Picturesque Landscape of Lashi Lake

Yunnan is hot destination for China tours. But for most foreign tourist, they just know Lijiang, Dali and some ordinary tourists attraction. Do you heard of Lashi Lake. Here I will give you some information about it.

With an elevation of 2,500 meters, Lashi Lake, also named the National Wetland Park, is 10 km, namely about 30-minute drive from Lijiang Old Town. Horse riding and boating and winter bird watching are the major activities here.

The classic horse riding route rolls along historic Horse Tea Trail. The steep, weathered path still is luring with the dense forest, lake and waterfalls, serene temple as well as the local Naxi farming life in the little village. The groups of horse riders, tinkle of horse bells and the wild singing of the horse man may give you an illusion of the ancient traders' horsing journey. The horse ride, preferred by the Chinese tourists, has become a bit commercialized like the photographer take and sell you your picture on some spots, the local villagers sell the horse snacks or the goods stores are scattered on the trail. If it is your first time to do the horse ride, better not to make it long since the bumpy ride on the horse back can easily make you feel sore and avoid the ride in the rainy time. A guide or a Chinese-speaking companion is advised to do the ride since most of the horse men don't speak English and to better bargain down the ripped-off offer. Sunray protection should also be prepared for this highland horse ride.

You then can relax the ride soreness by sitting back in the pole boat on the lake. Snow mountain reflection on the emerald ripple, the scattered standing willows, low azure sky, the fishing birds can gild the boating experience. You may also be surprised to find out your horse men exerting their making-money sense by turning into the boatmen or overpriced-grilled-fish sellers.

Lashi Lake has different view by comparison with the view in Xinjiang. If you once had Silk Road explore you can know the difference between the two.

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