Northern Silk Route Attractions for your Silk Road travel

Urumqui is the largest city in Western China and is the most remote major city in the world with a distance of 1,400 miles to the nearest sea. The city has exploded in modernization over the past 200 years due to its wealth in mining and oil production and makes an excellent base from which to explore Xinjiang, an optional destination for your China vacation deals, the largest province in China.

Delve into the area’s rich history by taking history tours through the Xinjiang Museum, or the Xinjiang Silk Road Museum for your Silk Road travel. Wander around the 130-year-old Erdaoqiao market and discover troves of ethnic foods and handcrafts as well as dancers and a variety of fun activities. Touring Erdaoqiao market at night is particularly exciting as the entire scene is illuminated with colorful lights.

Enjoy the serenity of the People’s Park, or venture to nearby Red Hill Park which contains an amusement park, a Buddhist temple and Red Hill which is crowned with a nine-storey tall red brick pagoda.

Trip to the beautiful Mount Nan Pastures and Terai Camp and join Kazakh herdsmen on horseback tours as they herd livestock through a landscape of green grass fields and snow-covered mountains. Then join the family for a traditional exotic dinner and a night spent in their traditional yurt. Partake of majestic views at Heavenly Lake, observe the diverse population of butterflies in Urumqi Butterfly Valley and enjoy the photogenic scenes and lively aroma of the Huocheng County Lavender Planting Base which is a must-see for your best tours of China.

Turpan is only a two hour drive from Urumqi and can easily be incorporated into a day trip.

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