Please don't miss the following things in Lamma Island

1. O Tsai Fishing Village near YSW Ferry Pier

When you get off the ferry at Yung Shue Wan look to the left and you'll see O Tsai Fishing Village for your Hong Kong tour packages. Turn left towards the library and follow the signs to the Pavilion. You walk past the library and go up some steps and actually walk through a narrow passage way which cuts right through the fishing village. The locals don't seem to mind too much and it's interesting to look inside their homes (not too obviously though). Life must be hard for these families - the homes seem rather basic.

I've spent many hours painting watercolours of the houses and boats in the village and they recognise me now. Spot the difference in colours in one of the houses - it used to be a beautiful blue and now it's completely different! There's a small temple on the rocks opposite the village. The harbour is actually the typhoon shelter for Lamma and when it's a T8 the harbour fills up with boats very quickly.

They built a small pavilion about 18 months ago and you get spectacular views of Lantau and Cheung Chau when it's a clear day. It's great to sit and watch the sunset from there.

2. Weekday trip to Lamma Island

If you would like to see a different Hong Kong for your travel to Hong Kong, Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island is well worth visiting for the day but not at the weekends - the island seems to be overrun by locals who come over for a day's "hiking"! There are many restaurants as you walk along the Main Street - just a few minutes walk from the Ferry Pier. If you're coming over in the morning, have dim sum at the Sampan. Or try the Lancombe for fresh seafood. If you want good organic vegetarian food, try out the salads or breakfasts at the Bookworm Cafe. This is very close to the Tin Hau Temple.

There are no cars on Lamma and no high rises. It's quiet and such a contrast to Kowloon or Hong Kong Island which houses many famous Hong Kong scenic spots. Watch out for the village vehicles and the island ambulances and fire cars!

The main beach is about 20 minutes walk and it's quiet during the week. At the weekend it's very busy and full of families and young people having barbecues in the special areas. Carry on walking and you can enjoy beautiful views. You can walk to the other side of the island and then catch a ferry back to Central.

It's best to do the walk in spring when it's cooler. It gets very hot and humid in the summer. Make sure you're fit as there's quite a lot of uphill walking.

3. Hiking Lamma

One of the most popular activities on Lamma is hiking. If you go on a Sunday or holiday you are likely to pass by lots of locals as you make your way down the path. The hiking trails on Lamma are actually paved sidewalks. The main path has some gentle inclines but no strenuous climbs. If you are feeling energetic, you can go onto side trails and climb one or both of Lammas two peaks. But you don't have to go to the peak to get great views of the island and the South China Sea.

The walk between Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan is an easy one, taking two hours or less if you go at a leisurely pace. This path is great for families, and is even stroller friendly. You can catch a ferry back to central from either city. As long as you are staying on the main path you can get by without a trail map, as there are signposts to help you navigate. If you are planning on going off the main path, a map is probably a good idea when you visit Hong Kong for your China travel deals.

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