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Mount Siguniang ("Four Maidens" mountain) - in fact, a chain of four contiunous mountains (hence the name) - is located about 220 kilometers northwest of Chengdu, near the boundaries to Qinghai and Gansu Provinces. The nearest town is Rilong. Mount Siguniang is a national nature reserve, contains a national geopark (due to its glaciers), and - as part of the Sichuan Giant Panda Habitat - is a World Natural Heritage Site.

Mount Siguniang last minute China travel deals is renowned throughout China as the place where 'all four seasons can be seen in a single day, and all are fit for traveling', though this applies mainly to the period late spring to early autumn, if not to summer alone. But Mount Siguniang is worth visiting year around, though the wintery season (late fall to early spring) offers fewer all-around activities, since the inclement weather does not permit it. Autumn offers fiery views of deciduous trees changing colors, and for those who enjoy wintery weather, including alpine hiking during the winter, the area is of course a major attraction, being known as the 'Alps of China' (more on the area's mountaineering in the following).

Legend has it that the four mountains which together comprise Mount Siguniang are the embodiment of four maidens. The main peak, at an altitude of 6250 meters, is located on Fourth Maiden Mountain, which is the second-highest mountain in Sichuan Province. Second Maiden Mountain, Third Maiden Mountain and Elder Maiden Mountain lie at an altitude of 5454 meters, 5664 meters and 5355 meters, respectively. All four of the mountains are snow-capped year around. They offer relatively steep peaks which are challenging to climb, but not dishearteningly so, albeit, it is said that the main peak, on Fourth Maiden Mountain, was only scaled in recent times.

There are three main tourist sites at Mount Siguniang, corresponding to three valleys, covering an area of 450 square kilometers in all: Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley, and Haizi Valley. A fuller description of each of these valleys follows (a fourth nearby valley, not strictly belonging to the Mount Siguniang scenic area, is nevertheless included below).

Hiking Along Siguniang Mountain

Known as the Alps of the East, Siguniang Mountain (Four Girls Mountain) is located in Rilong Village best tours of China between Xiaojin County and Wenchuan County in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, 235 kilometers from Chengdu. It consists of four continuous mountains with the elevation of 5,672 meters, 6,250 meters, 5,664 meters and 5,700 meters respectively. Its peak is covered with snow and ice throughout the year. The hiking route covers Rilong County, Changping Village, Yakou County, Bipenggou scenic spot and Li County. This hiking route perfectly combines Mt. Siguniang and Bipenggou scenic spot which boast excellent natural beauty. However, only people who have good physical strength and the courage to face snow mountains can manage to finish the hiking route. During the trip, cane, sunglasses and climbing rope are necessary.

Shuangqiao Valley

Shuangqiao Valley popular China tours is the only of the three valleys that is sufficiently developed so as not to require a horse in order to access all of the scenic sites within the valley, including the most remote sites. There are roads leading to all of the tourist sites in Shuangqiao Valley, with buses that serve these routes. Shuangqiao Valley is famous for fantastic views of the snow peaked Siguniang mountains, just as it is famous for its rich farm land, its verdant grasslands, and its deep forests. Shuangqiao Valley is considered to be the most beautiful of the three valleys of Mount Siguniang.

Shuangqiao Valley lies 7 kilometers from the town of Rilong. The length of the valley runs roughly 35 kilometers, spanning an area of circa 215 square kilometers. Though buses serve all of the tourist destinations in the valley, some short walks on foot are required in order to reach the site, as complete vehicle access to the sites would not only be costly, it would also spoil the surrounding natural landscape. The result is that with some of the sites, some walking is required, and in certain areas, the terrain makes walking quite demanding, so only those fit for the rigors of hiking through difficult terrain should attempt to access the most demanding sites. Fortunately, most of the sites at Shuangqiao Valley are not difficult to access on foot. The very best site at Shuangqiao Valley is Nianyuba Path. It combines beauty and grace - and a bit of the spectacular.

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