Enjoy the beauty of Changli Emerald Island

Many tourists like Beijing travel for they have visit the historical places and have a taste of local food. But the spots around Beijing is also very attractive and charming. The Changli Emerald Island is one of them.

In Changli County, the southern end of the Gold Coast tourist area, Qinhuangdao to Beijing, Tang Hong Kong coastal highway east, away from the famous scenic tourist area of Hebei Beidaihe beach 40 kilometers there is a beautiful and mysterious island, where rolling sand hills, steep slopes staggered, if by chance Deng on the sand hills, far from jumping, mountain green patches of huailin dripping, as set in the golden sand hills as charming Tsui sad. As early as 80 years, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geography of the experts put the piece of scenery great treasure named "Emerald Island", near the beach is called "The Golden Sands." Emerald Island, the locals called "Otani," the north-east and the west on three sides by the Bohai Sea Qilihai surrounded,It is a golden yellow sand by the composition of the peninsula. Where fine sand, Wei slow, clear water, tidal flat, the tourism sector in the region under the protection of the reasonable development and has not been any pollution, is the best place for eco-tourism.

If you are stuck for ideas of your last minute China travel deals, you can advise your tour guide to take you there.

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