Explore Victoria Harbour for your travel

1. Aqua Luna Junk Cruise

This is a very pleasant thing to do on a warm, sunny and hopefully clear day!

The Aqua Luna does 45 minute harbour crossings on Tuesday and Friday afternoons and evening cruises daily including a 7.30pm depature to watch the Symphony of Lights show, but I did one of the trips to/from Stanley which operate on weekends departing Central Pier 9 at noon and Pier 1 on the Kowloon side at 12.15pm. The 90 minute trip to Stanley is very relaxing and shows the Hong Kong (learn more via Hong Kong travel guide) skyline from a wonderful new perspective. The return voyage departs at 3.30pm.

A one way trip is HK$210 and includes one drink (alcoholic if prefered)

2. Don't miss the wonderful symphony of lights!

The Symphony of Lights in the Victoria Harbor is a must see in Hong Kong.

The show is a display of lights and lasers with the background of symphony music which is really amazing! I took a ride of the star ferry just for fun while watching the show and for the experience. The star ferry fare is around HK$2… as far as I can remember. At that time, I don’t want to go far from Tsim Sha Tsui (since it’s where I stay) so I decided to have a ride just to the next pier (pier 5)… then back again to TST (Tsim Sha Tsui). I think that’s the effect of traveling alone…???

The show starts at 8pm having the display of lights and lasers that comes from the country's famous buildings in the Victoria Harbor (houses some famous Hong Kong attractions) like the HSBC tower, Bank of China, etc. It’s a very nice thing actually especially when all you want is to relax.

3. Sail on the Duk Ling

The Duk Ling is available for private tours and charters but a couple of times a week the Hong Kong Tourism Board gives tourists the opportunity to cruise the harbour on this beautifully restored Chinese Junk. It is a few years since I was onboard, but the Duk Ling is still giving visitors the chance to step back in time, though for a fully authentic experience you have to imagine the harbour without so many skyscrapers.

Bookings for rides must be made in advance at the HKTB Kowloon Visitor Centre in the Star Ferry Terminal Concourse. The one hour sailings are only on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Participation is on a first come first served basis and only 30 places are available for each ride. You are required to present your passport when registering at the TST Visitor Centre. If my memory serves me correctly rides on the Duk Ling used to be free of charge. Tickets are now HK$100 per person. So you should not miss this place for your Hong Kong tour.

4. Avenue of Stars

Most people congregate at the Avenue of Stars solely to watch The Symphony of Lights show held nightly at 8pm (see my separate review) and finding an uncrowded spot to view the show can sometimes be difficult. During the day however, this nicely laid out promenade can be enjoyed in a much more relaxed way.

The Avenue of Stars is part of the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront Promenade and was constructed by a private company with the support of the Hong Kong Tourism Board. At its opening in 2004 the promenade was handed over to the Hong Kong goverment . Today the Avenue is a public throughfare holding many musical performances throughout the year. Stars of the Hong Kong film industry are honoured in a similar way to the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame with plaques bearing their names. Bruce Lee is honoured with a large bronze sculpture.

The Avenue of Stars is a great place to take panoramic photos of the Hong Kong Island Skyline

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