Relief from the madding crowds II

After years of restoration, the pagoda is now open to the public and as well as offering some lovely panoramic views of the town it is also home to one of the world's largest jade reclining Buddhas. Newly produced and shipped from Myanmar, the statue is 8.9 meters in length and 32 tons in weight.

The petite town is also home one of the oldest and longest and best preserved slab stone streets in East China. Consisting of 2,072 stone slabs, the 800-meter street boasts such a surprisingly effective drainage system that even after a heavy downpour, there are few pools of water on the street.

The town's most famous son is Gu Yanwu, a renowned thinker and scholar of the late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) who famously said "everyone should be responsible for the rise and fall of his country". Today his former residence is one of the town's main attractions.

It takes about an hour to get to Qiandeng by car from Shanghai (hot destination included in packages of China travel deals). While there are few restaurants and cafes, the ones there are offer rustic east China cuisine at a reasonable price. After lunch you can spend the afternoon taking a relaxing boat trip or enjoy a Kunqu Opera performance in one of the teahouses.

Accommodation is limited and mostly low budget.

Qinhu Lake, Taizhou - 480 km from Shanghai

The Qingming Festival traditionally involves people paying their respects to their ancestors by visiting their graves. However, at Qinhu Lake in Taizhou, Jiangsu province, people celebrate a tradition that dates back to at least the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Every year the Qintong Boat Festival is staged on the lake. Beginning on the second day of the Qingming Festival, it is a weeklong carnival in which hundreds of skillful boatmen converge on the lake to compete in dragon boat races, there are also a variety of theatrical performances and folk dances.

The festival is becoming the biggest temple fair on water with the support of the local government, so you can expect to bump into other people.

If you really don't want to see anyone, the lake is part of the country's second-largest wetland park, which is home to more than 113 species of plants and 73 species of animals, including some rare species such as red-crowned cranes and rein deer.

Tourists can alternate between a boat cruise and walk to explore the huge park for your    popular China travel package, although it is more usually suggested to explore the park in a vehicle. However, it is more intimate to see the flora and fauna by boat and on foot.

The reeds have just turned from winter yellow to tender green, signaling spring is in the air, which means this is a good time to visit the park as many of the animals are putting on their courtship displays.

You can consider the above in your China vacation packages.

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