Gulangyu Island of Xiamen

Gulangyu is a small island, just 5 minutes away from the mainland by ferry. Gulangyu is renowned for its European architectures and is also a hot destination for China tour. I visit Gulangyu last mouth. I will give something about this island.

The island itself covers an area of 1.78 sq km and is home to around only 15,000 permanent residents. The streets are pedestrianised making it a nice place to get away from some of the hustle and bustle of everyday China and luckily it’s not been totally overdeveloped (yet). Once you’ve left the main ferry terminus its easy to find yourself alone and free to explore. If you’re lucky you might even hear the sound of piano playing as the island has more pianos per-capita than anywhere else in the world (there is even a piano and organ museum)!

Below Sunlight Rock can be found a small temple with picturesque views out over the adjacent rooftops leading to the sea which on a nice day is perfect for a quick paddle. Further down can be found Shuzhuang Garden which was originally conceived by a Taiwanese business man as a private villa but opened to the public in 1955. It contains many elements of traditional Chinese design which exhibit the art of hiding, combining, and borrowing from one’s surroundings.

I went there by taking part in a private private China tour package, so I suggest you join a tour package which will make the whole journey comfortable.

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