Adventurous Tour to Taklimakan Desert

If you are challengeable enough and adventurous enough, you must be the one who hopes to travel somewhere unnormal to make your trip memorable and unforgettable, right? If so, you may show great interest on Xinjiang tour in China to explore the Taklimakan Desert – it’s really fantastic and worthy your China vacation deals!

Taklimakan Desert

Just start your amazing Taklimakan Desert tour with your arrival upon Beijing in your first day, and then your itinerary in Beijing will include visiting Great Wall (must-see for top 10 China tours) and the Ming Tomb in second day and taking your flight to Urumqi in your third day. In your 4th day, you will take your drive to Korla to visit the ancient beacon towers, desert, oasis, gobi, and customs of Uygur, Hui, Kazakh nationalities; next day to Kucha to explore the diversiform-leaved polar forest, oasis, ruins of Kusan ancient town, Zhaogul temple ruins, farmer home and apricot orchard; and to Aksu in your day 6 to view the Kezil Buddhist carve, strange stonesand mountains there; in your 7th day, you will take your drive to Taklimakan Desert to experience the charm of Yarkand River and Tarim River; then your eighth day you will drive along the Hotan river course to appreciate the diversiform-leaved poplar, reed, thorn bushes, sheep, wild boar, fox and hare. In your ninth day, you will get the chance to view the?Mazartagh Mountain, ancient beacon towers, uygur people’s tombs and sand dunes. Then comes to the tenth day, when you will keep driving from Mazartagh Mountain to Hotan city to visit the Hotan?silk factory, carpet factory, jade-carving factory and museum in your 11th day and you will flight back to Urumqi (main destination for Silk Road tours) from Hotan in 12th day and depart from Urumqi in you 12th day to finish your excellent tour in Xinjiang.

Just have a try to experience this adventurous Taklimakan Desert right now for your popular China travel package!

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