Three Visitors Cave’s Scenery and Folk Custom

Three Visitors Cave – Brief Introduction

A fascinating piece of Chinese cultural history site, Three Visitors Cave, situated 7 kilometers northwest away from Yichang City Yangtze River tour, Hubei province, which back against Xiling Gorge of Yangtze River and face the Xialao Stream. It is a giant cave on the north cliff of the Xiling Mountain, which has marvelous vision, picturesque landscape of waters and mountains around. On May 25th 2006, Three Visitors Cave was included in sixth National Cultural Relic Protection Units.

Three Visitors Cave – Scenery


Many inscriptions outside Three Visitors Cave are precious cultural relics which have rich historical value and appreciation value of calligraphy. Since written some pomes or engraved on the wall by lots of famous poets (Bai juyi, Yuanzhen, Bai Xingjian, Ou yangxiu, Suxun, Sushi, Suche, Huang tingjian, Luyou, etc) besides the officials who had worked in Yiling during Tang and Song dynasties, the Three Visitors Cave has been a famous tourist spot in China. The inscriptions range from regular script, clerical script, seal character, running script, cursive hand, covering all the forms of Chinese characters. Totally almost 60 kinds of inscriptions has been found and protected by nation.

Luyou Spring

Down along Three Visitors Cave to Xialao Stram China vacation deals, you'll find the Luyou Spring in the mountainside. According to local history, it was named after Lu You's visiting, a great poet during Southern Song Dynasty. He found that there was a pool of spring water on Xialao Stream and had a cup of tea with a little spring water which made him feel unforgettable. Later then, he inscribed a poem on the cave wall.

Zhangfei Beating Drum Stage

It is a little stage on a cylindrical stone mountain on the top of Xiling Gorge. The name of Zhangfei Beating Drum Stage was from a story of an ancient war. Zhangfei, an official during the Three Kingdoms, trained thousands of soldiers here which impressed magnificent memory to people. This is the most popular landscape for out tours.

Zhixi Pavilion

It was a convenient pavilion for boatmen and businessmen. Zhixi Pavilion top China tours was built since Song Dynasty at the bank of the Yangtze River. It became one of three attractions of Song Dynasty due to the poem which written by Ou yangxiu, a great poet in Northern Song Dynasty. Travelers can gain majesty scenery of the mighty Yangtze River surge among high mountains.
Ba and Chu Dynasties' Palace

Ancient music and dance, especially during Ba and Chu dynasties, is full of the palace. Tours can immerse in ancient art and mysterious culture deeply.
All Chinese' Seal Carved Stone Park

All Chinese' Seal Carved Stone Park consists of Seal Carved and Moyan Carved. By the Yichang Cultural Bureau' approval, Seal Carved was moved to Three Visitors Cave.

Three Visitors Cave – Folk Customs

Crying Marriage

Not only the bride but also the whole families cry together for Tujia nationality girls when get married. And there is a corresponding significance during every period of crying with a long process.

Dance for Death

It's a very special ceremony for the death people. Tujia nationality popular China tour package expresses their sadness with songs and dances all day.
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