How much do you know the shopping in Hong Kong

1. Factory Outlets: Granville Road - Tsim Sha Tsui

You may not find what you are looking for but if you are in Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui (houses some famous Hong Kong attractions) then walk the short distance to Granville Road, which literally overflows with fashion outlets. The majority of the stores are only interested in getting rid of last seasons factory seconds but there are some very reasonably priced outlets amongst the mayhem so if you are really interested in sniffing out a bargain you will be rewarded.

The shops are predominantly catering to young locals so some of the styles will be a bit quirky and cutting edge but if you have time to browse you can continue walking along Granville Road until you reach Chatham Road South and then walk back along Cameron Road. THE ONE shopping mall is located on the corner of Granville Road and Nathan Road and is a good place to dine as some of its restaurants have nice views of the Hong Kong Island skyline.

What to buy: Last season (but still trendy) young fashion name brands at moderate prices.

2. Airport Duty Free: Some Last Minute Items

For as long as I can remember my wife has been on the hunt for a Red PAnda stuffed animal. She has searched high and low every zoo and animal park we have ever visited with no luck...until Hong Kong (learn more via Hong Kong travel guide). We had some time to kill before the flight and wanted to check out the shops before heading the the club.

In one of the souvenir shops my wife found a display of several stuffed Red Pandas. Needless to say she was thrilled... We wound up buying her a panda as well as her newphew and our friend back at home had to get one too. So three pandas later we left the shop very satisfied.

What to pay: The Red Pandas were $200 Hong Kong Dollars which is equivelent to $25 USD.

3. The Disney Store: For the Young and Young at Heart

As soon as my wife spotted the Disney store; reality didn't exist. My wife got the same glazed over look of happiness that being in Disney World (which is the must-see for Hong Kong tour) brings out in her and off she was in the store. Now that she has a nephew she has her own litle Mouseketeer in training...and she is ready to get him started with his Disney life.

The store had everything you'd find in any Disney store throughout the world: clothing, toys, hats and varous Disney themed merchandise. After my wife had successfully navigated every inch of the store she emerged with shopping bag full of gifts for her nephew at home. It was amazing; this was the first time ever she left without buying a single item for herself....Wow!

4. Supermarket: Buy chocolates in supermarkets

I thought of buying chocolates in one of the supermarkets in Tsim Sha Tsui rather to buy in the Duty Free. So, off I went to the supermarket, making my research if chocolates here would be cheaper than buying in Duty Free. I ended up buying lots and lots of Cadbury chocolate packs, M&Ms and even junk foods, because they’re so cheap! Each pack of Cadbury chocolates costs HK$14 only! Amazing right! Haha! When I got back in the Philippines, I found the same Cadbury chocolates in one of the supermarkets in the city and the costs are a bit higher like about HK$22.

Cash or credit card payments are acceptable in Supermarkets. One thing also I have to mention is when buying stuffs in supermarkets, you must bring your own bag or you’ll be asked to purchase a plastic bag for the items you purchased. The plastic bag costs less than HK$1 and it’s not advisable to use a plastic bag. The supermarket staffs will look at you like you’ve done something very offensive. Well, I just disregarded that since I honestly DON’T know.

What to buy: Chocolates, cookies, junk foods

What to pay: HK$50-100, depends on the stuffs you want to purchase

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