The Art of Bargaining in China

If you want a China custom tour and shopping freely in China, you should know when you can and cannot bargain. The following give you some clues.

As a rule of thumb, DON’T expect to bargain at any large stores, corporate chains, or department stores — the employees have neither the authority nor incentive to haggle with you. Also, don’t bother trying in a restaurant (though you might have some luck if you’re with a large group of people in an empty restaurant).

DO bargain when shopping for any goods (clothes, gifts, art, jade, etc) if it looks like an independently owned business. Sometimes these shops will have a sign proclaiming, “All prices are final”…but it’s not always true (unless business is booming, they’d rather make some money than none). But sometimes they really do stick to their guns and won’t budge on price (typically very low-priced goods).

Hotels: Always worth trying to get a lower rate. Depending on their occupancy rate, you can sometimes get discounts even at large, corporate hotel chains (by simply asking or committing to several nights).

Bargaining is very necessary when you buy some typical and traditional souvenir. Even in some some places of ethnic places such as Xinjiang which are one of destinations of Silk Road tours.

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