Explore the East Nanjing Road

East Nanjing Road has been the centre of commerce in Shanghai (the best destination for your best tours of China) for more than a century. This mostly pedestrianised shopping road, was simply known as Nanjing Road before 1945 but then the road west of Xizang Road was called West Nanjing Road and so this section was renamed.

Today East Nanjing Road becomes the first choice for many fashion-seeking shoppers in Shanghai. A great many large shopping malls, time-honoured stores, famous stores and specialty shops cluster along both sides of the road. You can find whatever you want - commodities, home appliances, communication equipment, photographic equipment, fitness equipment, clothing, shoes, fabrics, cosmetics, jewelleries, watches, glasses, books, food, medicine and children's needs.

If you are interested in Chinese culture and art, the specialty shops in East Nanjing Road will gratify your taste when you have Shanghai's last minute China travel deals. You can choose from various Chinese special local products such as China silk, calligraphy, paintings, traditional Chinese medicine, handicrafts and other tourist souvenirs.

When night comes, the stores are decorated with colourful sparkling lights. Even if you don't have any shopping plans you will find the street itself a great attraction. Wandering on the road and hungry? There are a lot of excellent restaurants in the East Nanjing Road offering delicious food and good service. Tired? There are plenty of quality hotels along the road such as Peace Hotel, Sofitel Hyland Shanghai, East Asia Hotel and Ramada Plaza Shanghai.

Word of warning though. As this road is the busiest in the city, watch out for pickpockets and such like plus be aware of people trying to sell you fake DVD's, sunglasses and watches.

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