Learn the overview of China before your travel

The great show that China put up during the 2008 Olympics announced to the world what everyone always suspected – China is a destination waiting to be discovered. Small Ming dynasty villages scattered around the countryside juxtapose against the towering skyscrapers of busy Shanghai make the diverseness of China apparent. From the Great wall of China to the Terracotta warriors of Xian (starting point for Silk Road tour ), China symbolizes many things to may people. Kung fu. Ming vases. Silk. Tea. Classic cuisine. Confucius. Chairman Mao. Paper. Pagodas. Pandas. Paintings. Porcelain. China represents all that – and much, much more.

China has for a very long time played a pivotal role in the development of civilization – civilization may actually be said to have `dawned' (a grandiose term but singularly appropriate here) in China. And with its secrets finally beginning to open up to China tourism , China itself is fast becoming an attractive destination. Travel to China and unravel the mystery.


The Great Wall China best tours of China is the longest man-made structure in the world! It is not a single, continuous wall at all - it is made up of wall segments.

Interestingly, the mortar used to bind the stones of The Great Wall of China was made of sticky rice flour!

Despite its extent, all of China falls within one time zone.

'Face' is very important to the Chinese; do not do anything that may cause you or your hosts to lose face.

Interestingly, ice cream is said to be invented in China around 200BC when soft milk and rice mixture was packed in the snow!

Red is considered a lucky colour in China, resulting in New Year's banners, clothing, and lucky money envelopes to be in red.

In the times of yore, silk making was a closely guarded secret in China. Anyone who gave the secret away could be killed!

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