Explore Incredible Scenery in Tibet

You just have to turn your head to get another outstanding view in Tibet, a hot tourist destination for China vacation deals. Whether the rolling grasslands of the north, Mars-like deserts of the west, snowcapped Himalayan views to the south or the huge valleys and gigantic lakes of the center, everywhere you turn are amazing high-altitude colors.

Everest Base Camp

Jaw-dropping views of the north face that are so much better than from the Nepal side.
Rising 5200 meters above sea level, the camp mainly provides travelers with accommodation. The “tourist Base Camp” is located about half-way between Rongbuk Monastery and the actual climbers Base Camp at the foot of Rongbuk glacier. Besides a couple of permanent structures and a small army base, the base is enclosed by many tents. The best time to climb the Everest is from early April to the end of May. Many famous climbers come here to prepare for climbing the summit of the Everest.

Most travelers spend a night or two at the tent camp. Owners of tents all charge the same per-bed fee (rmb 40) and offer very simple meals and drinks. At Rongbuk, you can stay at Monastery Guesthouses, located across the road from the monastery itself. Climbing Everest is a great challenge and many tourists are hard to choose for their popular China tours.

Northern Route, Western Tibet

Herds of antelope and wild ass graze by hug salt-water lakes in this empty end of the world.

The northern route is the longer of the two routes from Lhasa (a tourist destination for top China tours) to Ngari but it is the more spectacular route, passing the huge salt-water lakes and valleys of seminomadic herders, as well as marmots, blue sheep, wild asses and antelope. Although it is no free way, the dirt road is well maintained and driving condition is good.

Tashigang area

Sublime Swiss-style pine forests, green valley and jagged peaks feature the Tashigang area. Tashigang is a small village with a small number of residents. A couple of kilometers east of the small town of Lunang, Nyingchi, is for many travelers highlights of a trip to this part of eastern Tibet. Surrounded by deep green barley fields and bright yellow rapeseed, and framed by forested mountains, Tashigang with its pigs and chickens roaming free, is made up of a handful of large stone Tibetan block homes, six of which have been converted into fabulous family guesthouses. Staying in the family guesthouses, it is the best chance to experience the authentic Tibetan lifestyle.

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