Guangzhou Tour and Xiamen Tour for Your November Time

If you have no idea about where to travel at your November time, you can keep reading this article to get more information about the November tour in China as we are going to talk about the tour in Guangzhou and Xiamen with about 8 days. Yes, Guangzhou and Xiamen, these are two popular destinations which have attracted numerous travelers from home and abroad to have a visit there because of its beautiful scenery and charm. Here we are going to talk more about how to make tour to China to pay your visit to Guangzhou and Xiamen. Follow me here!

Wuyi Mountain

You will firstly arrive in Guangzhou (wonderful place to spend your China vacation deals) in your first day and just have a good rest upon your arrival there, and then you will have a visit to Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Memorial Hall,?Temple of Family Chen,?and Temple of the?Six Banyan Trees and?Shamian Street in your second day and of course enjoy yourself in Chimelong tourism resort?nearby Guangzhou city along with?Xiangjiang Safari Park in your third day; and your fourth day you will take your flight to Xiamen to keep your tour in China continue with the sightseeing of Gulang Islet leisurely along the seaside road including Sunshine Rock, Shuzhuang Garden and Piano Musuem in your 5th day and South Putuo Temple, Xiamen University and Hulishan Fort at day 6 before you take your flight to Wuyishan later that day; then Mt. Wuyishan Scenic Area including Nine-bend Stream raft will be your itinerary of your seventh day; and you will depart from Wuyishan in the 8th day to finish your 8-days best tours of China.

Temple of Family Chen

How do you feel about this plan to tour in Guangzhou and Xiamen? If you want to experience it, you can make full preparation from now, I am sure you will have an enjoyable travel to China!

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