Food Tour in China

Like a huge range of inspiring landscapes lied within the vast territory, China also is the home of diversity of peoples. The Han People is the dominant force, but there also are more than 50 ethnic groups with different customs, traditions, languages and ways of life living on this large area. Despite these differences existing, one thing that binds all Chinese people together is the passion on food.

Now let's begin our food China tours

Chinese food enjoys a reputation in the world. One of the best known is Beijing Roast Duck which can be eaten in other countries, but the authentic Beijing roast duck can be found in Beijing. The Beijing roasted duck can be dated back to 1,500 years. Why Beijing roast duck got so famous is the breed of the duck, i.e. Beijing duck. According to the legend, the superb taste of the roast dick comes from the rare-breed Beijing duck. The most famous Beijing roast duck restaurant that offers the most tasting roast is Quanjude restaurant.

Snack stalls and markets abound are perfect to taste delicious food. You can spend little money to get you stomach full with delectable snacks. The night markets and snack stalls can be found in most China cities.

Do you like spicy food? If you like, you should head to Sichuan Province and Chongqing City, home to the spiciest dishes on the planet. Chillies are used as the fixings along with the unique Sichuan pepper. The signature dish in Sichuan is hotpot. Although hotpot can be eaten in other places of China, Sichuan is the hometown of hotpot.

Hongshao Rou (braised pork belly) is a popular dish among Chinese. Hunan Province, the birthplace of Mao Zedong, is the home to this dish. But this dish is too fatty for some western. Taste because it is really delicious.

Speaking of Guangxi, people always think of the enchanting landscapes in Guilin. But Guangxi is also famous for its dog-meat hotpot. If you think eating dog meat violate your morals, you can try beer fish, a mouth-watering specialty of village of Yangshuo.

Wow, the food trip is very marvelous. Besides tasting the delicious food, we can also have some scenic China tours.

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