To see peony in Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone

Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone - Brief Introduction

Diangjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone is located in Taipin town, Diangjiang County of Chongqing Yangtze River tour and it is 100 kilometers away from the main city zone of Chongqing. The Hurong speedway and Yuwu Road go through the land from north to south. Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism zone is 9 kilometers from Dianjiang County and it has an urban area of 30 square kilometers. Recently, the peony garden has passed the inspection and evaluation of the national tourism administration and became one of the demonstration centers of agritourism. It is also the only national tourist site of Dianjiang, with acreage under peony of 2.5000 mus, being the first of our country. Each March, the peony would be in full bloom, with a florescence of half a month.

Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone - Dianjiang Peony Festival

Dianjiang Peony Festival China vacation deals is held every March for the enjoyment of the sight of peony. On every occasion, many stars are invited, by now, Song zuying, Pan Weibo, SHE, and Sun Yanzi have been there for the art performance. Since the festival, the number of tourists going there has been increased greatly, from 6.8000 to 60.7000, with an average annual increase of 39.5 percent. By now, the festival has been held for 12 times. After the cultivation and development of years, Dianjiang Peony Festival has been a national important tourist festival. At the same time, apart from the New Year, it is the most grand and magnificent festival for the Dianjian People.

Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone - Tips

As for the attraction, there are three garden districts: Taipin Lake Peony competitive garden, Bailing Mountain Peony competitive garden and Kaizhifeng Peony Competitive garden top China tours. The first florescence is Mar, 25 to 30, and the full florescence is Mar, 31 to Apr, 10.At the Peony Ecotourism Zone, it is one person one ticket, and the entrance ticket is 20 Yuan. There are narrators for you.

Dianjiang Peony Ecotourism Zone - Transportation

If you are self-drive, you may go through the Yuyi Highway (Chongqingrenhe - Changshou County - Dianjiang County), with a mileage of 126 kilometers and road toll of 80 Yuan. If you go the Yuwu Road, you may go to Taipin from the northern station of Dianjiang, with a mileage of 8 kilometers and to and from road toll of 6 Yuan. You also may take a bus at the northern station of Chongqing, of course, there is bus to Dianjiang at Chaotianmen, Caiyuanba and chenjiapin. When you get to Dianjiang, you may take the bus from Dianjiang to Taipin at the southern station.

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