Over the hills to Stanley & Enjoy some Reflexology at Happy Foot

1. When I have a few spare hours I often go to Stanley on the south eastern side of Hong Kong Island (houses many famous Hong Kong attractions). Opinion is divided about Stanley. It is a popular side trip for visitors but while some consider Stanley to be the highlight of their trip, others think its a bit of a disappointment. I'm somewhere in the middle of those opinions.

My favourite part of the trip and probably the reason I go really is the bus ride. For the most scenic route take the No 6 bus from Exchange Square Central. This bus is the only one that doesnt go via the Aberdeen Tunnel but snakes its way through Wan Chai, then above the Happy Valley Racecourse and climbs up and over Wong Nai Chung Gap before it descends again into Repulse Bay and then Stanley. This is also the slowest route taking approximately an hour depending on traffic.

You can get off the bus near Stanley Market (which I have reviewed separately). Easy walking distance from the Market are restaurants, a smallish suburban shopping Plaza, some colonial buildings (most famously Murray House which I have reviewed separately) and a beach. Stanley Beach is not much of a beach really. More like a promenade running alongside the road. On a beautiful sunny day its quite a pleasant spot for a short stroll along to Murray House and Stanley Plaza but thats about all. For swimmers there is a much nicer beach at Repulse Bay.

Stanley Plaza is a newly refurbished shopping mall. On a Hong Kong scale where shopping malls are either massive or really massive Stanley Plaza is quite small. There are both indoor and outdoor shopping arcades but what I noticed most is that there are more than twice as many eating venues as shops. Having said that I did buy some nice jewellery on my last trip of Hong Kong tours from a shop in the Piazza.

2. Please note, there will be no pics inside this location. They can be found on the company website.

This was our first experience with a foot massage in Hong Kong (learn more via Hong Kong travel guide). Although it took a few minutes to find the building when we arrived in the area, but we're glad we stuck with it.

Up on the 19th floor you'll find the a reception desk right off the elevators. Here you'll find your price list and be able to book in for later or walk in depending upon the load. We were the only ones there at this time of morning so they took us right in.

Behind the reception area is a living room like room where the foot massages are done. There are about a dozen chairs and ottomans in a crescent shape along the windows facing in. They put us in the two middle chairs which was nice. They served us hot tea while we sat but I was too busy relaxing to even notice this until after the massage was over. We went with the cheapest 50 minute massage and this was plenty. I couldn't believe how long it felt when happening and how great I felt after. Maybe next time I'll do a longer one.

In March, 2012 the 50 minute one was 198 HKD each. I gave each about 25% tip.

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