The useful expression when travel China alone

The following will help you a lot when you have a China tour alone.
When buy
Do you have...? 有没有…?
I want to buy… 我想买…。
I need…. 我要…。
Do you have roll films? 有胶卷吗?
Where can I get…? …在哪有卖?
Please show me it. 请给我看一下
I'm just looking. 我随便看看
When choose
I want a smaller/larger one. 我要小/大一点的
I don't like the design. 这样式我不太喜欢
I don't like this color. 这颜色我不太喜欢
Do you have this in another color? 还有别的颜色吗?
Do you have another one like this? 跟这个一样的还有吗?
May I try this on? 可以试穿吗?
When bargain
How much money is it? 多少钱?
How much for one? 一个多少钱
How much altogether? 一共多少钱?
It's a little expensive. 这个有点贵
Do you have something less expensive? 有更便宜的吗?
Can I get a discount? 便宜一点吧
Can you lower the price? 再便宜点吧
Would you accept fifty yuan? …元行吗?Would you let me pay fifty yuan for it? 算..元行吗?
When pay
OK, I'll take it. 好,我买了
I'll take both. 两个都要
Let me think about it. 让我再考虑一下
Do you accept credit cards? 刷信用卡可以吗?
Please give me the receipt. 请给我开张收据
You gave me the wrong change. 钱找错了
Café 咖啡厅, Teahouse 茶馆, Theater 电影院,剧院, Bar 酒吧, Club 俱乐部,夜总会, Tea 茶, Coffee 咖啡, Iced coffee 冰咖啡, Hot coffee 热咖啡, Mineral water 矿泉水, Fruit juice 果汁, Orange juice 橙汁, Coca-cola 可口可乐, Beer 啤酒, Wine 葡萄酒, Cocktail 鸡尾酒, Whiskey 威士忌, Vodka 伏特加
Is there a café/ teahouse/ bar near here? 附近有咖啡厅/茶馆/酒吧吗?
Where is a café/ teahouse/ bar? 这儿哪里有咖啡厅/茶馆/酒吧?
What kind of beverages do you have? 请问有什么喝的?
A bottle of beer, please. 我要一瓶啤酒。
I’d like a coffee, please.给我来杯咖啡。
Could you please give me an ashtray? 请给我拿个烟灰缸。
I want to drink coca-cola/ orange juice/ … 我想喝。。。
I want to exchange money. 我想换钱
Where can I exchange money? 在哪换钱?
What’s the rate of exchange for US dollars to Renminbi today? 今天美元和人民币汇率是多少?
I’ve finished the exchange form. 我已经填好兑换单了
Could you break a large bill, please? 请帮我换成零钱
May I have some 10-yuan bills? 换成十块的
Can you break a hundred-Yuan bill? 请把这一百元破开
Please print and take along with you when you don't choose to join a private China tour.
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