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The following are guaranteed:

China vacation deals for value-seekers, best price & quality guaranteed.

Providing budget travelers with the most affordable China tour packages.

5 or 4-star hotels, guided sightseeing tours, standard meals as specified, etc.

China travel deals


Affordable China tours are the budget offer of These China travel deals on promotion are perfect combination of top China tours like Beijing tours, Xian tours, Shanghai tours, Suzhou tours, Hangzhou tours These affordable China tour packages would be the best choice for budget travelers. Choose these China tour deals and get your memorable China travel started. Join us and enjoy your China vacation deals at affordable price!

You can save more money and enjoy very good China travel service.

Besides that some group tour packages are arranged with the following services: The ultimate in luxury travel arrangements to China.

*The highest standards of service

*FIVE STAR PLUS hotel accommodations

*EXECUTIVE SUITES on the Yangtze River Cruise

*Pre-selected Buffet-dinner at FIVE STAR PLUS hotels

*Group size is limited to 10 people

*Guaranteed tour departures for a minimum of 2 passengers

All this service is contained in all destinations of China tour packages.

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