A New Tourist Attraction - atomic bomb tourist site

China is spending about six million yuan (about $960,000) to open an unusual tourist attraction for China tours. Travelers will be able to visit the site where its first atomic bomb was detonated at the remote Malan base in the Xinjiang region.

The country tested its first atomic bomb on October 16, 1964. Since then, over 40 nuclear tests have been done in Xinjiang on the route of Silk Road tours over the decades before a moratorium was called in the 1990s.

According to BBC News, tourists will now be able to view the laboratories and dormitories scientists used, as well as a 985-foot anti-strike tunnel. It will be a "red tourism site," a location chosen by the Communist Party to commemorate what it considers a historic event.

While Beijing's Tsinghua University and the local government are hoping to attract many tourists, it's unclear how successful they will be as the location of the site is in one of China's most remote areas.

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