Just Wonder How to Plan a Tour to Huangshan?

Some of my friends have asked me for some times about the Huangshan tour as they wanted to take a visit there long before. Here I just want to share my Huangshan tour with all of you here, keep reading this article as it will be a great help for your China travel deals there before long.

I took a visit to the Huangshan Mountain in September last year for my summer vacation. It was really best tours of China as the scenery there were so beautiful and charming at that time, if time available, I will take a second time to pay a visit there again. It is really a good choice worth your visit.


I started my tour from the arrival at Beijing in my first day there. After arriving there, I took a good rest in my hotel as I was a long flight which made me feel tired; then my second day was full of the itinerary with the sightseeing of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven and the third day continued with the Badaling Great Wall visiting and Ming Tomb; the fourth day before taking my fight to Huangshan in the afternoon I took time to view the Summer Palace (must-see for your popular China tour package) and the Beijing Zoo.? For 5th day, it was really memorable as I eventually climbed the Huangshan Mountain that day and has caught so many captivate scenery along my way; my 6th day itinerary in Huangshan includes appreciating the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion and the Xihai Grand Canyon and visiting the Tunxi Ancient Street. In the 7th day, I transferred my destination to the Yixian County and got the chance to take a visit to the Hongcun Village, later that day I took my car back Huangshan. As time limited, I departed Huangshan in nightfall that day to end this amazing Huangshan tour, part of Yangtze River tour.

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