Travel Experience to Guizhou - Langde Miao Ethnic Minority Village

As one of the most amazing cultural unprivileged in Chinese suppliers, categories of Miao individuals are everywhere in south west Chinese suppliers, mostly in Guizhou Region last minute China travel deals. But, if you really want to encounter the genuine cultural societies, go check out Langde Miao Ethnic Community Town in Kaili. About 50 miles northern of Kaili, it's no question a beckoning vacationer village.

Miao Ethnic Community is both strange and interesting. The Miao individuals are recognized by their language, outfit, place and other customes. In outfit we have Lengthy Dress Miao, Brief Dress Miao, Dark Miao, Lavish Miao and Lengthy Horned Miao. By place there are China travel packages Stream Miao and Hill Miao. The villagers in Langde use long skirts; hence they are "Long Dress Miao". The Miao design homes "Diaojiaolou" and its presented and innovative celebrations will cause you cause limited.

Around 500 villagers in ten family associates, the Langde Miao Town is regarded little. Individuals the Miao Ethnic Community, they follow typical routines and customes. Coming into the village, guests would end up literarily engrossed in performs of art.%%@af$ko&we*327

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Must-see for Guilin travel - Yangshuo Town

Yanshuo China tour deals, a little old city pace the Li Stream, has been popular as one of the Chinese suppliers journey location for its spectacular landscapes and its soothing country design living. In Chinese suppliers, there is an old saying, “Guilin has the most wonderful landscapes in Chinese suppliers, and Yangshuo is the most wonderful aspect of Guilin.” Enclosed by 18 hills, the organic amazing things and the soothing lifestyle in this little old city is very attractive to people who come from active places and thus one of the most popular Chinese suppliers journey location.

Yangshuo is the Guilin public nation, located 65 kilometers (about 40 miles) south of Guilin city. Yangshuo Guilin travel has total place of 1,428 rectangle kilometers (about 551 rectangle miles), of which contains 513 rectangle kilometers (about 198 rectangle miles) of karst development place. The karst development generates spectacular scenery in the place. There are more than 20,000 high hill hills, 17 waterways twisting between those hills. Together with thousands various forms of hill caverns, the vacationer would truly experience the organic charm of Yangshuo: the wonderful hills, the grace of the water, the spectacular shape of the hill caverns. For Chinese suppliers tourists, the most popular landscapes destinations in Yangshuo are Yangshuo Recreation area, Bilianfeng Scenery Road, Yangshuo Big Banyan Shrub, Yangshuo Celestial satellite Mountain.

Though Yangshuo has been listed individual landscapes location from Guilin for Chinese suppliers tourists, Yangshuo is a vital and important aspect of Guilin scenery. When you make a plan to journey Guilin China tour packages, Yangshuo is a must stop in your Chinese suppliers trip.%%@af$ko&we*326

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Travel Guide - Liujiaxia Dam

Liujiaxia Dam China tour deals is a significant Dam along the center higher aspect of the yellow-colored stream, developing the Liujiaxia Tank.

The dam is situated just down stream from where the Tao River satisfies the Yellow River Yangtze River tour. The dam and hydro-electric service are outside of the city of Yongjing about 70km west-south-west from Lanzhou in China's Gansu Region.

Liujiaxia Tank is a sleek pond in the great gorges, being the biggest national reservoir in North west Chinese suppliers. After appreciating the reservoir on the way westward, guests can see the historical grottoes situated great on the coves. They were first excavated in 420AD. These days, the Grottoes at Bingling Forehead have become a hot fascination along the historical Silk Road China tour packages.%%@af$ko&we*325

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Explore Dayan Town for Yunnan travel

Lijiang Lijiang tour is really two cities, two unique areas separated by Lion Hill - the New Town, which came into being 43 decades ago, and the Old Town, an 865-year-old structural gem, although it looks like a huge inkstone, hence its name Dayan or Big Inkstone.

Kublai Khan, grand son of Genghis and creator of the Mongol empire in Chinese suppliers, came this way in 1253 on his cure of Yunnan and recognized an management workplace which 23 decades later became the Lijiang Army and Municipal Protectorate . Thereafter the name "Lijiang" started to be used.

