Travel Guide - Beipiaoniao Aves Fossil Nature Reserve

Beipiao Aves Fossil Nature Reserve China travel deals was established in 1997 with the designation of Liaoning Province. It accounts for 4630 hectares for the protection of Protarchaeopteryx, Sinosauropteryx and Confuciusornitnidae.

The nature reserve is situated in mountainous regions and areas of hills with an altitude of 449.3 meters. It is of great importance for the complete reserve of diversified fossils and Mesozoic Stratum Luxury China tour packages. Currently, over 250 pieces of Aves fossils (including 11 genus and 14 species have been unearthed continuously, among which the fossils of Protarchaeopteryx and Sinosauropteryx are recognized as the ancestor of Aves. They are much older than Archaeopteryx (found in Germany) which appeared almost in the same age with Confuciusornitnidae. This discovery has fundamentally dethroned the status of Archaeopteryx as the forefather of Aves, and contributed a lot to the solution of theoretical problems involving the origin of Aves and their evolution— one of the four mysteries in phylogeny of life. It surprised the circle of science world widely.

Beipiao Aves Fossil Nature Reserve boats not only the collection of important Aves fossils China travel service, but fossils of many other animals compassing six divisions, fourteen classes and twenty orders. There are still fossils of reptile, pisces, bivalves, insects, gastropod, egg and foot-print, covering three divisions, eight classes, forty-six genus and eighty-three species. Fossils of vegetation ranging from fern to well-evolved angiosperm involve two divisions, three sub-divisions, six classes and wood, germ and sporule pollen plants. The nature reserve is unique and unparallel in terms of the number and diversity of reserved fossils. According to experts, Beipiao Aves Fossil Nature Reserve is probably the origin and evolution center of fish and some insects, as well as the cradle and key evolution location of Aves. The establishment of Beipiao Aves Fossil Nature Reserve is of great sense for scientific research on the evolution of life from ocean to land and from water to air.

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A winter holiday destination - Dongbeiya Ski Resort

Dongbei Ya Ski Resort is located at Shenyang National Forest Park in Northeast China's Liaoning Province China travel deals, 28 kilometers away from downtown Shenyang. It is the biggest ski resort in outskirt in China as well as a relaxation place which is suitable for tourism, entertainment, body-building and the like.

The ski resort is established on August, 2001, and opened to the tourists after the first-phase construction had been finished. The overall area of the Dongbeiya Ski Resort is 700,000 square meters with 120,000 square meters skiing field. Various kinds of fields are built, such as skiing run on the mountain, skiing run for the common people, skiing under night, skiing training field, snow motor field, sled field and plow field. The lower-, middle- and higher- level accommodation can give you diverse choices. Three schools of Chinese dishes—Chuan(Sichuan food),Yue(Cantonese food) and Liao dishes (local food) will make your mouth water Tour in China.

The resort has many kinds of standard trails. They are 100-meter bicycle field, 100-meter snow sled field, 100-meter training field, 250-meter snow circle field, 300-meter plowing field, 400-meter snow motor field, 700-meter intermediate skiing field, 700 & 750-meter advanced field, 2500-meter comprehensive skiing field. The privileged natural field and well-organized equipment can hold national competition.

In January, 2003, Dongbeiya Ski Resort China tour packages and Liaoning Economy Daily co-hosted successfully the first snow wedding. In the resort, more than 30 three pairs exclaim oath on the lily-white snow. In February, the resort successfully holds the 2002-2003 National Skiing Competition of Northeastern Region. It was considered a great success due to the scale of participants, most enthusiastic atmosphere, and generous reward.

Dongbeiya Ski Resort has already become the member of Chinese Ski Association. More than 10 skiing experts can provide professional guidance to the skiers. Meanwhile, the skiing club and schools can train the skiers as well.

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Travel Guide - Dequqiong Petroglyph

Dequqiong Petroglyph – Introduction

The Dequqiong Petroglyph is located on the cliff of one rock mountain at the conjunction place of Dangqu River and Luozha Nuqu River Yangtze River tour in Mendang Country, Shannan Prefecture. The area of this petroglyph is about 2.7 meters high and 3meters wide. The upper part of this petroglyph is an intaglio word of "Wan" which is about 40cm high and 40cm wide, located at the middle of upper part of the whole petroglyph. The below is eight lines of small intaglio Tibetan words. The height of each line is about 13cm. Among them, the words of the first three lines are almost scaled off, and the words on north side from fifth line to eighth line are well protected. The last line is an intaglio word of "Wan" which is about 40cm high and wide. The whole petroglyph is well protected.

Dequqiong Petroglyph – History

The words on the Dequqiong Petroglyph are archaic, and the writing style is simple. The way of writing characters and the usage of noun and verb accord with the standard of ancient Tibet Tours Tibetan language before Relajin reformed the writing style. Hence, the period of Dequqiong Petroglyph should not be later than the last year of the ruling period of Relajin Zanpo which is 841 A.D.

