Stroll along the Central Street in Harbin

Harbin's visitors always find themselves first at the city's famous Central Street. The street is considered to be Harbin's most exotic attraction, displaying uniquely European architectural styles and historical significance that distinguishes it within the city. Don't miss it in Harbin for your China vacation deals.

Central Street, originally known as Chinese Street, was first developed in 1898. It didn't adopt its current name until the late 1920's. The street was at first frequented by carts transporting railway supplies until it was paved with square stones at the request of a Russian engineer responsible for the street's design. The stretch of road soon became a magnet for foreign bars, hotels, and shops, selling everything from woven cloth imported from England and French perfumes, to traditional German medicines. The street was closed to vehicular traffic by the city government in 1997, enhancing the charm and accessibility of the popular promenade.

The street stretches approximately 1,450 meters, lined with an array of European style buildings. The structures display a range of architectural techniques including Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern styles of design. You can buy here after China best tours.

The exquisitely preserved street provides a fascinating opportunity to observe the juxtaposition of Harbin's historical past with its modern cultural influences. It is in a sense an illustration of Harbin's cultural development as it has evolved over the past 300 years.

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