Dayan is the middle of the Naxi individuals, the investment of the Lijiang Naxi Independent Nation China tour deals, and a position of complete satisfaction, where parrots chirp from their crates clinging from the eaves of the homes and gurgling divisions breeze their methods through the roads and paths in every aspect of the Old Town.

With Sifang Road at the primary, the whole city propagates out in all route, and is crisscrossed by a network of flagged roads and alleyways. Most of the residences, spread at the feet of a mountain or by the waterways which circulation through every position and area of the town, are brick-and-tile components with designed gates and coloured ms windows. Visitors across the waterways is assisted by a huge variety of small rock connects.%%@af$ko&we*324

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Explore Harbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snowfall Globe, also known as Bingxue Large Globe. It is a unique snow and ice vacationer and social event requested by Harbin Tour Harbin Public Govt and subsidized by Harbin Cultural Travel and leisure Group. Since its birth, has been growing season by season. Protecting more than 750,000 rectangle metres and taking snow and ice over 300,000 cubic metres, Harbin Ice and Snowfall Globe is one of the most important parts of Harbin Worldwide Ice and Snowfall Statue Festival. It has become the most popular winter fascination on the globe. In this dreamlike amusement recreation area, not only can you see the amazing vibrant lighted snow and ice statues but also enjoy various exciting social activities and sports.

In 1999, to admire the new century form 2000, Harbin municipal government built up a glowing icy and wintry Disney Land China tour deals. Since then, the favorite anecdotes about snow and ice in Harbin started. The snow and ice included into the blood of Harbiners, and became one of signs in Harbin. Since then, Harbin keeps the event in relationship with snow and ice each season, in which a wonderful and loving fairy world is established with snow and ice. An incredible number of visitors have been drawn for the view. The state management and a number of ambassadors in Chinese suppliers have been personally frequented the events and give high compliment.%%@af$ko&we*323

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Explore Ancient pleasures in Anchang

Spending a end of the week in an conventional town near Shanghai has been a well-known way for town residents to evade the busyness. But because of their growing popularity with international and household trips, some conventional cities like Zhouzhuang China tour deals and Zhujiajiao have become too populated to offer a real sense of evade.

Anchang, an conventional town 12 miles western of the town of Shaoxing in Zhejiang region, with its fresh conventional beauty, relaxed atmosphere style, is a excellent option to those congested locations.

The record of Anchang goes returning more than 4,000 decades when it was a dirty riverside town where residents created a living sportfishing and making sodium. The regional economic system improved in 1489 during the Ming Empire, when the municipality started out a market and guaranteed each trader four prepared desserts, a excellent motivation at time.

The once-isolated sportfishing town progressively developed into a trading center with clothing, and cooking oil and other farming handling sectors. By the beginning of the Republic of Chinese suppliers, Anchang was one of the most well-known cities in Shaoxing. The fabric products created in the town were known throughout the country and released international.

As water was the most convenient form of transportation in conventional Chinese suppliers, the town, like other conventional cities along the Yangtze River Yangtze river Cruise, progressively extended, with 17 rock connects helping villagers cross the stream. The structural design of the town has stayed the same since those periods.

Upon coming into the town and walking along its rock roads, guests will see women washing clothes beside the stream, geese diving and dogs sleeping on the door of stores - none worried by the existence of unknown people.

The typical residential structures in Shaoxing nation are called taimen. They function dark flooring, white surfaces, rock door, stone-carved windows, several courtyards and a multitude of rooms. Big family members usually distributed these centuries-old structures. Evaluating from its scale and social position of its owner, Shi Taimen is one of the best illustrations and will get familiar guests with the regional structural design. Shi Taimen was the former residence of Zhu Xieyuan, a reverend in Ming Empire, who is also a well-known conventional identification in the Anchang place.

After walking and appreciating the old structures, a curbside teahouse is the perfect China tour packages place to rest, treats and even nap. Some are very small, only big enough for five platforms. At the teahouse where I ceased, the server said the house had a record of more than 300 decades and even the chair where I sat was 80 decades of age.

