Helpful Tips for China travelling I

If you plan to organize popular China tour package, the following tips will give you a big favor.

1. Once you buy it in China, it is yours. Like most foreign countries, make sure you are happy with the exact merchandise being sold to you. Inspect what you intend to buy, and not a sample with a "factory sealed" package to be delivered upon payment.

2. China has competitive and generally reliable electronics malls in the major cities. Be sure you are geeky enough to make an informed purchase. There are bargains, but do not expect the technical help you might get from your own electronics stores at home.

3. You should be an experienced shopper to know what something is worth in a Chinese market. Generally the shopkeeper will start at 10X what you should counteroffer. You could ask strangers what they would typically pay for it. Taxi prices are set by meter. Food merchants naturally will jack up the price for foreign-looking people, so be sure to bargain. Bargaining is an art in China. If you do not care for it, have someone else buy things for you.

4. Beggars and street people? There are a few, but no where near the number of homeless on the streets of the U.S. Chinese pay them no mind and neither should you. Just walk on.

5. Like anywhere, some tourist attractions are overrated. Avoid visiting mid-morning and mid-afternoon when group bus tours unload hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists to overrun a previously enjoyable attraction. The cacophony of multiple battery-operated bullhorns in several languages will spoil any visit to a Chinese garden, the Great Wall (a must-see for wonderful China travel packages) or landscape scenery.

6. Tour groups are a good convenient way to see some outstanding things and get taken to tourist trinket stores. When you ditch the tour you probably see more on your own, but with more time spent planning about being a stranger in a foreign land. You cannot hope to get a pulse of the people on a typical tourism visit, as you will not be exposed to common worker Chinese, the hundreds of millions who form the majority in the country. You will see a lot of Chinese hospitality industry workers who speak some English, and maybe some Chinese tourists who also are enjoying the country. They are not at all representative of the country, 48% of which still live on the farm and do not speak one word of English, even if they allegedly learned it in school.

7. Chinese people are delighted if you make any attempt to speak Mandarin, even if it’s only a couple of words. The best way to introduce yourself is with a warm, broad smile. Even when you might be upset or frustrated, smile. It works.

8. Traveling in China on its holidays can be a nightmare. Plan your trip carefully so you know what to expect on the Chinese Official Holidays. is a good source, so search for the current year. While the holidays may be the same from year to year, even tied to fixed dates, the entire holiday period will shift. New schedules are posted in December, just a week or so before the year begins. Do not assume the May Day holiday is May 1-3. It might be April 29 and 30 and May 1. That mistake might ruin sightseeing and cause you to be stranded without transport tickets.

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