To enjoy the beautiful scenery on Mountain Siguniang II

Shuangqiao Valley's scenic area China vacation deals is divided into 3 sections, comprising some 20 individual scenic sites. Visitors can see dozens of snowy peaks here with an altitudes of over 4000 meters.

1) The front section includes Yangliu Bridge, Yin-Yang Valley, White Poplar Forest, Baojing Hill, and Colorful Hill.

2) The middle section comprises Nianyuba Path, including Renshengguo Ground, Sea Buckthorn Forest, Jianshan Hill, and Jiujia Sea.

3) The back section is mainly famous for its Niupengzi Grasslands as well as Changhe Beach, but it also includes less notable sites such as Api Peak, Hunter Peak, Blood Wall, and Changhe Dam. The ancient, time-worn cliffs of Api Peak, Hunter Peak and Golden Chicken Peak are natural wonders, as is Eagle's Beak Cave. Colorful Hill, Wangyue Peak, Shexin Cave, and Sexy Valley are worth a visit too. Some of Mount Siguniang's prime mountaineering peaks are best accessed from Shuangqiao Valley.

The admission fee for access to Shuangqiao Valley top 10 China tours is 40 Yuan. The price of the round-trip bus ticket to the valley is 60 Yuan per person. An introduction to the various scenic sites of Shuangqiao Valley is shown via closed-circuit TV enroute in the tour bus (it takes about 3 hours to travel to the valley by bus). The tour bus stops at certain fixed scenic sites (see below), so that visitors can view the sites, and of course take pictures. The rest period at each such scenic site is usually between ? to 1 hour.

Generally, visitors spend a half to a whole day visiting Shuangqiao Valley. Previously, access to Shuangqiao Valley was restricted due to a lack of roads, meaning that visiting times were considerably longer. Unfortunately, the new access roads have come at a price, as they have ruined some of the charm of the valley (every human venture seems to involve a trade-off of sorts!). Shuangqiao Valley is still considered the most picturesque of the three valleys, though those persons who were familiar with the valley before the new access roads were constructed feel that Shuangqiao Valley may no longer be as attractive as either of the other two valleys, where travel is by horse.

Since some visitors simply cannot take advantage of a visit to the area if the only option is transportation by horse, it was deemed justifiable to develop one of the valleys so as to include visitors who may be less mobile.

After visiting Shuangqiao Valley, visitors can proceed to the city of Danba by bus. The distance to Danba is about 100 kilometers, or about a 2-hour drive, since the condition of this new road is comparatively good. Another 20 kilometers beyond Danba lies the Jiajinshan Scenic Area.

Changping Valley

Changping Valley stretches for some 30 kilometers, spanning an area of 100 square kilometers or so. Mountain Siguniang lies about 16 kilometers from Changping Valley. Only certain sections of this main road can be driven, meaning that access to a number of the sites within Changping Valley is by horse or by foot (distant sites are of course only accessible by horse). One can reach the foot of Mount Siguniang via Changping Valley.

There is much unspoiled nature here: old paths, lamaseries (Tibetan-Buddhist monasteries), Ganhaizi Pond, waterfalls, and uniquely-shaped stones. In spring, many kinds of wild flowers, as well as rape fields, are in blossom; in fall, the fiery red leaves of birch and maple trees blanket the whole valley. Lush green pine trees abound here as well, old paths crisscross the valley popular China tour package, and the occasional waterfall disturbs the otherwise idyllic tranquility of the valley with its crashing sounds, which increase as one approaches.

Visitors can easily arrive at Kushu Beach. As steps are inlaid in the most difficult stretches, the paths around Kushu Beach are easily navigated, at least to the most common sites. However, if one wishes to proceed beyond the well-established paths, access is by horse only. It costs 50 Yuan to ride a horse at this section. In truth, the most beautiful, most pristine parts of the valley around Kushu Beach lie beyond the "beaten path", so it is recommended that one indeed take the journey by horse. Near the foot of Mount Siguniang there is the option of spending the night with the local inhabitants, where the tradition is to barbecue a goat on an open spit.

Generally, what visitors seem to like most about Changping Valley is the opportunity of experiencing nature close-up that is only afforded by non-motorized travel such as by horse, a mode of travel that offers an immediacy that cannot be compared to sitting in a tour bus. There is no better way to experience the quiet of a primitive forest, or the view of the snow-capped mountain peaks towering above than by horseback. The experience also seems to unite people - even disparate types - in a shared purpose, and the fresh air and the general bombardment of the senses with new sights and sounds makes for incomparably restful sleep.

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