On the oven there are many thermos bins. Customers can re-fill their glasses with no boundaries. The teahouse also provides recipes like deep-fried niangao (glutinous grain cake), prepared fresh vegetables and dry sausages.

For just 2 yuan, I spent the whole mid-day in the teahouse, getting a short click, paying attention to discussions between regional villagers and sightseeing walk along the riverfront.

Taking a vessel to trip around the conventional town is a must. A Wupeng is an old-style black-roof vessel that is a unique function in the Shaoxing place.

Wearing a dark experienced hat, the 76-year-old boatman was experienced in his art. He managed the speed with an oar under his feet and the direction with a rudder in one hand. The oar fluttered up and down so fast that even adolescents would have difficulties competitive with him. The opinions onboard the Wupeng transportation guests returning in record to a less noisy, simpler time.

If failing to remember about the problems at home and basking in conventional life is what you're looking for, Anchang will provide that experience.

Anchang also offers many conventional activities such as vessel marriages, forehead exhibitions and art presentations. Visitors also have the opportunity to watch Shexi safari, a kind of town theatrical performance well-known during olden periods in Shaoxing. Nowadays there are only a few beginner safari troupes in Shaoxing. These troupes travel around towns and cities in Shaoxing throughout the season and Anchang is one of their favorite locations.%%@af$ko&we*319

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Get to know Xuanwu Park

Xuanwu Recreation area China tour deals was built in the Ming Empire that includes an area of 8.37 hectares. Then it has been damaged by the earth quake. Twenty six years ago, it has been renewed.

Xuanwu Recreation area has mixed the traditional historical building with contemporary lawn structure, thus making it a novel city Beijing tour lawn with features of southeast Chinese suppliers and giving popularity to the stylish and relaxing.

Xuanwu Recreation area has recently been extensively improved and become a well-facilitated and energy-saving park to keep speed with the contemporary time. The newly started out Xuanwu Recreation area is an environment-friendly, green ecological park which brings together ecological protection, touring, energy-saving, emergency aware functions completely.

Through the employment of rainfall, solar panel technology and geothermal energy power, the park can make the best use of the available power and reuse it. As a result, Xuanwu Recreation area could almost self-support.%%@af$ko&we*319

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Get to know Jiaying Guild Hall

The Jiaying Guild Area, at No 22 Zaoshi St, in Suzhou, was detailed as a social relic under public security in 1982.

Work on the hall started in the Fourteenth season of the Jiaqing emperor, in the Qing Empire (1809) and was finished four decades later, the price having been protected by suppliers from five areas -- Chengxiang China tour deals, Xingning, Pingyuan, Changle, and Zhenping -- under Jiaying ideal authority (today’s town of Meizhou), Guangdong region The hall was both a position to keep company conversations and offer accommodations, and a position for philanthropic actions, such as medical and memorial solutions. At event time, suppliers would collect in the hall to enjoy and observe safari actions, pay honor to deities, keep social events, and improve relationships.

The hall was renewed in 1847 and 1904, during the Qing Empire. It rests near the Xujiang Stream, across Zaoshi St. Rock China tour packages stairways led up to the hall from a wharf along a sequence of surfaces, behind which lay the manufacturing facilities for the activity of regional items. Its primary checkpoint encounters southern, with the terms Jiaying Guild Area at the top. There used to be two stone tigers plus the checkpoint.

The hall has a feeling of percentage to it, with the top side checkpoint, a theatrical level, and a primary hall. The front side side checkpoint is five-rooms extensive. There is an higher storey providing as the behind the scenes of the cinema, while the top side of the level extends northward and has a ceiling. The primary hall encounters southern, across the courtyard from the level. It is 15 metres extensive and 15 metres strong. The eaves to the top side are designed with flooring above the 12 French-style ms windows. To the northern of the primary hall there are three areas with tiled archways. To the eastern of the primary hall there is a road with 18 steles in its surfaces documenting the record of the hall and the titles of contributors who compensated for it. To the eastern of the road there are workplaces and personal areas for the hall.%%@af$ko&we*317

More at like Harbin Tour

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Explore The Yugang Park

The Yugang Recreation area is located at the north end of the Xiashan Touring Area China tour deals. To the western can be found the Sea Hotel, to the eastern the Zhanjiang Slot, to the southern the Haiyang Street, and to the north can be found the base of the South Chinese suppliers Sea Navy.

