An ancient town in Chongqing - Zhuoshui

Though I visited some places including some famous ancient towns in China such as Pingyao Ancient Town, but I never heard of the name of Zhuoshui Ancient Town in Chongqing. Zhuoshui Ancient Town, not listing on the top China tours, is worthwhile to visit if you are planing to visit Chongqing.

It was once called Baihe Ba in ancient China. As one of important commercial port, the town witness the ups and downs of Ba people. Many of historical sites can be found in the town. With the history of more than 4,000 years, the town contains deep culture connotation. The ancient town is well-preserved during the development. Here you can see many traditional and local producing things such as embroidery and tea.

If you have a Yangtze River tour and embark the ship in Chongqing, you can visit this ancient town if you have free time.

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