Soak hot springs in Hailuogou

Hailuogou has very different views by comparison with scenery in big cities. If you once have a Hong Kong travel and Sichuan travel, you will know difference between them. The following will introduce you not Hailuogou but the hot spring in Hailuogou.

Another special attraction of the Conch Gully is its hot springs hidden either in virgin forests or under the cover of snow and ice. The most noted ones are at No.1 and No. 2 campsites.

In No.2 Campsite, hot springs gush out from rock cracks year round, with a daily flow of 8,900 tons. Water temperature at the mouth can reach as high as 90 °C. The hot springs gush into a small pond, from where they drop down along a cliff to form a waterfall of eight meters wide and 10 meters high. The spring water is believed to be effective in curing diabetes, neuralgia, arthritis and gastroenteritis. Nearby, a swimming pool has been built in the open air for tourists’ convenience.

There are also a big swimming pool and small-scale bathrooms in No.1 Campsite. The famous Gonggar Miraculous Fount is located at 1,600 meters above sea level, where travelers don’t need to worry about altitude sickness. Still, most of the visitors favor hot springs in No.2 Campsite because they are rustic, with more natural taste.

If you want know more information on hot springs in Hailuogou, you can a local China travel agency.

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