Among these unearthed tablet inscriptions in Tubo Period China tour deals, the Chide Songtsen was named "Zanpo of Son of God" for several times on Gongbudimu Inscribe Stone, Xiela Kangmenshu Inscribed Stone, the tombstone of Chidesong Zanpo and other tablets, while other Zanpos were named " Holy Zanpo". The first sentence on the Dequqiong Petroglyph is that "before the seat of Zanpo of Son of God". It coincides with the address of Chide Songtsen. Consequently, we can infer that the Dequqiong Petroglyph must be carved in the ruling period of Chide Songtsen. That is from 804 A.D. to 815 A.D.

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Get to Know The Museum of Bamboo Slips of Han Dynasty Tomb

Located on the southeastern side of the city of Linyi, the Museum of Bamboo Slips of Han Dynasty Tombs Luxury China tours houses, as its name clearly states, a series of bamboo slips found in tombs that date back to Han Dynasty.

Tombs from Han Dynasty were found in many different places and this museum was the first in China to bear a collection of the precious items that were found in them. Bamboo slips that were found in Eastern and Western Han Dynasty tombs, also known as Hanjian, were discovered in several counties of Gansu and Xinjiang and are divided into two main groups: Biansan Hanjian and Muzang Hanjian. The Museum of Bamboo Slips of Han Dynasty Tombs bears a collection of Hajians from the second group.

The Museum of Bamboo Slips of Han Dynasty Tombs Top China travel Destinations covers an area of 10.000 square meters and is divided into three main collections: the Hall of Han Dynasty Tombs, the Hall of Bamboo Slips found in the tombs and the Hall of other Cultural Artifacts also found in the tombs. In the first collection the visitor can see an actual Han tomb rebuilt inside the exhibition room. In the second collection one will find the famous slips and in the third collection people can see all kinds of other relics found in the tombs. The building of the museum includes a structure of 2.400 square meters built in the style of a classic Chinese royal court. Construction of the museum started in 1981, nine years after the first Han Dynasty tomb was discovered by the foot of Yinqueshan Hill, and it first opened its gates eight years later, in 1989.

Yinqueshan Tombs of Han Dynasty were discovered in 1972 along with thousands of enclosed bamboo slips. The time the tombs were built is estimated to have been between 134 BC and 118 BC. The texts found in them are believed to predate the construction of the tombs. Tomb number one carried 4942 bamboo slips while tomb number two had only 32. All bamboo slips were written with ancient Chinese texts and were of great importance. Thus the discovery of Yinqueshan tombs and slips is ranked as the 10th most important discovery since founding of People’s Republic of China in 1949.

The most thrilling among the discovered items were the bamboo slips of Sunzi’s Art of War (18 chapters) and Sunbin’s Art of War (16 chapters), found in tomb number one. Both texts analyzed military strategies and were lost for no less than 1700 years! Unknown chapters were revealed along with the missing ones.

Before the regaining of the texts scientist were confused whether there were two books from two different authors
Customized China Tours, or Sunwu and Sunbin were the same person and thus there was only one book. After the bamboo slips came to light it was clear that there were two different books from two different authors. Sixteen chapters from the book of Yanzi, seven chapters from the book of Strategies, five chapters from the book of Weiliaozi and many anonymous texts were found in the same tomb. The 32 bamboo slips discovered in tomb number two formed an Almanac of Emperor’s Hanwudi First Year of Reign in Han Dynasty (134 BC), which is the oldest and most complete almanac of that era.

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Travel Guide - Nanjing Museum

The Nanjing Museum Nanjing tours is widely considered to be one of the finest and largest museums in China. It has a truly superb collection of top quality cultural and artistic treasures They're well presented in a modern setting, with labels and explanations in English! When Nanjing was the capital of China before 1949, this was the National Museum, so many treasures from around the country were collected here. Although some works were taken to Taiwan during the Chinese civil war, the museum still boasts an array of treasures unmatched by few museums in the country.

The collection is so large than only a portion of its treasures can be displayed at any time. The museum Nanjing Travel is divided into several sections, one for each of the major areas of Chinese traditional art - paintings and calligraphy, porcelain, jade, ceramics, furniture and decorative arts, ancient bronzes, and finally a "treasures" section for the best items in the collection. The curators organize changing exhibits in each section, drawing on the rich permanent collection.

The museum has a first rate collection of traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy. These two arts were traditionally paired together, since theorists thought both were a form of creation with brush and paper. The museum's collection stretches back to include some of the classic works from Chinese landscape painting's first golden age, in the Song Dynasty, over a thousand years ago, and includes works by many excellent masters in all the later dynasties as well. It also boasts an excellent collection of porcelains, with some especially beautiful masterpieces from the Ming dynasty. A life size reproduction kiln and pottery workshop shows how these ceramics were made Luxury China tours. Another wing of the museum is dedicated to folk crafts, clothing, and popular traditions of Jiangsu.

