Noodles and Congee in Hong Kong

If you have a China tour, the following local cuisine should not missed.

1. Cantonese-style congee

Cantonese-style congee: Congee, or rice porridge, is found all over China. However, it is unlikely that anyone puts more effort into congee than the people of Guangdong Province and Hong Kong. Raw ingredients are put in continuously boiling rice porridge until they become soft and their flavours are infused in the entire mixture.

2. Chiu Chow-style congee

From Chaozhou in Guangdong Province, Chiu Chow people have brought their distinct dialect and cuisine to Hong Kong. The difference can be seen in their fresh-seafood renditions of congee, such as the baby oyster congee.

Chiu Chow congee is made tender and fragrant by covering it and letting it stand for about half an hour after it is cooked. According to folklore, this method was discovered accidently by a Chiu Chow fishing family, who usually kept a pot of congee on their boat when at sea. The family in question was robbed by pirates but the fisherman’s wife had the presence of mind to hide their freshly-made pot of congee under some blankets so that they would have food to sustain them for the voyage home. The pirates missed the congee and, when they had left, the family discovered the pleasant effect that covering the pot had on the rice grains.

3. Rice noodles in soup

Rice noodles are often served in soup with beef balls or fish balls. Cantonese meat balls differ from their Western counterparts in texture. Instead of mincing, the meat is pounded until it is pulverised, giving the meatballs a smooth texture.

4. Wonton noodles

Traditionally, bite-sized wontons (a kind of Chinese dumpling) are served in an aromatic stock with noodles that are springy to the bite. Ideally, the wontons will be filled 70 per cent with shrimp and 30 per cent with pork.

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