The park, protecting an area of about 200,000 rectangle metres, is a beach park concentrating on marine enjoyment activities in town center Zhanjiang. The park is designed to emphasize the fishing port lifestyle in the Leizhou Peninsula.

Walking on the fine, soft beaches China tour packages and moved by the soothing wind, its a food for your eyes, with red ocean and dance grape plants making up a beautiful scenery picture. The showering beach in the Yugang Recreation area is the most popular hotel among the local people. Visitors can lay cozily in the beach seats under the darkness of big parasols, and nicely enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the red sea, the white exotic beach and the lavish grape plants. The beach showering hotel reveals from 8:00 to 19:00 every day (this might be subject to changes). But the accommodation will be shut in bad weather when gusts of wind surpass the fifth level or the surf surpass one gauge.

Address: Haibin Street, Xiashan region, Zhanjiang city (in the area of the Rongji Square)

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Learn something about Huisen Garden

A new greenway – Wenjiang Lawn Greenway – has been developed in Wenjiang region China tour deals. Many landscapes and recreational areas are placed along it.

Huisen Lawn is one of those. It is popular for its podocarpus macrophyllu (yew pine) which can be seen in various unusual forms. Growers show off their inventiveness by developing different wonderful picturesque areas with bonsai and unusual rocks.

The garden also functions traditional structure. Under a concept of European Shu (AD 406-413) lifestyle, the structure of your garden has been properly developed. The pathways China travel service, developed supports, coloured rafters, structures and pavilions are all in this historical style.

Strolling in the Huisen Lawn China tour packages, one can feel the balance between characteristics and art.%%@af$ko&we*313

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Travel Experience to The Old Town of Jinxi

The conventional city of Jinxi (which indicates Brocade Brook China tour deals) is situated to the south east of Kunshan city in Jiangsu place, and features an useful place as it can be discovered 50 km to the south east of Shanghai and 35 km to the european of Suzhou, and with genuine accessibility main roads which weblink it to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport terminal terminal airport terminal airport terminal airport airport terminal terminal terminal.

Jinxi contains 90.69 rectangle-shaped kilometers of collected place a with rich organic h2o sources. The mild and wet Northern Subtropical Monsoon atmosphere indicates that it likes adequate mild, rainfall drop fall and four exclusive times. The annually circumstances is 16.4 stages (with a high of 37.1 stages and a tiniest recorded warmed variety of -4.5 degrees).

Jinxi China tour packages has many locations of conventional attention and eye-catching views due to its rich conventional and group way of lifestyle. The improved features has led to a improve tourist to Jinxi, which desires to proceed its growth and be a part on the globe economy by getting more worldwide guests and investors.

Jinxi, known as a h2o city, fascinated the imperial family and greater category in the Songs Kingdom (960-1279), and romantics in the Ming Kingdom (1836-1644) extolled the "Eight Sceneries" of the city which are apparent even nowadays when one requires a shift around the old joins, lakes, quiet paths, wats or wats or wats or wats or temples and scenery. The most well-known locations are: Jinxi Lotus Place, Wenchang Cabinet, Lotus Discuss Temple, Silver Beast Garden, Water Serious of Stylish Concubine Chen and the Traditional Ground and Stone Option.

The record of Jinxi goes back to the Neolithic age, and much later, in the Spring and Autum period (770-476 BC), the Expert of Wu assigned Expert Wu Zixu the procedure of making a city. During the Han empire (206 BC-AD 220 ), a well-known typical, Ma Yuan, certified his military in the place and, during the Three Kingdoms period, Primary Reverend Zhang Zhao was hidden in Jinxi. The well-known professional Gu Kaizhi of the The southern part of Jin Kingdom (AD 317-420), remaining to the city to prevent govt oppression. During the Southern Songs Kingdom (1127-1279), Emperor Xiaozong and his concubine Chen remaining to Jinxi to prevent resistance strike, and the concubine was fascinated with the city. When she approved away during their remain, the emperor permitted her memorial in Jinxi, which he relabeled Chenmu (Chen Tomb), and it was not until 1993 that it became once again known as Jinxi.

