Learn something on Tongjing Scenery Spot

Tongjing Scenery Spot situated in east of Yubei District of Chongqing Municipality with a total coverage area of 15 square kilometers. It is respectively 45 kilometers and 38 kilometers away from Yuzhong District and Jiangbei International Airport of Chongqing Municipality Yangtze River tour.

Tongjing Scenery Spot - Attraction

Known as the "Natural Museum", Tongjing Scenery Spot consist of Wentang Gorge, Tongjing Gorge and Eagle Gorge. Tongjing Scenery Spot is also called "Little Three Gorge". It is surrounded by dense forests and mountains. There are full of wild fauna and flora such as wild group of apes. Tourists can closely touch some animals.

Tongjing Hot Spring is also famous scenery in Chongqing Municipality.

Tongjing Scenery Spot – Tongjing Hot Spring

There are different kinds of Hot Spring popular China tour package inside, the high water temperature, the best quality of water and the science research value and so on, Tongjing Hot Spring is famous in Chongqing Municipality, which is the No.1 Hot spring in south part of China.

There are 25 of inartificial hot spring in Tongjing Hot Spring. The average temperature of hot spring is 35 – 52 degree; the highest temperature is 62 degree.

There are some mineral substances and trace elements in the hot spring, which is good for curing some kind of diseases such as obesity. In addition, it is also beneficial to facial and fitness.

Tongjing Scenery Spot – Scenery

There are more than 70 of karst caves in Tongjing Scenery Spot China tour guide. Large numbers of stalactites and stone pillar are full of the cave. Some caves extend 105 meters depth, some extend 2000 meters long.

In Tongjing Scenery Spot, it contains natural landscape and modern facilities. There are many holiday villages and high-end hotels, besides little farmhouse. There are also full of bamboos, wild fauna and flora. Tourists can enjoy the legends and stories, besides the wonderful landscape.

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