A museum displays Beijing arts and crafts

There are many tourists attractions in Beijing, many of which present the ancient Chinese history. Beijing Arts & Crafts Mueum is also one of them. When you have a Beijing travel, you should not miss this museum.

Beijing Arts & Crafts Museum (BACM) is located 4th floor of Gongmei Emporium, which is the first professional arts & crafts museum in Beijing.

The Museum founds in 1987, is a cultural institute to be originated by Beijing Gongmei Group Company. It is a creation of sponsor a museum by an enterprise.

BACM collects more than 3,000 pieces fine arts & crafts wares, including prestigious china traditional arts and crafts of "Jade Carving , Ivory Carving, Cloisonne and Carved Lacquer", also collects some handicrafts "gold filigree inlaid ware, antique porcelain, ancient bronze ware, valued embroidery works, gold lacquer and personality Chinese paintings and calligraphy works. If you visit Palace Museum, you may appreciate ancient artists` masterpieces. In Beijing Arts & Crafts Museum you will look and enjoy the exquisite handicrafts works.

Visiting Beijing Arts & Crafts Museum, seems marching into the artistic palace. The masterpieces make you full of passion, they are entirely marvelous artistic works. Master Pan Bing-heng`s jadeite carving "Elephant Lei"is with a supernatural story. You may feel that it`s a perfect integration from the bronze shape and jade carving. The white jade Jigong Monk is designed and carved by Master Wang Shu-sen, it`s praiseworthy by every visitor. Master Liu De-ying is good at carving flower & birds. He created coral "All the Birds Worshipped the Phoenix", attracts the everyone . The agate Dragon Plate,is well known at home and abroad. Generally each exhibit shows us that Chinese people`s wisdom and talent. The large size pair ivory carving New Look of Beijing; Beijing`s Old Scenery are accomplished in 1960`, the subject mattes is derived from Beijing 60` famous 10 constructions, and street scenery in old Beijing. You may enjoy old Beijing`s local condition & social costumes , more than 300 figurines are lifelike. Which is to used display in Great Hall of the Peoples and the Hall of Tian An Men Rostrum many years. The sparkling gold filigree inlaid ware Thousand Hands & Eyes Guanyin,is designed by Master Wang Shu-wen. Guanyin solemnly & serenely put in the hall of BACM. The president Zhao Pu-chu, of China Buddhism Association in person of wrote epigraph "Hong Xiu Pu Yin" for this Guanyin. Master Gao Cong-li,who takes part in wood carving many years,he engraved wood ware is quite superb. He created wood carving Liang Shanbo & Zhu YingTai very successfully, is to be called Chinese edition of Romeo & Juliet. The carved lacquer "Flower-Basket Plate" is enjoyed highly prestige in the world. This is the first three-dimensional lacquer carving works, which is created by Master Du Bingchen. In 1984,this carved lacquer "Flower Basket Plate" is to be awarded golden medal at Leipzig World Expo in German.

Beijing Arts & Crafts Museum is an important site for visitors. Every year, receives a great deal of visitors from domestic & abroad. Some VIP have visited BACM early or late. When Jia Qinglin, the chairman of CPPCC, and Wu Yi, Vice-Primer of State Council visited Beijing Arts & Crafts Museum, the exquisite arts & crafts exhibits won high recognition from them. IOC executive commissioner Mr. Heiburg is invited to visit BACM, he is very interested in these wonderful workmanship of Chinese traditional handicrafts. One visitor, after looking around carefully BACM, her leaves word: "Chinese Priceless Treasures, Marvelous Spectacle in World".

Beijing Arts & Crafts Museum effective display area is 550 square meters. Each day per square meter charge RMB 12.00 for leased. BACM has already held many domestic or foreign exhibitions successfully. We sincerely welcome all circles persons to negotiate !

Beijing is always included in the classic China tour packages. When visiting Beijing, you will learn more knowledge about Chinese history.

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