The regional Celebration board and the govt have recognized museums presenting the town's group and conventional way of lifestyle, and it is known as "China's city of people museums" China travel service. For instance: The Main Chiselling Option and Wonder Stone Option, Chinese suppliers suppliers providers Traditional Rocks and Flooring surfaces places areas Option, the Products Option of The southern part of Chinese suppliers suppliers providers suppliers, the Red Clay-based Option, Zhangsheng Art Option and the Old Money Option.

In inclusion, the Persimmon Garden is home to an choice that also shows calligraphy, and Lotus Discuss Temple and Wenchang Pavilion - a well managed conventional website – are also features.

Five lakes involve Jinxi, and over 30 conventional joins mixture the town's waterways.%%@af$ko&we*312

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Travel Guide - Ningde Global GeoPark

Ningde Worldwide GeoPark China tour deals is situated in Ningde, the northeast of Fujian region in China’s Taimu and Jiufeng hill varies. It includes three picturesque areas: Baishuiyang in Pingnan Nation, Baiyun Mountain in Fuan Town and Taimu Mountain in Fuding Town.

The recreation area is recognized by wonderful miarolite hilly area structures, stunning volcanic area structures and a riverbed that results in falls, strong private pools and other costal and isle destinations. Various landforms make a wealthy, vibrant and exclusive mixture of configurations.

The high value of the geology and geomorphology of the recreation area has made it a establishing for medical research and educating, as well as a location for touring, pleasure and holidays China tour packages.

The U. s. Countries Academic, Scientific and Social Company, better known as UNESCO, organised a conference on world geoparks at the Ancient isle of Lesvos on Oct 3, 2010. At the conference, Ningde GeoPark was detailed in UNESCO's Worldwide Geopark System (GGN) and obtained the international status of "Ningde Worldwide GeoPark".

Natural Landscape

Resources Land structures designed by stream break down and hilly marble optimum groups are the most important area sources of the recreation area. Moreover, Dayushan Island China Educational tours has been ranked as one of the ten most wonderful isles in China suppliers by China Nationwide Location, and visitors compliment the opinions of sun rising, ocean of atmosphere and Buddha’s light at Baiyun Mountain.

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To buy at Antique Street in Beijing

At He Ping Gate of Beijing Beijing tour packages, there is a famous Antique Street, which has a large variety of stores on ancient literature, antiques and curies, stone inscriptions, calligraphy and paintings, the four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab, and paper), seal cutting, western and eastern instruments. This antique street is also called "the Glass Factory" in Chinese from ancient times to the present because it was once the location of a glass factory in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911A.D).

It is a small street lined with shops facades bearing Ming and Qing dynasty architectural features. With brightly painted doors and eaves and gracefully curved black-tiled-roofs buildings, a little of old Beijing′s lifestyle is retained here. It is famous for its ancient books, calligraphy, paintings, rubbings, ink stones and ink.

Along the street, peddlers hawk snacks, groceries, toys and copper coins, all kind of small commodities. Some offer free seal-carving services and they even can find a perfect Chinese name for you if you like. Some shop owners invite folk artists to their shops such as an 80-year-old heir to the Qing Dynasty royal embroidery tradition China travel deals. It is amazing to watch this elderly man embroider a pair of little shoes for a pair of tiny feet.


The Antique Street of Beijing Travel to Beijing is not only an antique selling center, but also the most famous traditional cultural street of Beijing, which attracts the tourists from all over the world to go for a sight-seeing and purchase antiques everyday.

At present, there still stand ancient pavilions and towers of the Qing Dynasty on both sides of the street, which is a perfect match with the calligraphy, paintings and the four treasures of the study and curios in the stores. The Antique Street of Beijing is the place where you can find various kinds of ancient relics of China.

