My travel experience Sandy Beachs, Hike in Mountain, Fresh Seafood

1. If you want escape the busy city in Kowloon or Hong Kong Island (main travel destination for Hong Kong tours), you can take a 25 minutes fast ferry from Central District, or Aberdeen to Lamma Islan.

Lamma is HK third largest island, and its divided to two parts, North and south.

You have two choices either to start with North region at Yung Shue Wan then take an hour walk to the southern Sok Kwu Wan, or the other way around.

The hike between the two side is a must, you will pass through a sandy beach, winds station (Power station which partly damange the sandy beach view), and little villages.

The island is famous for its fresh seafood restaurants, where you can really enjoy some of the best shrimp dishes.

The quick double-decker ferries which I used between Honk Kong Island (the 4th dock in central station) and Lamma either to Yung Shue Wan or Sok Kwu Wan takes about 25 minutes, and the seats were fine.

Actually, you will not be given tickets, you just change your banknotes to coins to put them in the gate which will be open to let you in, and thats it. and In yor way back, you even don't have to pay when you get into the ferry, you just make your change ready to pay upon your arrival to the cenral.

I would recommend that you put on shorts and t shirt and wear sport shoes when you go to Lamma for your Hong Kong travel, otherways you will feel you wearning too much.

Its also a good idea if you carry small towel, and bottle of water if you tend to take the one houre walk between north and south of the Island.

2. Sok Kwu Wan Circular Hike.

The walk takes in the guts of the island, a couple of wonderful beaches and amazing views (main Hong Kong sightseeing). The circular path is a cement walkway - other even more strenuous walks lead off from this (but are not cemented), including the path to the peak of Mount Stenhouse (353 metres). Without a beach stop, it will take 2 hours or so.

Three tips. 1. Buy lots of water at Sok Kwu Wan before setting off. 2. As there is virtually no shade (other than at the eastern coastal part just outside SKW), take head covering. 3. Go anti clockwise! The start of the walk this way is the hardest bit - walk for 20 minutes uphill and then its virtually downhill from there on in (or at worst virtually on the flat). Doing it clockwise gives you 30 minutes of fairly easy flat walking and then, except for the very end, a lot of uphill... Having gone clockwise, I had the negative of all three :) I didn't take enough water (and virtually mugged a little old lady for a bottle - poetic license but... :)), I nearly had sunstroke after 2 hours + in a beating sun and I virtually crawled my way back to town - even downhill after so much uphill was painful!

The walk will include Mo Tat Wan (20 minutes from SKW - if you go the 'wrong' way), a small beach and (infrequent) ferry stop to

Aberdeen (clean beach but not so sure about the water), a cute banana plantation village, the beautiful Yueng Shue Ha beach (also known as Shek Pai Wan in some guides), a hard walk uphill where you are convinced you have ended up walking up to Mount Stenhouse, a breathing space at the top (and shade finally!) which isn't Stenhouse but feels like it is (and then some bugger built a viewing pavillion 48 steps further up. Of course you check it out - you'll only regret it when asked what you thought of the view. But then, feeling like a pilgrim at Santiago delle Campostella having reached it virtually on all fours, the view is totally crap!).

But boy - those fish restaurants back at SKW.... And all those bottles of water. And shade.... :)

Do you have plan to contain Hong Kong in your package of last minute China travel deals after reading the above.
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