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Where is Wenjiang Park?

Wenjiang Park is a public scenic park that sits along the Jiang’an River, at the southeast corner of Liucheng Street, Wenjiang district, in the city of Chengdu China Sichuan Tours. It was enlarged to 121 hectares in 2001. The park has 34 pavilions, terraces and pagodas.

Within the park, the road takes up an area of 41,000 square meters. Nearly 30,000 square meters are paved with granites and bluestones; 140,000 square meters are covered with lawns; and a parking lot takes up an area of 700 square meters.

There are also 3,500 meters of newly-built embankments and handrails, and more than 2,000 decorative lights of 20 kinds. With the decent decorations, the green and rippling water, blooming flowers and towering forests, the park is full of vitality.

With a novel layout of pagodas and terraces, charming bridges and waterside pavilions, and melodious music resonating around Guangqi Music Square China tour packages, the park is filled with flowing light and colors. Ancient Yufu culture infuses the modern ecological park, forming an unique tourist attraction of the Western Sichuan Plain with other scenic spots around the Wenjiang region.

The park is split into two parts by the Jiang’an River Yangtze river Cruise, one part being static scenery and the other being lively views. The two parts are connected by Boguan Bridge, Qiqu Bridge, Yinghui Bridge, Xianjiang Bridge and Liubin Bridge.

The lively part mainly consists of Yingbin Square, Guangqi Music Square, a catering and entertainment area, and a children’s park. In the center of this part lies Guangqi Music Square, which measures more than 8,000 square meters. A music fountain stage situated in the center of the music square expands towards the south in a fan shape.

There are 14 bronze seven-note columns on the stage, echoing the five-note columns of Chinese ancient music, on the waterside platform to the south of the square. The layout demonstrates three circles of different sizes stringed together by a winding stream with the centers of the circles situated on the same straight line, fully reflecting the will of Wang Guangqi, a famous musician, to perfectly integrate Chinese and Western music culture.

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Travel Guide - Datong Mosque

Datong Mosque is one of the most well-known Muslim temples China vacation packages in Shanxi province. According to the temples stele, this ancient mosque was first built in the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

It was supposed to be built when Islam was introduced to China. Its main building - the Worship Hall - remains from the Ming Dynasty, which is particularly rare and valuable.

According to historical records, in the 13th year of Chongxi in the Liao Dynasty (1044 AD), Datong was upgraded as one of the four provisional capitals of the dynasty.

Liao at that time covered vast territory, facing the Song Dynasty across the Yellow River Yangtze river Cruise. Datong, a metropolis in the north line of the Silk Road in China, had a significant geographical location of strategic importance.

Though Liao perished later, the status of Datong China City Guide as a provisional capital still remained. The city had a strong religious atmosphere and magnificent temple architectures sprung up one after another. Muslims also started to appear in the city.

From available data, Islam was introduced to the city in the Liao or the Jin dynasty, and later became an important religious belief of the Yuan, whose territory stretched across Europe and Asia.

Denominations in the Ming Dynasty also paid great respect to the reli

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Travel Guide - Tongjue Temple

The Taicang Tongjue Temple Luxury China tours was constructed during the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty, which has attracted many pilgrims of all ages.

The Avalokitesvara icon, which is enshrined and worshipped in the temple, is considered to possess mystical powers. “The Avalokitesvara holds the potential to respond to all prayers offered in the temple.”

The temple has become a cultural landscape for domestic religious tourism China business tour. It contains small bridges over flowing streams, waterside pavilions, whitewashed walls and black tiles of gardens located south of the Yangtze River.

The worship site appears refined and beautiful. It has also earned much recognition for its monastery gate, halls, morning bell and evening drum.

“The temple has yellow walls, gray tiles and rolling dragon ridges, which contains red house columns, decorated with colorful patterns and a gilded figure of Buddha.” In the past 400 years, the temple China Custom Tours has risen and declined in influence.

The imposing ancient pagoda and garden enhance its beauty that integrate the garden and temple culture.

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Travel Guide - Hasi Mountain-watershed forest reserve

Located in the northeast of Jingyuan county Luxury China tour packages, Hasi Mountain is 85 kilometers from the county town and next to Ningxia Hui autonomous region at its west.

Hasi Mountain is composed of purple coarse clastic and clip basalt, with a northwest to southeast active fault in the south, which separates it with Songshan Mountain. The silver snow-covered peak is one of eight gorgeous scenes in Jingyuan county, thus the mountain is also called “snow mountain”.

The main peak of Hasi Mountain is Damaohuai Mountain China Travel Destinations, with an altitude of 3017 meters. The forest area, formed in 1959, consists of three parts: Hasi Mountain, Taihe Mountain and Xueshan Temple. Covering an area of 7,933.33 hectares, the forest coverage rate of the area is 53 percent.

As a large watershed forest reserve, Hasi Mountain has been listed as a provincial natural reserve.

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