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Must-see for Lhasa travel - Jokhang Temple

The Jokhang Temple, situated in the centre of old Lhasa, was originally built in 647 A.D. It is said the site was chosen personally by the wife of King Songtsan Gampo, the Tang Princess Wen Cheng. It was built by craftsmen from Tibet Tibet Tours, China and Nepal and thus features different architectural styles. The Jokhang is the spiritual centre of Tibet and the holiest destination for all Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims.

In the central hall is the Jokhang's oldest and most precious object -- a sitting statue of Sakyamuni when he was 12 years old. This was carried to Tibet China tour packages by Princess Wen Cheng from her home in Chang'an in 700 A.D. It is a gilded statue adorned with many jewels, in an elaborate setting. Pilgrims have prostrated themselves in front of this statue for centuries.

In front of the Jokhang stands an old and withered willow tree said to be planted by Princess Wen Cheng. In front of the willow is a 3 metre high pillar, which is a treaty stone recording the alliance between the King of Tibet and the Emperor of China in 823 A.D. The three-leves roof of the Jokhang offers splendid views of the affordable China travel packages Barlchor Streets accross to the Potala Palace. The golden roofs are superbly crafted with many birds, beasts, bells ad other intricate figures.

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Travel Guide - Lhasa, a City of Sunshine

Lhasa Tibet Tours means holy land in Tibetan. On the northern bank of Lhasa River, a tributary of Yarlung Zangbo River, it is 3,650 meters above sea level. It is famous for its long history. Lhasa is also famous as a city of sunshine for its sunshine of more than 3,000 hours a year. It is the capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region and is a political, economic and cultural center of the region. It boasts many historical sites and scenic spots both in its urban areas and outskirts. The Potala Palace and Jokhang, Sera, Gaindan monasteries and Drepung Temple are well known at home and abroad.

Norbu Lingka

Norbu Lingka means a lovely garden in Tibetan. Located in the western suburbs of Lhasa, it has been a palace for the Dalai Lamas to stay to escape the summer heat. It was built in the 1740s and covers an area of 36 hectares. It was once a place of bathing and recuperation of the Seventh Dalai Lama. The Qing minister stationed in Tibet China tour deals built the first palace here. Since then, the eighth, 13th and 14th Dalai Lamas built their own palaces here too. Continuous expansions in the past 200-odd years have turned it a large-scale and Tibet-style palace complex and garden. On festivals and holidays, the local people in their splendid attires come here with food and tents to sing and dance overnight.

(It can be reached on foot from the city center or take mini-bus and get off at the College of Tibetan Medicines stop. Also it costs four yuan by tricycle. The admission is 35 yuan. Open hours: 9:30-18:00 and closed on Sundays.)

Barker Street

Barker Street is a shopping street around the Jokhang Monastery. Being 500 meters long, it is also a way along which the pilgrims walk around the monastery while turning prayer wheels in their hands.

(Tourists should walk clockwise as pilgrims do. While buying articles, you should choose the best and cheaper one after comparison and bargaining.)


In Damxung County, Lhasa China tour packages, Yangbajain contains rich geothermal resources and is famous as a geothermal museum. The well-known Yanbajain Geothermal Power Station stands here. It has hot springs everywhere and when the valve is switched on, hot water spurts several meters or even dozens of meters high, constituting a magnificent scene.

(Yangbajain is 100 kilometers away from Lhasa proper. It can be reached by taking the long-distance bus in Lhasa. Around the Yanbajain Transport Station there are guesthouses for your stay.)

Yaowang Hill

On the hill opposite the Potala Palace, originally there was the Yaowang (Medicinal King) Temple or the College of Tibetan Medicines. The senior monks in the temple were doctors who served the Dalai Lamas. In the 1960s, the college was merged with the Hospital of Tibetan Medicines to the west of the Jokhang Monastery. The temple is a ruin now.
Dragon King Pond

At the rear of the Potala Palace China travel service, a pond was left after the earth was collected for the construction of the palace in the mid-17th century. The Sixth Dalai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso built a three-story octagon pavilion in the middle of the pond and took a rest in it. The pavilion has the name for a statue of Dragon King in it. (Admission is three yuan.)

