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Kunming, reputedly the spring city, is not only endowed with enchanting scenery, favorable climate, but also savory dishes. Kunming food are representative of Dian cuisine (Dian is the abbreviation of Yunnan province), which integrates the cooking style of other cities, brimming with distinctive local flavor of Yunnan province. It is agreed that Kunming food is less peppery than that of Guizhou and less spicy than that of Sichuan. To those who prefer light flavored dishes, Kunming food is a bit more peppery, while not enough spicy to those in Sichuan and Hunan province. It is its distinguished taste that makes Kunming food more national-featured and local-flavored. Yunnan has much to offer for gastronomists, Cross Bridge Rice Noodle, Pot Steamed Chicken, Bittern Duck, to name but a few. The mouth-watering Kunming food would be a great feast to the visitors' tasting bud. The must-eat food in Kunming (Kunming travel guide) is listed in the following.

What to Eat in Kunming

Cross Bridge Rice Noodle

Cross Bridge Rice Noodle

As a representative dish in Yunnan, the tasty Cross Bridge Rice Noodle is well-known in China and no Yunnan trip is complete without tasting it. Cross Bridge Rice Noodle is composed of three essentials, namely chicken soup, shredded meat and vegetables, and rice noodles. Each bowl of chicken soup is no less than 600 gram. The shredded meat is diversified, which mainly covers collop, sliced chicken and fish. Seasoned with chives, Mung bean sprouts, caraway and leek, the rice noodle is much luring and appetizing. Apart from Cross Bridge Rice Noodle, rice noodle could be cooked in other ways, such as marinated rice noodle and casserole-cooked rice noodles and the likes. Each of them enjoys its own flavor and visitors might as well i taste them one by one

Pot Steamed Chicken

Pot Steamed Chicken

The Pot Steamed Chicken is a nutritious dish brimming with distinctive Yunnan (famoust destination for China tour deals) flavor. To make the palatable pot steamed chicken, several procedures are needed. First put pseudo-ginsengs into the belly of chicken and then put the shredded chicken into a boiler. Season the chicken with ginger, a shallot, pepper and salt in the pot, and then interlock the pot into a casserole. Then steam the chicken with soft fire for three or four hours. When the dish is prepared, the flavor of the chicken soup is all-pervading. Since it is steamed in casserole, the original flavor of chicken is maintained, luring in flavor and rich in nutrition.

Yiliang Roasted Duck

Yiliang Roasted Duck

Yiliang Roasted Duck enjoys a history of more than 600 years, whose reputation could compare with that of Peking Duck. The little duck is featured with fresh meat and palatable taste, while the fat duck, tough but savory. Accompanied with shallot, pepper and sauce, Yiliang Roasted Duck is more mouth-watering and appetizing. Many places are available for tasting Yiliang Roasted Duck, among which the Goujie Roasted Duck is the most famous.

Xuanwu Ham

Xuanwu Ham

Xuanwu Ham, also referred as Yuntui and Yunnan Ham, is one of the three most famous hams in China which should be tasted after visiting Kunming attractions. It enjoys great reputation in the world and is well-reviewed by customers domestic and abroad. It is featured with delicate shape, strong flavor, fresh meat, high quality and rich nutrition. Seasoned with other ingredients, Xuanwu ham could be kept for a long period. As the main ingredients of Yunnan cuisine, Xuanwu ham is offered in many local restaurants.

Chenggong Fermented Tofu

Chenggong Fermented Tofu

Fermented tofu is a popular traditional specialty in Yunnan province. Among numerous ones, fermented tofu in Chenggong County Yunnan is the most famous, which enjoys time-honored history. Dated back to the Kangxi reign of Qing dynasty, fermented tofu in Chenggong was invented by Wangzhong, a villager in Qibuchang Village of Chenggong. Kangxi spoke highly of fermented tofu in Chenggong after tasting it and authorized it the relish of royal food.

Where to Eat in Kunming

Jia Yan Restaurant (Fabulous Feast Restaurant)

The Fabulous Feast Restaurant is characterized by its unique architectures of Ming and Qing style, which is high of historical and cultural value. It is a great getaway for visitors to explore the culture of Yunnan cuisine. Facing the enchanting Cuihu Lake, Fabulous Feast Restaurant enjoys unbeatable location. Guests could view the enticing scenery of Cuihu Lake while tasting the authentic Yunnan dishes in the restaurant. Location: No.5, Cuihu North Road, Kunming

Telephone: 0871-5110587

De Yi Ju Restaurant (Pleasant Restaurant)

The Pleasant Restaurant is specialized in home-made Yunnan dishes, which is home to the private-cooked dishes of rich families in Ming and Qing dynasties, healthy, nutritious and palatable. The restaurant, three-storied, is perched in the ancient houses built in Qing Dynasty, which used to be the residence of the prestigious commander Cai'E. In the restaurant, the elegant Guzheng performance would be offered while enjoying palatable dishes. How pleasant it is! Location:Jinbi Road, Kunming Phone: 0871-3633555

Cross Bridge Rice Noodle Restaurant

Built in 1906, the Cross Bridge Noodle Restaurant enjoys time-honored history, which is well-reviewed restaurant specializing in Yunnan Cuisine. The Cross Bridge Rice Noodle, a mouth-watering snack in Yunnan, prepared in the restaurant is the most authentic, which captures numerous patrons home and abroad to have a taste. Brimming with local flavor, the diversified dishes offered in this restaurant are particular about fine ingredient and sophisticated cooking-technics, which is favored by customers greatly.

Location: No.113, Taoyuan Road, Panlong District, Kunming

Phone: 0871-3151126

How to get there: take buses No. 129, No. 84 and No. 71 to get there.

Auspicious Clouds Food Street (Xiang Yun Jie)

Located in the center of Kunming City, the auspicious cloud food street is home to diversified mouth-watering snacks in Yunnan province, such as cross bridge rice noodles, pot-cooked rice noodles, Chenggong fermented tofu and Yiliang roasted duck and the likes. Apart from the traditional ones, some new-flavored snacks are also available on the street, such as snacks in Taiwan and countries in South Sea. With authentic flavor and various choices, food on the auspicious clouds street captivates uncountable eating-addicts domestic and abroad to pay a visit. Location: Xiangyun Road, Wuhua District, Kunming (Kunming tours)

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