Information on Li Minority in China

This blog post still introduce you a minority group in China. Do you hear of Li ethnic group in China. I heard of name of Li, but I know nothing about this minority, so I look up some information about this minority and share with you here, which can help you if you want a China travel.

The Li ethnic group lives mainly in and around the Li-Miao Autonomous Prefecture, South China's Hainan Province.

The Lis are always born with generous characters and are gifted in dancing and singing, and their "bamboo dance" is probably the most attractive and representative dancing performance of Hainan.

When children grow into their teens, they are expected to move from their parents' house to a long gui, transliteration of the local Li language, which means "a cottage without kitchen." Boys build their long guis by themselves and girls' long guis will be built by her parents. Usually these rooms are smaller than the ones they lived in before; they have very lower doors, without any partition wall. Children always live in the large "brothers' long gui" or "sisters' long gui" with one or two friends their own age of the same sex, but the smaller one could only admit one child living in. This is also the place where the youth find their lover.

Hainan is regarded as “Hawaii in China”. If you have plan to deal with China tour, you should have a taste of seafood here.
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