The Lower Tantric College

This college was established in 1433 by Jizun, a disciple of Zonggaba for the development of Tantrism. It is located on the northern side of Beijing E. Road, Lhasa. The main hall has four stories. On the first floor is the Great Hall of Buddhist Sutra. On the other floors are some 70 rooms.

Tibet Museum

Located at the southeast corner of Norbu Lingka, Lhasa, it is the first modern museum in Tibet. It covers an area of 53,959 square meters and has a floor space of 23,508 square meters including an exhibition area of 10,451 square meters. The museum demonstrates a strict and magnificent traditional Tibetan architectural style. Also it reflects a salient feature of modern architectural art.

The museum houses a rich collection of cultural relics including various kinds of cultural relics of pre-history, handwritten Tibetan classics, colorful Thangka pictures, music and ritual instruments, unique handicrafts and pottery. From the exhibition, the visitors can see the long-standing history and profound culture and art of Tibet.

Outside the exhibition hall are green lawns and shadowy trees. Also there are a performance area for modern cultural and physical activities, a garden of local customs and folk culture and manor houses. In addition, the museum has a cultural gallery, handicraft shop and other service facilities. It is a good place for people to relax while visiting the exhibition.

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Top attractions for Tibet travel

Tibet Tibet tour, the Roof of the World, is the highest region on Earth, with an average elevation of 4,900 meters. Located in a plateau north of the Himalayas, it is a mysterious, exotic place for many outsiders. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the massive, tranquil land with its majestic scenery and mysterious religious culture has exerted an awesome draw on travelers.

NO.1 Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is considered to be a model of Tibetan architecture. Located on the Red Hill in Lhasa, it covers more than 360,000 square meters and has 13 storeys. In 641, Songtsan Gambo, ruler of the Tubo Kingdom, had the Potala Palace built for Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty, his future bride. This structure was later burned to the ground during a war and rebuilt in the 17th century by the Fifth Dalai Lama. Over the past three centuries, the palace gradually became a place where the Dalai Lama lives and works and a place for keeping the remains of Dalai Lamas.

Admission: 100 yuan (Nov. 1-Apr. 30); 200 yuan (May 1-Oct.31)

Opening hours: 9:00 - 16:00 except holidays and major events

Travel tips: Only 2300 tickets are issued each day, among which 1600 are for the travel agents and 700 for individual tourists.

NO.2 Mount Everest

The Tibetan name of Mount Everest China travel deals, the highest peak in the world, is Qomolangma, which means "Holy mother" and represents the mother goddess of the Earth. Besides experienced mountaineers, Mount Everest draws scientists and ordinary tourists.

As the supreme point of the world, the mountain top is covered with snow all the year round, and when the glaring sun comes out, the peak becomes very pure and beautiful. Apart from that, many precious plants and animal live in the national natural reserves built in the area of Mt. Qomolangma.

Admission: 180 yuan

Travel tips: Climbing Mt. Everest is very dangerous, only the periods between early March and late May, along with early September and late October are fit for climbing. A mountain climber who can endure the adverse weather should venture on to the peak.

NO.3 Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple, located on Barkhor Square in Lhasa, is Tibet's first Buddhist temple and is part of the Potala Palace trip to china. The temple used to be called Tsulag Khang ("House of Wisdom"), but it is now known as Jokhang ("House of the Buddha"). It is the ultimate pilgrimage destination for Tibetan pilgrims. Built in Tang Dynasty-style architecture, Jokhang Temple is a four-story timber complex. A statue of Sakyamuni at age 10 is one of only three statues designed by Sakyamuni himself.

Admission: 75 yuan

Opening hours: 9:00 - 18:00

Travel tips: The temple is in the downtown centre of Lhasa and recommended time for a visit is two hours.

NO.4 Namtso Lake

Namtso, or Lake Nam, is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet Autonomous Region and should not be missed by any traveler to Tibet. In Tibetan, Namtso means "Heavenly Lake." It is famous for its high altitude and imposing scenery. The second largest salt lake in China, Namtso covers 1,920 square kilometers and is also the second-highest salt lake in altitude in the world at an elevation of 4,718 meters above sea level.

