Learn something about Bashu culture in Sichuan

The earlier and later periods of Shu state is another peak of Ba-shu culture China vacation deals for its prosperity and richness and flourish culture. Yongling (the tomb of Wangjian<lived in Northern Wei Dynasty (386AD—534AD)>) left us with the historic testimony of this period. The music lines curved on the stone coffin of Yongling is the masterwork for us to understand the mucic in Tang dynasty and taste the infusion of Qing music and Guizi music and the wide spread of the famous music played by Lilongji and Yangyuhuan (one of four most beautiful women in ancient China). There is a pistil madam (a woman's name) in both the earlier and later Shu state. Then who is the author of the <<Poem of Palace>> which is famous in all ages? These mysteries will definitely arouse interest of the tourists to explore. Yongling Tomb is the only tomb that built above ground and scientifically excavated and welcome visit. This may give rise to more curiosity to the secrets of the royalty.

The Three Gorges is world-renown for its magnificence and splendor and the serene and mysterious "mini-three gorges" in the tributary of Yangtze River—Daning River make it even more charming. Experiencing in person in the attractive scenery, one cannot help wondering whether they have plunged in to a fairyland. According to the archeological excavation, The Three Gorges (must-see for Yangtze River tour) is probably the cradle land of human beings. The primitive Daxi culture (culture in the middle reach of Yangtze River in New Stone Age) we experienced will definitely inspire us to meditate the remote antiquity. The historical relics along the river banks, upper and lower reaches, such as the haunted city in Fengdu, Shibao stockade in Zhong County, the white crane beam of roof on the hydrographic and stone treasury house in Fuling, the Baidi city where Liubei request Zhuge Liang to attend to his son can enrich our knowledge and enlighten our mind. The vigor which helps Ba-shu people to get rid of the boundary of the Basin to embrace the outside world is included in the great rivers. When we perambulate along the Three Gorges, we can give spiritual illumination about why on earth the Ba-shu people persisted in coming out of Kui Gate (The west gate of Qutang Gorge).

Situated in the Changning county and Jiang'an county, the bamboo sea in the south Shu covers an area of more than 60 thousand acres. Such cultural sites as Xianyu cave and Longyin(moaning of the dragon) Temple are natural wonders as well as the masterpiece of the ancestors and their off springs living in Shu land, such as, Qiongzuo people and Bo people. Min Mountain is one of the origins of ancient Shu culture. The Min River best tours of China which originated from Min Mountain is deemed as the "origin of rivers" since ancient time and it is the place where Shu culture began to flourish. Countless tourist sites are gathering here. For instance, the fairyland on Earth—Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong(Yellow Dragon) scenic spot ,prairie, lofty Siguniang (the fourth daughter )Mountain and the famous panda reserve and reproduction base, the unique Qiang culture and huge amount historical relics of ancient Shu culture. Strolling on the Min Mountain, we can not only vow for the splendor of the mountain, but also experience the diverse features of the ancient Ba-shu culture. As long as we merge mountain traveling with cultural traveling, we will surely gain a new and exceptional experience.

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