stabilize the sand and protect the railway.

The temperature outside was below 2℃ when the train passed the Pass of Danggula Mountains (5231). We have reached the Tibet Tibet Travel region. Through the window, you could see frozen lakes and continuous snow mountains with the average altitude over 4000m.

The Danggula Station was the highest railway station in the world so far that locates on the 5231m high frozen land. The train continued its journey into the core land of Tibet.

The same day around 16:30, we reached Cuona Lake Station (4594m), which was the highest fresh-water lake of the world and the source of Nujiang River.

We were very close to the lake and could see the broad lake surface through the window. It was a cloudy day, the color of the lake was so gloomy. As a divine lake in local, it welcomed thousands of Tibetan followers for pilgrim every year.

At 17:40, we arrived at Nagqu Station (4513m), where we could get down the train to breathe some fresh air. The temperature outside is around 5℃. The chilly air refreshed my mind immediately. Pure blue sky, white snow mountains and isolated land greeted the eye.

Damxung Station

The about 2hours later, we reached Damxung Station (4300m). We could see some low-rise houses straggled across the land Public China Holidays. We knew that we have driven out of the isolate area, but seemed much closer to the heaven.

Minutes later, there were heavy snow fell from the sky. Soon, the vast land was covered with snow.

There’s only 160km left. In another word, for another 2 more hours riding, we would reach Lhasa.

At 21:50, we arrived at Lhasa Railway Station, which is the highest railway station of the world.

Stood on the land of faith, the heart of Tibet, we were speechless.

In Zang Language (Tibetan language), “Lha” means godly, “Sa” means land, thus “Lhasa” this word indicates - this is a divine land. And the most exciting thing will be - Our Tibet Trip was beginning! We were here!

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Way to Tibet –Train Riding on the Highest Railway

It is said that the Tibetan Plateau is the “roof of the world” as the average altitude of this area is around 4000-5000 m. Thus the Qinghai-Tibet Railway which connected Xining and Lhasa Tibet Tours, is the highest railway of the world. It was lucky for me to start this dreamy China Tour that experience this railway towards the heaven.

With unique natural and geographical condition, the Tibetan Plateau breeds and accumulates striking folk custom and religious culture. It is home to mysterious Tibetan People; it is the place where magnificent Mt. Everest, crystal blue Cuona Lake and T’ou-t’ou River, the source of the Yangtze, located.

Golmud-Lhasa section is the core of this railway, which stretches 1142 km and collects the most fantastic scenery of the plateau. Can you imagine how excited it would be to experience a train riding on this railway? Let’s go!

The design speed of the train is 160 km/hour. Each train to Tibet equips two sets of Oxygen supply system, one is whole carriage Oxygen supply (circulating), the other one is private Oxygen supply (Oxygen mask). With the help of hi-tech equipments, the temperature and pressure in the train maintain in a balance condition.

During the whole journey China vacation deals, this train has to pass 9 scenery platforms, also be set up as 9 stations, with an average height of over 4000m above sea level. But on the other hand, in this 960 km riding, you will have chance to enjoy the landscapes, one may think, which only exist in fairy tales or fantasy films.

The 9 platforms include: Yuzhu Peak Station, Chumaer River. Tuotuo river, Buqiangge, Tanggula Mountain, Lake Namtso, Nagqu, Damshung, Yangbachen.

If you take the luxury train, you can get a closer look of those sceneries as you will have the privilege to get offer the train for a short trip to china when it stops at each station. Otherwise, you just can appreciate the fantastic view through the window.

When the train reached Golmud station, you were standing on the central region of Qinghai Province Shopping in China. The main body of grand Kunlun Mountain and the famous inhibited land - Kekexili Area just removed their veils in front of you.
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The top 5 free attractions in Macau

The former Portuguese colony makes more money from gambling than anywhere else in the world (US$6 billion a year), it’s the most densely populated place China vacation deals around (18,000 folk per sq km) and it’s home to the world’s largest casino, The Venetian.

It’s also a place where bling is king and high-rollers are driven around in Bentleys and Jags. Yet even if you don’t win big and your chips are down, it’s still possible to experience all of Macau’s history and culture.

Here are our top five tips China travel service on how to get things for free in this former Portuguese colony, which is marking its 10th anniversary of Chinese rule this December.

1. The Bubble

A dazzling visual show of lasers, lights and fire displayed in a giant dome. The legend of the Jade Emperor and four ocean-dwelling dragons is projected on to the dome and brought to life in dramatic fashion. ‘The Dragon’s Treasure’ is shown nightly, for free, at The Bubble, inside the City of Dreams casino China shopping.

2 Transport

To get around town you can use taxis, which are cheap but are driven by the world’s grumpiest drivers. A great alternative is the buses, and with signs in Portuguese it’s relatively easy to figure out routes. Better still are the free casino buses that ferry people around. They’re supposed to be for gamblers, but nobody checks where you’re heading. It is possible to go from The Venetian and City of Dreams in the southern island of Taipa to The Sands casino in Macau. Casino buses also run to the Chinese border to bring in hoards of gamblers.

3 Eating

Macau food is a fabulous fusion of Portuguese and Chinese, but many of its restaurants are expensive. If you head to Senado Square and wander towards the ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral you’ll be greeted by a line of vendors who are more than happy to give their food away. From just-baked cookies to crispy slices of super-sweet fried pork, it’s a great way to fill up and sample Macau’s snacks.

4 Sightseeing

The centre of Macau Holidays in China is a World Heritage Site teeming with churches, temples and forts, nearly all of which have no entrance fee.

At the ruins of St Paul’s only the fa?ade remains of what was once a spectacular Jesuit cathedral. The rest was destroyed by fire, but today it’s still possible to climb up and see the ruins from close quarters. Be sure to visit the Museum of Sacred Art and crypt to the rear of the site. Other free attractions include the pavilions at A-Ma Temple, the Guia Fort with its fancy frescoes and the neoclassical buildings around Senado Square.

5 Coloane Village

Coloane is the farthest point from modern Macau, both geographically and culturally. Here it’s possible to see how Macau once was, with its old fishing boats, deserted cobbled streets and wizened locals.

Admittedly, you need to pay to get here (the 21a bus costs 50p), but once you’ve arrived you’re free to explore the range of religious buildings, from the matchbox-sized Chapel of St Francis Xavier to Tin Hau Temple and its Christmas-tree-like golden amulets. Be sure to sample the magnificent egg tarts at Lord Stow’s Bakery before strolling down to Hac Sa Beach, famed for its black sands.

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