Top 10 autumn destinations in China II

Top 5: Kanas, Xinjiang

Kanas,in a valley in the Altai Mountains, is located near the very northern tip of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (main destination for Silk Road tour). "Kanas" is a Mongolian word meaning "lake in the canyon." The area is famous for its mysterious and wild landscape and especially its legendary lake.

When September comes, Kanas enters a golden season. The plants covered by the golden sunshine, the lake in the near distance, the snow-capped mountains in the backdrop, the small wooden houses and the strolling herds of cattle and sheep, create a fairytale view.

September is believed to be the best time to visit Kanas.

Top 4: Nyingchi, Tibet

Nyingchi, which means "sun throne" in Tibetan, is situated in the southeast of Tibet which is the holy and dreamlike destination for last minute China travel deals. Located in the lower reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River, Nyingchi is blessed with a semi-humid climate and fascinating scenery. It is nicknamed the "Switzerland of Tibet."

Autumn is the most colorful season of Nyingchi, when the golden pine forests, green canyon and crystal snow-capped mountains form a striking sight. Due to the altitudinal zonality of Namjagbarwa Peak, various plant species are scattered across the mountain, forming multiple levels of color.

It is best to visit Nyingchi before October comes around.

Top 3: Shangri-La, Yunnan

Located in northwest Yunnan Province, Shangri-La is a Tibetan county of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, featuring spectacular landscapes and a mixture of ethnic cultures. Set in tranquil grasslands surrounded by snow-covered peaks, gorges, lakes and virgin forests, the county's attractions include the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, Songzanlin Temple, Bita Lake Nature Reserve and Baishui Terrace (White Water Terrace). Shangri-la is at its most beautiful in May and October. In October, when leaves turn yellow and red, the area astounds visitors with its stunning vistas. Tourists can also experience the lifestyle, culture and cuisine of 13 different local ethnic groups.

Top 2: Jiuzhai Valley, Sichuan

Jiuzhai Valley in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, is a magical fairyland in nature that enchants tourists with mountains, forests, lakes, waterfalls and teeming wildlife for top 10 China tours. During autumn, colorful leaves are reflected in the clear emerald waters. Lakes vary in color according to their depths, angles and surroundings, striking a lively contrast with the blue sky and snow-white clouds.

Top 1: Eerguna, Inner Mongolia

Eerguna is a wetland area straddling the China-Russian border in the northeast of Inner Mongolia. It is located on the west side of the north of the Greater Xing'an Mountains, which are famed for their stunningly colorful autumn scenery. The trees and plants in various colors, the pure blue sky and the clear waters, are extremely enchanting.

The afternoons give you the most amazing scenery in the Moerdaoga National Forest Park, when the whole forest is covered in golden sunrays. White Deer Island is the best place to go and see the red leaves. The rivers that run through the grasslands are also charming, like painted belts winding down the forest.

September make for the best time to visit Eerguna for travel to China. The temperature in the forest region may drop below 0℃, so make sure to put on something warm.

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