Guide of North Pole Village and Khanka Lake in Heilongjiang

The following introduce you the two attractions in Heilongjiang which are different from that of Tibet travel.

1. North Pole Village

North Pole Village can be found at the utmost northern part of China in Mohe County, Heilongjiang Province. Neighboring Russia with only a river between the two, North Pole Village is the only place to enjoy aurora borealis and polar day phenomenon in the country.

Covering an area of 100.06 hectares, the village is the first village in China styled after Northern Europe. The place is also called the "Home of Santa Claus", the "World of Children's Stories" and the "World Above Snow."

The Summer Solstice is the busiest time each year, with fascinating fire parties beside the river all night long.

Admission: 60 yuan (US$9.47)/person

2. Khanka Lake

Khanka Lake, or Xingkai Lake, located on the border of Russia and China's Heilongjiang Province, is the largest water body of northeast China. Covering an area of 4,380 square kilometers (438,000 hectares), the lake empties into China's eastern-most river, the Wusuli. The view of this lake is very splendid which can be matched with that of West Lake in Hangzhou for China tour.

The area around the lake is an important wetland habitat for animal and plant species and forms nature reserves of both countries. A paradise of migrant birds, the lake attracts hundreds of thousands of birds every spring, and is known internationally as an excellent place to go bird watching. Its wonderful scenery in all seasons also makes it an ideal place for photography and filming.

The lake has been included in the list of "World Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO.

Admission: 40 yuan (US$6.32)/person

If you want to know more info about these two attractions, you can contact with China travel agents.

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