Attraction of Wushan Country – Fairy Peak and Fairy Stream

According to the plans of Tourism Bureau, the number of more than 200 million Yuan will be invested in constructing the Fairy Peak and Fairy Stream. Thus tourists can enjoy the different attractions last minute China travel deals from before the year after next.

Attraction of Wushan Country – Fairy Peak

There are lots of art works such as poems displaying in the area of Fairy Peak. The art works are representatives of the Chinese history and culture, which shows the unique culture of Fairy Peak. The name of fairy has been mentioned many times in Chinese classic articles. Some of the amateurs of fairy tales have come here for researching.

Tourists walking in the Fairy Peak can imagine the stories of past time of thousand years. If you are interested in Chinese legend, you won't miss Fairy Peak.

Attraction of Wushan Country – Fairy Stream

The stuffs of amusement are full of the area of Fairy Stream, which the Fairy Stream has become a part of scenic spots of Wushan Country.

Fairy Stream situated in the small town among the high mountains and deep valleys with a magnificent landscape. When you step toward to Fairy Stream, you will be impressed the wonderful view of light magic show, which makes use of the high technology. The light magic show combines with the natural landscape Yangtze River tour of Fairy Stream attracts people coming especially in night.

Attraction of Wushan Country – Landscape of Fairy Peak and Fairy Stream

The scenic spot of Fairy Peak is close to the scenic spot of Fairy Stream. With the different sceneries the Fairy Peak attracts people of the mountain hiking and the sightseeing of red autumnal leaves of the whole mountain, while the Fairy Steam attracts people of the natural landscape of the high mountains and long valleys and the cultural landscape of light magic show.

After the completed of storing water of Three Gorges Dam, the water level reaches higher with an expanding sightseeing than before. The traffic condition has also been improved to attract tourists popular China tour package.

Now, the two of scenic spots of Fairy Peak and Fairy Stream have attracted people more than 2 million.

Attraction of Wushan Country – Apply for the National Park of Fairy Peak

According to the report, the national park of Fairy Peak consists of Fairy Peak and Fairy Stream, which is applying for the ratification of national park.

At the same time, the operation of the airport of Wushan Country will be used as soon as possible. With the construction of the expressway and rapid transit railway, and besides the traditional traffic of water transport, Wushan Country will be the important artery of traffic between Chongqing Municipality and Wushan City.

The number of 7 billion Yuan has been invested to construct the Three Gorges International Resort Area. There will be full of 5-star hotels and other amusement facilities.

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