Admission: 120 yuan (50 yuan in the winter)

Travel tips: An organized tour of the lake is recommended.

NO.5 Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon

The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is one of the deepest and longest canyons in the world. The Yarlung Zangpo River Yangtze River tour starts at Mount Kailash before reaching the juncture of Mainling and Medog counties, where it swerves around towering Namjagbarwa, the highest peak in the eastern section of the Himalayas, carving a U-shaped gorge. The canyon is home to many animals and plants barely explored and affected by human influence, while its climate ranges from subtropical to Arctic.

Admission: 150 yuan (April 21-Oct.19); 75 yuan (Oct 20- April 20)

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Tibet travel - On the ancient tea trail

The Tea Trade has existed between areas of Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet Tibet tour for over 1,000 years. This trade has had a profound impact on both cultures and was one of the primary commodities, along with horses, that served as the reason to blaze roads and trails through some of the most dramatic mountain and canyon country in the world.

The trade for hardy Tibetan horses was a key to Chinese frontier policy from the Tang Dynasty onward. The robust Tibetan mounts were used extensively by Chinese cavalry who were entrusted with defending the Chinese frontiers from nomadic tribes from Central Asia. In return, Chinese tea became a mainstay in the diet and social life of Tibetans, as it remains today. Tea provided the necessary nutrients to offset the meat and dairy-dominated diet of Tibetans, and it also served to reinforce many of the social customs in the mountainous plateau country. Additionally, the tea trade was a financial resource which provided support for the widespread network of lamaseries that dot the Tibetan landscape. It also served to unite many of the far-flung and isolated Tibetan communities in eastern Tibet Luxury China tour packages.

Tea was brought to the Tibetan highlands China travel deals over a number of extended trade routes through the high passes and deep canyons of Tibet. The two primary routes started from tea source areas around Ya’an in Sichuan province and Ximao in Yunnan province. The Ya’an route ran directly west to modern day Kanding where tea was transshipped from human porters to yak caravans headed to Lhasa. The tea trail branched after Kanding – the north branch running through the ancient Trehor kingdoms and through Derge while the south branch ran through Litang and the Chinese trading community of Batang and then via the spectacular canyons of the Lancang (Mekong) and Jinsha Jiang (Yangtze) river systems. Both branches rejoined in Chamdo in eastern Tibet to track west to Lhasa. The Yunnan route ran north through the canyons of the Jinsha Jiang and Lancang rivers to Chamdo where it joined the Ya’an routes.

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Learn something about Mausoleum of Zhu Xi

Mausoleum of Zhu Xi is a key preservation of relics in Fujian province China tour deals. It is located in a big valley of Tang Shili (Huangkeng Town), Jianyang City, which was selected by Zhu Xi himself before his death. Carp Hillock stands on its left side and Tangshi Hill lies on its right side; Tiger Hill crouches in its front and Nine-dragon Hillock of Nine-dragon Hill stands on its back. Such a situation is called “silk and ribbon gone with the wind.”

Zhu Xi (1130-1200) was a philosopher and educationist in Southern Song Dynasty. He died from illness in Kaoting, Jianyang city on 1st March, 1200(the sixth year of Qingyuan in Southern Song Dynasty China travel service). After death he was buried here with his wife Liu shi.

On the hill there are Xingru Pavilion and Shunning Nunnery

China tour packages which were repaired several times in Jiajing Period of Ming Dynasty (1522-1566). Also there are five halls at the foot of the hill and people repaired them in Kangxi, Qianlong and Jianqing periods of Qing Dynasty. Zhu Zi Temple was once built at the foot of the hill too, but it finally collapsed for lack of repairs. The tomb is round in shape and was paved with pebbles on the surface. A tombstone, which was set up in the fifty-sixth year of Kangxi period in Qing Dynasty, still stands in the centre of the upper part which was inscribed with the words “Grave of the Virtuous Person Zhu Zi and his wife Liu shi”. In front of the tomb, there is a quadrate stone incense burner and a stone oblation table with a couple of stone candles standing on the front both sides. Alongside the main road are newly-built grave path and stele pavilion.

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