Xi'an - The Weight of Ten Dynasties

- Step into China's ancient civilization while gazing into the eyes of the Terracotta Warriors that guard the tomb of the first emperor to unify China

- Explore Xi'an's central Asian influences at the end of the Silk Road (Silk Road tours) through a stroll in the city's vibrant Muslim Quarter

- Admire the Big Goose Pagoda, a reflection of Buddhism's development in China

Explore the original capital of the Chinese Kingdom, Xi'an (formerly known as Chang'an). The political center of numerous imperial dynasties, during its time Xi'an challenged the likes of Rome and Constantinople as the greatest city that ever lived. If Beijing is China's political center today, then Xi'an remains its historical center, with more than 300 sites designated as culturally important (including the renowned Terracotta Army) and countless relics uncovered. Add to this the city's historical status as the terminus of the Silk Road, and it is unsurprising to discover just how rich and deep Xi'an's heritage runs, to the extent that no trip to China is truly complete without a visit to this historic center.

From the world famous excavation site of the Terracotta Army which is the must-see included in affordable China tours, where we admire the craftsmanship and fine details of the more than 8,000 life-size figures on display, to a private taichi lesson on the Ancient City Wall, to the Han Dynasty Hanyang Tomb, on this journey we delve into China's ancient history and culture.

Featured Trip Plan:

Day 1: Arrive in Xi'an; visit Terracotta Army; traditional dumpling dinner; explore the Muslim Quarter.

Day 2: Private taichi lesson on the Ancient City Wall; calligraphy lesson at the Forest of Steles; vegetarian lunch; stroll around the Big Goose Pagoda Square; visit to the Shaanxi History Museum which is the best place to learn the ancient history and culture for your popular China travel package .

Day 3: Visit the Hanyang Tomb; transfer to the airport.

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