Chinese people have haircut for good luck today

There are many traditional festival in China. If you are travelling in China now, you may find that many Chinese choose haircut today.

In Chinese lunar calendar, today (March 13, 2013) is the second day of the second month, which is called Longtaitou Festival, meaning "the dragon raises its head".

Many Chinese people choose to have hair cut today not only for the sake of good luck, but also because the custom “no shaving in lunar January” followed in some areas in China.

Longtaitou is celebrated in various ways, including eating Chinese pancakes, dumplings, and noodles.

In ancient agrarian culture, the long (Chinese dragon) was believed to in charge of rain. Longtaitou Festival is celebrated as an important worshipping ritual to wish for a good harvest in the coming months.

Longtaitou Festival is around the time of Jingzhe, one of the 24 solar terms when the hibernating insects begin to wake up at the beginning of early spring, which is often accompanied by the arrival of the first rains. The weather is getting warm, meanwhile, farmers start their spring ploughing today.

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