The Best Time to Visit China

China is a very hot tourist destination. When to have China tours.

The best times to visit China are the spring (March-May) and the autumn (September to early November). During these times, there’s less rain and clearer skies.

But with the exception of the north during the winter, you can still see China comfortably year-round. Summers see the heaviest rain and can be uncomfortably hot, especially in the south near Hong Kong, which has notoriously hot and humid summers.

Most first-time travelers to China will travel up and down the eastern provinces (the most developed and richest provinces containing most tourist highlights). For example, from the north in Beijing all the way south to Hong Kong. So plan accordingly: if you’re arriving during the spring, start in the south (before the hot & sticky summers start up) and finish in Beijing. Or if you’re arriving in the autumn, start in Beijing — before the brunt of winter moves in — and make your way south.

While the national holidays also should be avoided such as May Day, National Day and Chinese New Year, which are "golden weeks" in China, the streets and famous site will be very crowded.

If you have plan to take part in a China vacation packages, you tour guide will give you the information about which time should be avoided and others.

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