Relax Youself by Having a Vacation to Hangzhou, Kunming and Guilin

If you feel heavy stress on your life nowadays in metropolis with fast life pace, you need to go out for a short holiday to relax yourself and slow down your pace. So, here what you should do is to know about which cities are the laziest suitable for your holiday trip for your China vacation deals. Just keep reading this article, you will get satisfied answers here. Here we go!!

Hangzhou West Lake

Laziest cities in China here will recommend you Hangzhou, Kunming (obtain more via Kunming travel guide) and Guilin:

the Stone Forest

Hangzhou (best destination for China best tours) is a beautiful place with poetic living and captivating scenery. When you travel here, you will life there slow and quiet, and you will enjoy yourself by visiting famous attractions such as West Lake, Wuzhen water ancient town, Meijiawu Tea Plantation?, Hangzhou National Tea Museum, Hangzhou National Silk Museum, Mount Putuo?and?Lingyin Temple and of course Grand Canal. You may totally fall in love in this charming city when having your visit there. The next one will be the Kunming city in Yunnan province; whose whether is cool and enjoyable all the year round, and you won’t feel hot in summer and cold in winter, and you will feel much more happy after viewing the Green Lake, ?Dongchuan Red Land, the Stone Forest, and?Yuanyang Rice Terraces, and if time available and enough for you, you can have a visit to Dali and Lijiang nearby to visit the Lijiang Ancient Town, Baoshan Stone Village, and?Lugu Lake, and Shangri-La. The final one of these laziest cities in China highly recommended to you is Guilin, which is a world famous city featuring a plenty of beautiful scenery including the Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Park, Yangshuo, West Street and of course the Li River! Life will be quiet and low-pace in Guilin and people live a harmonious life there!

For more other cities in China via China travel guide.

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